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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

New Years Blessings

Beloved Starlights and radiant Hearts,

a most amazing, loving and magical new year to you!

Everything is so new, unprecedented that again words, at least the words we know today do not bring forth or capture what is presenting. Even with words we are letting go the old, new ones will emerge.

Lot is awaiting us this year.

We are truly held within thousands and million of stars, the entire cosmos playing a role here, and as it is so vast in openings, I personally am coming to know (some is by feeling, some intuitive and other with brand new ideas) this newness inside me. Before being able to reorient oneself in this new terrain that is literally being created through all of us, we may start this year by taking time (days) and moments to be, observe and let it sink in where we suddenly have landed.

One way that I have been integrating these new vibrations outside of words, is through music, especially crystal singing bowls, and painting.

I am sharing a few new paintings here in this Hearticle as some of you may receive a transmission or inspiration from it. The one below was created on the Solar Eclipse Dec. 4. 2021 and it is a Time Keeper Guardian of sacred Atlantien and Egyptian codes, in time capsules so to speak, now available those that are open and ready to integrade them.

Most of all know, that we are doing magic here on earth! We truly are.

The forces that have tried to keep the evolution of our amazing Light at bay, and have done so pretty well over the last many thousands of years, are truly seeing that they are finally losing the grip. It is so obvious, that something which is not based in truth, love and harmony will not be able to stay, no matter if it lasts a day, a year or 500’000 years, ultimately only what is fully based in the truth, love and light will prevail.

So be in no worry if things are getting really wild out there, that is normal as these darker forces are holding on and fighting back a little more in this final time. Lot has been build on negative, fearful and greedy energies, which will need to brake up and apart to give room to the new.

Look beyond the surface at the energies presenting underneath, and you will see new sprouts of the most brilliant light shooting forth everywhere.

The Light IS moving in

We are going to see more and more truly ‘win~win’ situations pop up, even against all odds, where some will say these things will never work, or be possible, and yet there are!

Which reminds me of a company where the CEO and owner cut his paycheck to the same rate as every other employe and raised everyone's salary to the same level (including receptionist and cleaning personnel) and against for all who said that would not work; they are absolutely thriving.

Then, we as ‘awakening consumers’ will start to choose companies and products with full transparency, integrity and fairness over old energies, and change the world.

Let’s remember that there was no fine print when we incarnated, we knew exactly what we came here to do:

To stay within the TRUTH, LOVE and LIGHT that we already are, and together bring forth harmony and balance on this beautiful living being we call earth.

Lovingly holding each other in this field of Unity, as we are giving every being space to go ‘up and down’ our valleys (sometimes Grand Canyons) of growth, learning and remembering by strengthening our spiritual muscles to finally embody all that we truly are and ‘adding’ a name to the ascended masters list.

Our time is Now

Instead of being disappointed that your family does not fully understand or see you, you may start to realize that you have come as a beacon of light, a blessing and be divinely born into a family to hold space for growth: maybe change/cleanup some old big family money and the way it was used and invested, or maybe inherit a business and change it into the new win-win energies. As well as for some clearing up karmic weight to once and for all fully be liberated.

Then being born into a family lineage gives us greater intimate access to things other may not as easily get to. After all you are helping friends awaken, and they help you, like it or not.

You may also be in the family to help see other ways of living, ways you would rather not look at or be confronted with.

Your light is awakening others and helping them with a loving trusting transition into the other realms. You truly came as a bright light and are doing much no matter if praised for it or not. This is how we change the ratio of lower frequencies into love.

I have seen so much growth in community, human kindness, and bonding that has occurred with all the fires that have been raging thought these parts of the world that I am living in. It is in this place, when people in an instant have to let go of what was everything to them, that many times we grow into the greater aspects of who we are.

Then it is when we are faced to let go of what we see as an anchor, something important or also called security, that we grow in quantum leaps. We realize afterwards that a new freedom, lightness is emerging. It is the time the elders all over the world have been referred to as a time ‘ where you won’t be safe anywhere anymore’.

As this ‘safely’ and stability is being re~centered, embodied and grounded to the center of our being, we can live and experience ‘change’ in a very different way.

Since everything is a field of energy, including us, our energy fields we emanate are very different when being in fear, distressed, anxiety or while being in harmony, bliss and peace.

Fields respond to other fields. Thus having our field in a calm, harmonized and aligned vibration also affects the outcomes around us. Which means you could be brought into a blizzard or flooding yet your experience in it and outcome may be very different than the person right next to you.

It is not needed to experience growth through tragedy, yet it seems that most of us won’t embrace inner change with some outer push.

The pressure we experience is the love of source pushing us to brake free of all that very 3 dimensional hypnotic state that has kept us imprisoned for so long.

Diamonds are created in extreme pressure, your inner diamond heart is ready to glow.

Above: painting called Cosmic Love and was created in the first days of this New Year, inspired by a beautiful Andara Crystal here at the Crystal Room in Mount Shasta.

Many will leave ~ a fresh Body Experience

I personally started the year with a dear friend choosing to have her new ‘birth~day’ in the other dimensions of existence on January 1. 2022. I am so touched to have been part, witness and be so intimately included in this very loving, compassionate, completely honest transition we call Death, with soul family and friends close by, and from afar.

It is such a gift and blessing, a wonder to be part of.

We have done it many times, nevertheless it holds is much mystery and sacredness.

It is the first time in my life as I was saying ‘goodbye’ to my dear friend ready to leave I felt only joy in my heart. Yes I had tears of being touched enormously as well. The moment she passed there was such a joy, a bursting of love in my heart, it is truly a new beginning for me of being intimate with death, and also seeing and feeling that separation is impossible!

A beautiful way to start the new year entering into NEW possibilities and experiences just because we have shifted and elevated inside.

Remember as one departs here, all is in divine order. Many will leave, also quite suddenly, then how can a bright advanced soul, move faster to a new location, with a new fresh body and perspective to continue the awesome work started? We live in extraordinary times, and the bright souls are needed more than ever and doing great work all over the world.

We are gardeners and farmers of the Light

We are farmers of the Light and farmers do not quit farming if one year they loose all their crop. Even if they loose it a few times in a row. There are cycles and they know about them. So do we. We are planting, tilting the soil for goodness, justice, love and light to grow. Some soil has hardened more than other due to over use in absence of integrity, in other words due to use out of greed, personal enrichment only.

You have amazing skills and are needed in different places in the world.

Lets learn to stay in contact with the soul. Then we are multidimensional beings, and we are doing many things (aware or not) in many places. My Grandfather was a lawyer In Switzerland working with the government to create more electricity with nuclear power plants a long time ago. I have a very strong intuitive feeling that he has come back to Japan as a little girl to bring forth solutions, either energetically or in real ‘matter’ to change what has happened in Fukushima.

When we can hold and include these larger cycles and events of our journeys in our awareness something starts to change;

We become more loving, understanding and united, and we also start to take care and responsibility to these greater cycles.

I am looking forward to this year, in seeing you dance, and co~create within these amazing forces at play.

I am sending you most loving and miracle Blessings from a crystalline glittering white and most sunny Mount Shasta, and from my heart to yours,

with ever so much love,


Upcoming Events:

2022 Events will be posted soon as guidance solidifies what to pick from all these beautiful choices.

Looking forward to be offering a Singing Crystal Bowl Class and Starlight Events and Sacred Retreats, here in Mount Shasta at the Galactic Lighthouse.

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