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Mount Shasta Stars

 Odile Dell'Aquila

Testimonials ~ what people say in their own words, unedited:

'We booked a session with Odile and had the most amazing session we could possible asked for. Odile has an amazing ability to read and understand things that go beyond what we can perceive. By doing so she is connecting us to our best self and motivating us to go further and beyond. We encourage everyone to be part of something bigger better and more profound and Odile can help with this in many many ways. We are thankful for our session and definitely worked for a better us and most likely for a brighter future.

Thank you Odile for your amazing gift'.             K and F

 'I want to thank you for the wonderful session I had with you yesterday. I listened again to the audio late evening. A profound journey. You are a master of the heart.'     D. Canada

'For the last 10 years I have been an active student of Yoga and Shamanism and I have actively sought out many different healing modalities and healers all over the world.
I visited Mount Shasta for 3 days and I arranged an in person healing session with Odile.
Odile is a connected soul who has the ability to open an incredible healing space to interact and connect with higher realms of consciousness.

A few weeks after my in person session I did a second follow up session with Odile via skype.
Odile helped me with soul retrieval work and also helped me heal abundance blocks.
During our sessions together and for the weeks that followed I noticed a remarkable lightening in my energy and thoughts and active healing of my physical body. My general levels of wellbeing have steadily grown since connecting with Odile.
Since our sessions together I have felt and still feel an excitement with life that I have not felt in a very long time.
Having previously done many healing sessions with many other healers it is clear to me that Odile is one of the most talented healers I have worked with.
I highly recommend Odile and I am grateful for all the gifts that the Universe has bestowed upon her.
I look forward to attending future retreats with Odile in other parts of the world as she spreads her wings beyond her current base in Mount Shasta.'  R.A. England

Testimonial I attended Odile's star seed mediation. I was not sure what to expect. She is an amazing channel. I was transported  in to the interior of Mount Shasta. My experience there and after wards is beyond my ability to describe. I would highly recommend that everyone  work with her and experience the gift she has to offer.      Barbara H

“I had an amazing experience unlike anything before. I think I can say it was life changing. I enjoyed every part of it especially meeting you and the others.
I have noticed a change in myself and also a change in how others interact with me. It was Enlightening, Empowering, Encouraging, Reality Expanding, Third eye opening, Inclusive, Supportive and Loving.”
M.O. Unites States

“Odile’s Star~Light~Essence Retreat was captivating, personalized and souls nourishing. The meditations she offered feel truly like a wash in heavenly downpour.
The accompanying beauty of Mount Shasta, added to the depth and the spirituality of the retreat with her. Odile accesses, sees and teaches from a very deep level of understanding and alchemy.
I highly recommend her work and pure hearted acumen.”
S.F. Los Angeles

" Working with Odile is one of the greatest Gifts to my life in this Lifetime."

            K. Toronto Canada

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you and how the retreat affected me. Each person was truly amazing and kind hearted. I was so close to having canceled the trip due to life things going on. Something deep inside pushed me to go and I am so grateful that I did, and did not allow all the ‘noise’ to take over. Since the retreat, I noticed things coming to me easier.

Calmness has enveloped me.
Odile you are truly an amazing human being and I feel very blessed to know you and to have been part of the retreat.”
J.W. Bay Area

“Odile’s energy is the sweetest I have experienced.  She brings about the purest essence so that you feel her guided meditations like the softest and safest cocoon around you, for all to grow and bloom.”
Christine from Corsica

"Odile is truly gifted with deep connections that are all encompassing and other worldly/dimensional. Her meditations and sessions are so encouraging, loving, gentle, and pure. Starting with my first session with Odile, to her teleconferences, and her Star Light Essence Retreat, my friends have commented on a peaceful calm confident shift that they have sensed in me. 


Odile’s Star Light Essence Retreat was a truly incredible experience. Odile lead meditations inside and out in nature that were truly magical and soul connecting. It was wonderful to meet and connect with woman on the retreat that share both different and similar beliefs.

The overall experience gave me life clarity and opened my heart chakra to a degree that I have never experienced in this lifetime. During the retreat, I felt as if a waterfall of pure love was powerfully pouring over and through me. The feeling was so overwhelming and filled with such joy. Upon returning home from the retreat, I felt as if my whole life had been lovingly transformed. My own neighborhood appeared more beautiful to me than ever before as if I was wearing rose colored glasses - giving me a new lens and appreciation for my life and everything around me. My life has been more aligned with notable synchronistic happenings and coincidences occurring regularly since the retreat and working with Odile."

L. Bay Area

"I just did a session with Odile and I really really recommend it as she is so skilled in her abilities & heart to give support in what serves the most to your Awakening & Healing. This is so precious to receive. I'm feeling super grateful as it is so right on the point to move forward with much more ease!"

                       U.W. Switzerland

"Odile is  a truly gifted healer. She blends a unique ability to see deeply into the true nature of reality with compassionate listening and intuitive knowing. Her sessions have a powerful way of surfacing and transforming old, limiting patterns. With laser like clarity, Odile sheds light on whatever might be in the way of living our full potential. I highly recommend her readings for anyone who wants a guide who can lovingly, fearlessly and kindly support deeper understanding, growth and freedom."                      

                                                                                                                                                          P. Hawai'i

"Odile has an amazing ability to see the larger influences in my life and gently guide me into an understanding of my truest path and purpose. She is impersonal in her reading and yet personal in her compassion. For those people that are ready and willing to have their lives changed in the light of awareness, look no further than Odile."

                          C.C. Snowboard Instructor, USA

"The amazing experience you receive during one of Odile's Sessions is that they not only provide the guidance & knowing you seek but they become beautiful healings as she describes how your Inner Light responds to the information the Auric colors you emanate."

                                                                 S.L.  Energetic Healer & Sacred Ceremonies, USA

"Every time I speak with Odile I float away from the conversation. No matter what the conversation is about, whether it's in friendship or as a reading, her essence loves and supports every bit of me.

I feel light and held in the grace of the universe, knowing that whatever direction things go, all is well."

                              K.L. The Space of

"Odile is the most amazing Intuitive and Clairvoyant I have the honor to work with,  she can see the very hiding "pictures" in a clear and neutral way.
With deep insight, love and power she will assist you to release the energy that is blocking you to rediscover your inner light and step forward to your dreams ..."
                                         Y. P. Yoga Therapist, USA

"Odile has been transformational in helping my cat, Liam, to heal and enabling me to help and care for him. Liam was getting increasingly sick over a number of months. Veterinarians seemed to understand what his illnesses were, but not what was causing them nor how to heal him.


Odile identified what parts of his body where causing him discomfort, helped to clear them and communicated to me what Liam desired and needed in order to heal. She also helped identify the kinds of healing treatments that would help him. Through Odile I sought more natural and holistic treatments for him and found a veterinarian who supported these therapies.

This has made a world of difference. Odile has also helped me to understand the spiritual and energetic life of my cat. Liam and I now connect spirit to spirt. I see him and honor him in a whole new way.

It has transformed our house and our relationship. I am grateful to Odile for enabling me to connect with Liam on a much deeper spirit level. She is a warm, kind and bright spirit. She is truly gifted in her communication and relationships with animals. Speaking with her was always comforting and enlightening, even in our most challenging and troubling times. When I was told to prepare to have Liam pass from this life, Odile brought me great tranquility as she told me of Liam's spiritual journey and his great love for me and our spiritual bond. While his time has not yet come, I am forever grateful to Odile for revealing to me the wise and loving spirit sleeping at the end of my bed.


Odile is an angel on earth."


                          B. R.  PhD, Los Angeles

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