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Odile Dell'Aquila Personal Guidance & Support for your Awakening

Odile Dell'Aquila

Animals are here to help us be in our hearts. They appear in our life to remind us how to be, listen, see, grow and play in a different way. Communicating intuitively with animals is a gift we all have, only that we often have forgotten how to listen. We often give our power to be ruled and dictated by the brain.
Animals are masters in seeing and perceiving everything. They are aware of our thoughts and emotions at all times.
When we consciously connect with animals, intuitively, we can receive and send pictures, thoughts and emotion and directly communicate without speaking a word.
This connection is made from our essence to the animal essence and can be done over a long distance, on the phone and with animals who have died. This is the same with all of nature, people, the entire universe and our heart. It is the silent language within.
Every one can learn to become more sensitive and have a two-way communication with animals.


How does a deeper communication with animals enhance your life?

  • You may experience a more profound relationship, understanding and communication with your self and your animal.

  • Becoming more aware of their feelings and what they have to say.

  • Discover opportunities and ways to ask specific questions and solving 'problems'.

  • Comfort during difficult times of illness and death.

  • Introducing 'new animals' to your family.


If you feel called to deepen your abilities in connecting to animals, feel free to contact me to see in what way, shape and form I can share my knowledge with you, and teach you animal communication.



"Odile has been transformational in helping my cat, Liam, to heal and enabling me to help and care for him. Liam was getting increasingly sick over a number of months. Veterinarians seemed to understand what his illnesses were, but not what was causing them nor how to heal him.

Odile identified what parts of his body were causing him discomfort, helping to clear them and communicating to me what Liam desired and needed in order to heal. She also helped identify the kinds of healing treatments that would help him. Through Odile, I sought more natural and holistic treatments for him and found a veterinarian who supported these therapies.

This has made a world of difference. Odile has also helped me to understand the spiritual and energetic life of my cat. Liam and I now connect spirit to spirt. I see him and honor him in a whole new way.

It has transformed our house and our relationship. I am grateful to Odile for enabling me to connect with Liam on a much deeper spirit level. She is a warm, kind and bright spirit. She is truly gifted in her communication and relationships with animals. Speaking with her was always comforting and enlightening, even in our most challenging and troubling times. When I was told to prepare to have Liam pass from this life, Odile brought me great tranquility as she told me of Liam's spiritual journey and his great love for me and our spiritual bond. While his time has not yet come, I am forever grateful to Odile for revealing to me the wise and loving spirit sleeping at the end of my bed.


Odile is an angel on earth."


Briley R.  PhD, Los Angeles

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