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 Odile Dell'Aquila

Assistance and Healing

Awaken to Your True Self and live your life in Mastery.

Directly connect to your Higher States of Consciousness andreceive your own Answers and Guidance .

Clear, Dissolve and Harmonize, past trauma, emotional blockages, entities, to start your life anew.

Receive, Healing (physical, emotional, subtle energetic bodies) Update, Alignment, Acceleration

Healing and Remembering

Healing is what I refer to as coming back to the whole and complete multidimensional consciousness that we already are. Our Star Light Essence is a pure facet from source energy. We are light emanating in Love and  Light. Light is light and can not be broken or be less than Light. Your true self, that I call your Starlight Essence is always whole and complete.
Yet this being said, you may have for example, during different lifetimes, repeated the fact of not bringing forth all of your light. You may have dimmed it down, or maybe like a prism spread it into the different colors of the rainbow, believing that you may lack the other colors so to speak. The word HEALING is used here as bringing forth all of your facets of your true light, which in itself is whole and complete. And through awakening and becoming aware of all the colors of your light. The healing is referring to transcending (transforming) your believe system that you are not whole and complete. It is becoming aware and embodying all of your light. It is becoming aware of your illusions (aka wounds) and see the light that is and always had been here.

Embodying your Starlight

As you are 'healing', becoming aware of your limiting believe systems and 'wounds, the gunk that has been smeared on you over lifetimes, you are beginning to rise your frequency. By letting what you were making to  believe that you are less good, smaller or worth than others,
Changing the vibration from fear, angst, control or domination to a place of trust, knowing, intuition, being supported and in the flow, to love and compassion is the process of embodying more of your true self.
It is opening you up to being the vessel and conduit for the most magnificent light and being that you are as well as for being connected to all of creation. It removes the barrier of separation. You become willingly part of the cosmic orchestra singing your own unique song.

Sharing your Gifts and Light with the entire World

True teachings emerges in the moment. When you have a certain mastery, you do not need notes, or repetition, a title or something to proof or remember. True teachings are emerging from the depth of your being. What is most needed in the very moment, with the people, places and circumstances you are in, will present. If that is something that interests you, how to allow to be a conduit and access this well of infinite knowledge, I am here to help.
Just like a person can sit on a piano and improvise, they become one with what they feel around them, become a vessel and channel, let flow through them their unique gifts. This could be for anything, art and music, free speech, healing, as a doctor or layer or baker. What ever words, ideas, frequencies are needed will come through, the same way we choose a radio station, and thus choose our alignment, with the true source of who we are.

Healing and Remembering
Embodying your Starlight
sharing your gifts

"I love so much how, since working with you, I am more fully myself, out in the world. I never knew that would be possible. Thank you." F. Los Angeles           

We all are receiving inner guidance. However, sometimes the busyness and distractions in our lives have shaken our certainty to trust and follow through with what we really know deep in our hearts. We try to ignore it or reason ourselves out of it, following the power of our little brains, forgetting the wisdom that vibrates deep in our own heart because it may not fit in with what our mind and brain is envisioning in a certain way or certain timeline.


I am offering to help you to expand your awareness so that you can let long-term 'upgrades' and changes enter your life, rather than riding a temporary wave that gives  you satisfaction for the moment.


I am here as a friend and an intuitive advocate for your own heart. Are you ready to fully bring forth the essence that YOU really ARE, to finally and fully be here, once and for all?  I am here to help you clearly hear what you always knew, to strengthen your knowingness that your dreams are closer than you think, and that, indeed, you ARE amazing.


As a mountain guide who can bring you safely and directly to the summit, stopping for the best views along the way, and pausing at pure springs to let you refill your bottle. In this same way, I am offering guidance  and assistance for a  way home to the shore of the callings of your own heart, the calling that brought you here in the first place.

"Odile is a Master of the Heart"

 D. British Columbia, Canada

“I had an amazing experience unlike anything before. I think I can say it was life changing. I enjoyed every part of it especially meeting you and the others.I have noticed a change in myself and also a change in how others interact with me. It was Enlightening, Empowering, Encouraging, Reality Expanding,Third eye opening, Inclusive, Supportive and Loving.”   M.O. Unites States

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