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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

Medicine Lake Be Thy Name

Medicine Lake California
Steve in action of releasing fish in medicine lake. Photo Odile Dell'Aquila

This is a written offering of love and respect to the land and spirit of Medicine Lake and everyone who participated. It is written from the perspective of the Spirit of the Land in Medicine Lake, and based on true sequences of events that took place with 11 people being at Medicine Lake on Thursday August 20. 2020. During the 6 day Galactic Shasta Retreat held by Odile Dell'Aquila. As we had finished helping Two Feather, the native american medicine women, who said she had seen us in a vision coming to help 'save the fish', an elder approached Odile and told her twice to put this story in the paper. This is how all of this came to be. We offered the Modoc Elder from this land, and Two feathers sacred tobacco in honor and respect for meeting them. Two Feather said to us a couple of times during our helping: "You will understand later".

May this story touch and bring forth some medicine within you, that may be understood now, or as Two Feather says; later.

Medicine Lake Be thy Name

She felt a warm breeze gently caressing her trees, as the sun was glowing over the blue waters at medicine lake. She smiled, as she watched it’s reflection dance like diamonds and stars on the surface. It had been a busy summer, and her beach and waters had attracted those happy to frolic and dive into the stillness and purity of this alpine lake. She had served, protected and encouraged the people from this land, since the beginning of all times, and in return the Modoc Indians respected and honored her in the name known as the ‘Spirit of Medicine Lake’. It was a warm, beautiful late August summer day, as she was resting her presence over the land, on a rather quiet afternoon. She was awoken by the rippling of voices through the silence, and a group of eclectic humans in swimsuits and colorful sarongs, energetic conversations and giggles emerging on the beach. Her curiosity awoke as they came together in a circle, after having extensively tasted her clear waters for a swim and cool off. They created a space where they placed with uttermost love, care and precision; crystals, shiny stones, jewelry, even what looked like a crystal scull and two feathers, smoothing the surface of the sand in-between, with a most gentle touch.

Our beautiful crystal grid offering, in building process. Photo by Deryn Winchester.

The spirit of medicine lake became very still in anticipation of their ceremony. She deeply listen to their honest, pure prayers and invocations. She could see their open hearts as they called in their ancestors, allies and galactic helpers. They opened cosmic gates and portals and flooded this sacred place with so much light, love and courage. This brought the being, who is known as the spirit of medicine lake, to allow letting the waves of UNITY flow through her. Which in no time brought forth her friend, a native medicine women who had been guided to be here today and come and seek out help from this group. Then not far from the shore of this pristine lake and literally feet away from this prayer circle, a pond, filled with wiggling fish was drying out fast. The very shallow water had become to warm for the fish, who had nowhere else to go, to survive.

Busy in the muddy waters looking for fish. Photo Odile Dell'Aquila.

The medicine women had been drawn in, by the spirit of her land and informed in a vision of the helpers that will be available. She led the group with enthusiasm into her unfolding vision. As if by magic, she stoke the muddy, luck warm waters with her foot and landed tens and tens of silver fish at once on the ground. With amazement, ease, grace, childish playfulness and serious dedication most of the group went into divine action and placed these fish into bottles and cups to quickly relocate them into the lake.

Blessings by the rainbow spirit glow over the very engaged group. Photo by Odile Dell'Aquila.

As the pond started emptying out and thousands of tiny and bigger fish were swimming in their new found freedom and clear waters, the helpers started to slow down. The spirit of the land was pleased, of how the symphonies of the ebb and flow of life were again cosmically aligned. She glanced over her beach and could see the spot were the crystals had held such a shiny presence just a while ago. Everything had been packed up, and left was only the gently caressed circle of sand, and the two little feathers…. She smiled as she watched how the medicine women thanked and talked to some of these mighty helpers, and she watched their expression of surprise when they were told that this native woman's name was; Two Feather. Unable to fully grasp the enormity of these events, they finally all returned to their cars, hearts filled abound with love and the gifts every fish bestowed upon them when they freely swam into their big new destiny. Unable to grasp that Steve, one of the group members had found two feathers in the morning and kept them on his hat all day, until placing them, as offering into the circle at the beach by the lake. Little did anyone know how much this medicine meant and that a women by the name of Two Feather was awaiting all of them… The spirit of medicine lake created a nice warm evening breeze and caressed each one so deeply that they could feel themselves expanded into the fullness of this sacred land and fulfilled by their own beingness. Knowing that they will always return to this place to visit and be. Then deep runs the wisdom of this land and deep is the love by the spirit holding this land. Deep is the nourishment for the ones that open their hearts and step into divine action.

And forever blessed be those who listen to the call ~

as Medicine Lake be thy name.

​Special Note: A most heartfelt thank you to the mighty helpers in divine action and bright embodied Starlights for showing up, then without them, and their work of the entire week none of it would have happened: Dan, Brian, Michelle, Odile, Kayren, Grace,

Kevin, Joanna, Steve, Deryn and Charity taking the picture.

Our Galactic Shasta Retreat 2020 team. View from behind the camera of by Charity Chacon


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