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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

July 2018: Entering Eclipse Season

Beloved Starlight and dearest Heart,

Where did June go? June started with the in Person Celebrate your Starlight Retreat here in Mount Shasta (see picture below: of our evening Saturday Ceremony and Initiation), of which words do not come close to express the love, amazingness, profoundness and beauty of each single Starlight attending and the energy at which the whole group vibrated and emanated throughout these three days.

It brought me to a deep inner space; expansive, quiet, intense, so rich and beautiful, that I had no choice but to skip writing the June newsletter, and keep exploring these inner journeys, supported by the whole build up of the beautiful and powerful waves for solstice, in the pristine and powerful presence of crater lake (photo above).


Now July is here and we have been quite profoundly being worked on, while residing in the ‘waiting room’, in preparation for this Eclipse Season. I am sure there is no need to emphasize on details. If you have a body and you live on earth then you have been feeling it in a way or another. It is quite different for each individual yet; Have you had extra time? Bordom? The days being too long and not sure what to do? I doubt it! Isn’t it amazing how time is flying and much has been presenting in our lifes?

This is really where divine neutrality comes into play, then however you have been experiencing your personal time in the ‘waiting room’ for all divine adjustments and alignments necessary, preparing you for what is to come in July and August, is not to be judged.


Supporting yourself with the uttermost love, kindness and compassion is more important then ever. It is the only way awakening will arise and excel. By taking care of yourself first all else WILL follow.

Look at what has been coming up to surface, by the deep dives you have been undertaken into the depth of your own Essence the last few weeks.

We are ALL going through this transformation. Everyone of you reading these lines is way past the caterpillar stage, and you are in the cocoon, or about to finish creating your cocoon. Entering the phase when everything turns into liquid. Just as a caterpillar one day stops eating and chooses a perfect leaf to hang up side down creating an incredible cocoon, to enter its metamorphosis, you too entered your divine transformation, beyond your control or wishes about desired outcomes. Source energy is creating. Surrender to the divine master plan.

A caterpillar once in the cocoon almost dissolves, digest itself, and what appears to be a total chaos of a liquid soup  is the universe at hand creating the next phase that is literally mind blowing.

You are right there, you stopped ‘eating’, maybe that presented as ending some relationships, or work situations, letting go places you lived in, ideas you had for years and identifications of who you think you are…and you choose a place that seems ‘solid’ for you to enter your divine chrysalis states.

The universe is at play now. It has been for eons of time. Cycles upon cycles. Advanced civilizations upon another. As much as we may be tempted to find answers to this most amazing shift outside of us, (no matter what that may be  gurus, aliens, teachers, other star systems) we have come to the threshold, and are being asked to enter the Gateway of our own Heart, and truly starting to develop what is inside us so much more.

Dwelling in your Heart will start to unveil discoveries, that will unveil  more and more deeper truth. They will enhance upon each other. Trying to access this sacred place through the brain and cerebral activity will not work. The key is given to you be entering the multidimensional Stargate that is your heart, of which You are the sacred keeper/presence of it.


Every year the sun and the moon are doing a sacred dance what we call Eclipse season. They are our big supporters to bring us changes in our chapters and adventures of our lifes. Just as the cocoon takes a certain time to develop into a butterfly, these next steps will take some time, and cannot be avoided or rushed.

It is not about being right or wrong, this is about creating a healthy, balanced earthly living Light Temple (your physical body and your Essence) that has such a strong foundation where NO-THING can bring you off course anymore. Is your light palace build on ego appearances weak or on false fundations? Then it will crumble. As the pressure and intensity is only intensifying. The good news are YOU can create this Light~Body~Temple. It is time to truly see YOUR true magnificence.

July and August are heavenly supported by the celestial unfoldments of the stars and planets. Energetically speaking the next two months are not looking like vacation in any shape or form! We are entering a time of great awakening and aha moments, through profound inner movements and journeys that will bring us beyond the safe structures within you normally function.

I would like to share a Quote from local awesome astrologer Eric Starwakler ** during his live talk in Mount Shasta 

"This opportunity is asking us to move out of our comfort zones in a big way. It gives us the opportunity to explore a greater depth of the opening of our hearts that we have ever known before. And through that experience we find our self recognizing our own power, beauty and light."

**(If you are interested in more details about local astrologer Eric Starwaker, he uploads his monthly talk onto you tube. Always go with what resonates for you. Planets are planets and stars are stars; so are YOU; a living STAR, never forget your brightness)

The first partial solar eclipse will be on July 12th, followed by the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century on July 27th and ending this train of show with another partial solar eclipse on August 11th.

ECLIPSE TELESEMINAR July 15, 27 & Aug. 12. 2018

For those of you who would like to dive into this opportunity as a group, we will again have an three part Eclipse Teleseminar, which will feel and give us the support just the way we experienced it during the retreat.

Each call will be within a day or two from each Eclipse. I know this will be powerful. As always the intuitive guidance and channeling will come through at the very moment, for precise divine support and guidance of the Ones who choose to participate. I AM very much looking forward to be with you.Feel free to share with those you think may like this. For details, more information and to register click here. First call is Sunday July 15th 2018. 11am PTS

For those lucky ones of you who will be visiting Mount Shasta on Friday July 27th, there will be a special Eclipse Starlight Evening. Details will be posted on website as clearer guidance is flowing in.

As always thank you for being here. Celebrate, Enjoy and Trust the cosmically orchestrated  openings of your life and the entire cosmos. Always SHINE your divine magnificent STAR Light no matter what is presenting. Keep a very large perspective, stay ever so neutral and Be fully HUMAN. Have a Blessed most transformative month fellow earth travelers.

With ever so much love and gratitude Odile


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