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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

Lions Gate

Beloved Starlights and radiant Hearts,

As we are entering August it is not happening without a potent and charged end of July, with a new Moon in Leo on July 28 that holds the same energies as the Eclipse did bring forward in April.

I am sure everyone is feeling it in their own ways.

It is for the love of humanity and all of you that I am writing these little Hearticles that they may bring some light, hope and courage for these moments we are in. And to remind everyone that we are incredible beings and are stronger together.

So much is changing so fast. As in a growing garden, our intentions, actions, words and deeds are bringing forth all sorts of fruits by our ‘planting of the light and/or lack there of’. We are seeing more and more the imminent actions of what we ‘choose’ to do with our consciousness, invested in our particular thoughts and how we talk and treat ourself.

As everything accelerates so do our choices show their effect faster and more dramatic, where we are in harmony and where we are in imbalance.

Even though there are so many changes in these accelerated times the very basics of how we are holding our energy fields, by keeping them being pure, grounded and full, keeps being the same.

There is so much ‘newness’ yet we can only use it and assimilate it when we have integrated the step before. In other words, being able to change and grow at the paste these changes come in.

Just as when we are learning to play an instrument, or a new language for example and we don’t do the daily exercises, we eventually fall behind and will be unable to absorb, perform and do the more and more advanced steps.

This is why these lines keep being simple, and seem to repeat themselves, because full understanding and embodiment of it is necessary before we can add more to our plate. Otherwise we become as a tree that grows too fast without proper roots and a strong storm will take it out. Let’s build a solid foundation so we are able to transcend what is to come, well beyond lifetimes from now.

We are, and will be in for a long while, in these times of times. Each of us willing to fully embody this Living Christed consciousness is helping to move us into the New Earth.


These days we may have to add a little bit more attention to stay grounded and centered as we are absorbing so much more information into our cellular system. Self care and most nurturing rest to assimilate all of this newness is crucial.

You may have noticed, that sleep has lately not been feeling as ‘sleep’. It feels as we almost come home to ‘rest’ in daytime, when we are bringing all of our nightly travel to a rest and may feel exhausted for what we have done in the nighttime even though we may not remember most of it.

Then it is during the night, which shows us Rudolf Steiner in his teachings, that our physical body and our Etheric body is left behind in our bed, while our Astral Body and our I Am presence journey onto higher level of consciousness.

At this given time in evolution our astral bodies are not equipped with ‘organs’ to see and take in consciously of what is taking place around us in these spheres at night time, the way we can see our surroundings in daytime, the 3 dimensional world. We are molding and evolving our Astral Body to create organs (similar to eyes, ears and nose in the astral level) to eventually be able to see in the astral world.


In ancient times, we were prepared in temples to priestesshood / priesthood to develop these ‘organs’ of our astral body. When time was decided mature, the initiation master created a safe initiation ceremony for its student, for example being in complete darkness in the sarcophagus in the great pyramid. In these moments the astral body of the pupil imprinted itself onto the etheric body of the student, and she or he experienced sudden Enlightenment. That is because the Astral body had all its according organs fully developed and now moulded/ pressed into the etheric body (which always stays with the physical body), opening the gates for the Initiated to see into the spirit world at once. The Light is flooding in, it is calledEnlightenment.

When these rituals were performed we were still in an other stage of consciousness, and it would not be wise to use the same techniques now.

Nevertheless it is exactly what we are doing at night time; those of us who are choosing to embody this living Christ consciousness and to bring forth this New Earth, we are advancing our astral body at night time. We are developing our ‘organs’ to see beyond the physical.

This shows again how our actions, thoughts, meditations and even food we choose to eat affect how we do progress at nighttime. It is directly correlated to one another. Then as the light is getting brighter so do the forces working with the dark. In order to choose the Light by free will we are bing offered both choices. The darker forces will do anything to harvest as many souls as possible. It is the little choices that lead and accumulate to big changes. By living from the heart we are opening doors for the light to flourish within us, supported by the immeasurable help of the beings of light.

Now during these particular days, of end of July and beginning of August things are energetically really intense as we can see in astrology and pick up intuitively.

This intensity is what will move things. When we decide to grow, from the wisdom and awareness levels of our higher self, we experience that occurrences may be strong or push us beyond the comfort zone. Many times the unexpected, surprising gifts, however they present themselves, are the most valuable.

Know that it is unfolding all by devine design. Use your will power to making choices and cultivating good thoughts, listening to your guidance and your heart, it is miracle growth to our soul.

Daily meditation or breathing exercises, will enhance staying centered in the core of your beautiful heart Stargate, as well as keeping your energy field clean as you wash your body.

Being grounded into our beloved Mother Earth and in balance, connected to the cosmic rays of the sun and galaxies will guide us through all of these moments when the ‘body temple’ may experience intensity as never before.

Above: My newest painting created for the 8/8 Portal Galactic Shasta Retreat.


I have been immersed in my sabbatical the last six months of not holding private sessions, classes or retreats. I am slowly emerging, yet I have found a new balance between offering help and assistance to so many, and time to loving me. I am fortunate to say that I have more requests for events and sessions that I can hold at the moment. The good news are I am planning to offer many more beautiful retreats and classes, in divine timing. Please keep asking, as so many things don't get published online.

I am so grateful for all of you who are showing up with your brightest light and open hearts. I am still not offering private sessions, yet if you feel inclined please email me and I will add you to the waiting list. This way you will be notified first when I have new openings again.


As some of you may know, I have been co~running the Crystal Room here in Mount Shasta with my dear friend Wendy, for the past 11 months. It would otherwise have closed last year. We are here as stewards holding and tending the field that Beverly Ann Wilson so beautifully created. It is her store, she owns it and we are happy to say it is even more beautiful then before.

Part of the offerings that I have been able to continue to offer during my ‘more personal time of expansion’ are Starlight Journeys at the Temple at the Crystal room. It is mostly held for private groups and on occasion open to all.

It is where I work with the energies of what we do at night time. To help develop and enhance our extraordinary journey in the evolution of consciousness. Please contact Odile or the Crystal Room if you are interested for a group Starlight Journey. Note at this point we are booked out until end of October. Reservation ahead of time is necessary.


8/8 Portal (Lions Gate) Galactic Shasta Retreat

August 7, 8 ~9 At the galactic Light House in Mount Shasta

You may find it be very bizarre to read that this retreat is based on invitation basis only. It is open to 11 people and we are almost complete. This retreat is for the advanced soul.

The only reason I share it here is because I know that there is one or two more person (that I am not able to see intuitively who that could be) who are supposed to be with us. If you feel a strong resonance to participate please email me and we will see if it is for you. It is the same way we may ask to work somewhere, get admitted to an university or be on a team in a specific group we feel resonance with.

Please do not take it personal if it ends up not being a match. At this point it is important that some souls come together in uttermost harmony. I am only following guidance, the one creating and holding it. For those of you interested, You can read a little bit more on website under Retreats and Events.


Yes we are working on creating another amazing Starlight Journey to this ancient land. After being offered the amazing great pyramid all to myself (see last Hearticle on website) on Spring Equinox an even deeper pilgrimage will bring those who choose to participate to an unforgettable experience in March 2023. It will be posted hopefully soon in the next Hearticle or ask to be added to the Egypt list.

May your dreams arise from the purity of your heart.

May your month be fruitful in your deepest soul awakening.

May you feel ever so much love, happiness and support today and always.

With ever so much gratitude and love of being here on earth with all of you,



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