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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

August 2018: Star Sparkles Beyond the Smoke


Beloved Starlight and most beautiful Heart,

Thank you for being here, in your Light and Truth to the best of your ability, shining and emanating your light in this very moment.

We are reminded that we are guests and visitors upon this planet. Can you feel the deeper universal influxes flowing through the entire matrix we accept as reality? The powerful lunar eclipse on July 27th propelled us into a new place of no return. The divine new diamond crystalline light codes entering on this lions gate 8.8.18 came in as a balsam to help us settle into our new energetic vibrations. And the last solar eclipse on August 11th is sealing the deal. According to astrologer Sarah Varcas, Quote; "Many will be relieved to know that the eclipse season comes to an end on 15th August,... This easing of what has been a considerable amount of pressure for quite some time may feel disorienting at first, as if we’re missing something or have overlooked an important task that remains undone. It may take a few days for us to settle into this more low-key ambience, but as we do we’ll begin to feel the impact of a trine between Saturn and Uranus which will make its supportive presence felt until the end of September."

This week divine active influxes of energies, are bringing in such a higher reality and flushing out remaining lower vibrating circumstances. The ringing in the ears may have increased over the last few days, and sleeping solid nights given away to waking up at 3am. It may also present as sleepiness, light headedness, or dizziness and high pitch buzzing in the ear and most likely as a combination of all.

Our inner purification and  transformations are fueled and accelerated by the literal burning of wildfires. Mount Shasta has been engulfed and hidden in thick smoke from the nearby fires, that it seems winter has arrived. The smoke has people staying inside or fleeing the place all together in search for clean air and some blue sky. This is just one of the many events happening in the outside world while we are continuing to go through deep inner transformations.

Each single one of us has been pushed out of our comfort zone in a way or another. Feelings of overwhelm, sadness, fear, something is wrong, pain, loneliness, not sure what we are really here for and so much more are surfacing to bringing us closer to the undeniable truth of who we really are. Piercing through these illusions, that we have identified with so strongly and that seem very real and true to us, can be a painful, tearful and disorienting phase in our life. Anything that is not build in harmony and fullest alignment of the Essence that we really are, is crumbling through these inflowing intensities we have been experiencing over the last few months and weeks. For some it is an accelerated awakening through a disaster circumstance for others it is a dramatic sudden change of awareness on inner planes of consciousness that are almost shocking. Nevertheless each single one of us is being expanded. New visions, dreams and possibilites birthing.


Are you allowing yourself to be seen when suffering? Are you open to show those you trust everything of you? The pain, fear, sense of disorient, feeling not good enough is a natural by product when letting go, what has been conceived as solid platform, looked at as life security or necessity, or wished for outcome of some sort.  Over the last few weeks we have been looking at many of these crumbling monuments in our life's, from which we draw a sense of security from.

At this time we are so beautifully awakening to the distance we still hold between our True Self and our magnificent Heart Stargate.


Let these feelings, we label as unpleasant, painful or fearful, be your VIP dinner guests.

Invite them to a candle light lid dinner, and have a talk with them. They have been here for so long, taken so much inner space of yours, maybe they have been trying to tell you something? Something important about self love? Worthiness? Your purpose and Essence? And all you have only been open to listen to has been 'roses and unicorns'. Or wanting a outcome like; love and peace on earth. Now their voices, have risen to get your attention. To not longer being denied. What if these voices and feelings are here as your best friends? To liberate you from a matrix we so got hypnotized by?

So much that we forget to look our neighbor(s) in the eye and say a true heartfelt hello. Or offer help. So much that besides knowing that earth is filled with 7 billion people we find our self alone, wishing upon a far away star or galaxy. So much that chasing our enlightenment has us overlook love and friendship and the beauty of those close to us.

Because we are so afraid that someone could possibly find out that we are suffering. By keeping our self isolated we also miss out on all the love and wonderful magic that happens when hearts come together to be.


We are here by no mistake. Those of you who have been slowing down, taking time to be with YOU, feeling your senses and voices coming up, no matter how scary or unpleasant they seem, are closing the gap  between your true Essence and your beautiful Heart, little by little.

Until eventually, all at once by fully integrating, understanding and merging your Starlight Essence, Mind and Body Temple, it will create  a Supernova. Your light and brightness will explode beyond the karmic wheel, the hypnotic perception of reality and being owned by the law of physics, and end the life as ‘little human’ to becoming a Living Master.

Enormous divine patience is required. We do not just become a Master because we think or wish that we are done learning, or done living on earth… What ever small or maybe tiny bit larger part of creation has been given to you to create with this life time, it is still very small compared to creating a sun or a galaxy.

Yet as we all come together in the Truth of who we are, we become powerful as the sun and the stars. Look at these cycles. Observe how things form into being. Relax into the natural waves of the universe. All is well.


One of the first and most important steps right now is to observe your mind with the consciousness and compassion of your heart. If your mind runs around like a toddler, your life in general could feel very shaky, moved by impulses and desires. Starting your day with a meditation or practice that brings you to the center of your being and into your purity and clarity of your own light will shift the un foldments of your entire day. I will post free guided meditations on my website, as tools to start your day fully with the magic of you and the divine guidance and support of your guides.

(for now those who have it, use mp3 recordings of Teleseminars or private Sessions)

Know that you are not alone in this. Know that by sharing your experiences, how ever extraordinary, magical, sad or  depressing they are, it is opening more of you to Your true self.

By embracing the Light that you are and awakening to all of your beauty, you are birthing the largest Gift you can offer to your self and the world.

I am humbly touched by all of you. By your presence, beauty, willingness and sincerity of bringing forth the best in you. I am grateful that you are here, and I AM here for you.

May your days be Blessed. Never forget You come from the Stars and you chose to be here on a very special earth mission which is called Your Life.

As always thank you for being here. Celebrate, Enjoy and Trust the cosmically orchestrated  openings of your life and the entire cosmos. Always SHINE your divine magnificent STAR Light no matter what is presenting. Keep a very large perspective, stay ever so neutral and Be fully HUMAN. Have a Blessed most transformative month fellow earth travelers.

With ever so much love and gratitude Odile


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