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 Odile Dell'Aquila

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Beloved Starlights,

thank you so much for your interest in my offerings. It is one of my very favorite things to hold. Due to a very busy schedule, I am thanking you for your patience when booking a session, if takes longer to give you an opening as you would like to wait for it.

Know that capacity for in person sessions are almost impossible these days as I am holding private retreats and group sessions. Yet always worth asking. Over the phone session, are equally as powerful, and almost the only way I can offer you a Session.

In these powerful times, I am offering classes and retreats to be in person with me. My newsletter will inform you on upcoming events.


However I AM continuing to offer my Private Phone Sessions (only)  for a Sliding Scale Contribution.

Send any amount between  of $187~222

or more for a session.

I am looking forward to being with you. Infinite Blessings,

with ever so much Love


Terms ~ things to know before booking.

Contact Odile (click here) to book a session. Once booking is confirmed your payment will reserve your spot.

Payment: You can pay by Venmo, Zelle, cash, checks and PayPal (fee is on you)

There are no refunds, due to the energy that the sole intention to get a session puts in motion. However, you can always reschedule your appointment for free as long as you do it at least  24 hours before your session. A paid session is valid for 3months after the purchase date, and can be gifted to someone else. For missed appointments you will be charged $100.


You will  get a mp3 recording of your session which will be sent to you via email. Within 24hours of your session. For in person session allow up to 3days to receive your mp3 recording.


Please note that Sessions are 60-75min in length. If you need to go overtime 75min and more you will be charged $3/minute (example $45 per 15min) plus paypal fees.


Odile's work is not meant to replace that of your regular health care provider. Rather to augment it and to help YOU more fully understand yourself.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: at this time Odile isn't holding any private in~person or phone sessions. If you would like to be notified when there will be new session openings, you can email us at to be added onto the waiting list. If you are interested for Group Starlight Journeys please send your inquiries to

Divine Alchemy Starlight Session

 Phone Session only

Over the phone 60 -75min Private Session.

Intuitive channeled energy session.Odile works with you through multidimensional Realms as if you were present physically. Includes a mp3 recording

Thank you for Your Sliding Scale Contribution, as exchange from your Heart  for what you receive(d). Choose between $187-222 or more.

In person or over the phone 60-75min in Person Private Session.

Odile works with you through multidimensional Realms as if you were present physically. Includes a mp3 recording. These sessions are subject to very limited availability.

Thank you for Your Sliding Scale Contribution, as exchange from your Heart  for what you receive(d). Choose between $244~288 or more.

Divine Alchemy Starlight Session

in Person Session 

Diamond Light Relationship Starlight Session

This session is for 2 people and held in divine neutrality,compassion and love. Giving You a high perspective overview, for clarity, support and understanding for what truly is unfolding in Your relationship in person or over the phone/skype. 60 -75min. Includes a mp3 recording.

$255 for phone session or 

$288 in person session, Odile works with you through multidimensional Realms as if you were present physically.

Singing Crystal Bowls.jpg

Singing Crystal Bowl Starlight Journeys

Magical in person Singing Bowl Starlight Journeys, experiences for your soul and body.  Odile works with you through all of your multidimensional Realms, weaving realities, with guided meditations to remember more of all that you are

Starlight Journeys are also available for Groups. Conact Odile for details or to book a group Starlight Journey.

$333   ~ 1.5hours (no recording)

Animal Communication and Healing Session

Initial One-on-One session with you beloved animal. $155 or more

For more information click here.


If you feel guided to support my work, please use this button to make a donation of any size. It is greatly appreciated from all my heart. This gives me the opportunity to offer my assistance to those in need for a reduced rate or free, like my favorite assistance to animals in need and at rescue places.
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