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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

Following Guidance

Dear Heart, Beloved Radiating Starlight,

How is this new year unfolding for you so far? We have not been in any shortage of strong amplifying energetic waves flooding our planet and our consciousness. To be shaken out of our slumber and regain clarity, alignment and remembrance of our true mission on earth and to finally fulfill that.

Receiving the NEW that wants to be given to you, requires your openness and your willingness to allow things to be different. How could you be seeking different results by continuing to do everything the same? And possibly thinking that this would bring in something grander and new?

Opening to receiving the NewHow do we bring in 'the new'?

Through choices and the willingness to let something brand new percolate through the density of your well established thoughts and patterns.

You are constantly presented with choices and opportunities. By connecting deeply through the multidimensional doorway of the heart, with the purity of your own essence, as good as you can at that given moment, and asking for the truth to be revealed, you will feel more resonance toward one choice than an other. This may be more challenging at the beginning, as the voices may slip in from your brain and ego, yet through focus, willingness and practice your inner knowing, guidance of the heart will get momentum by becoming stronger and clearer, as anything you choose to practice in your life. If you find yourself reading these lines, know that you are listening to your inner truth and bringing your essence into a divine ‘Starlight in action alignment momentum'. Once you have made a choice follow the path with no doubt.

The 'Miracle Effects' of following your Path Following your path will bring you through most amazing transformations, peaks and valleys, through oceans of bliss, fields of love and cascades of joy, moments of uttermost difficulties, pain, intensity and deep release and healing. This is normal and I do not know of one single person that has not been presented with a palette of these experiences, myself included. In these moments of of so called challenge trust your inner guidance that you did choose the most direct path for you. It is not about being right or wrong, or dwelling in any duality. Just see which choice is in resonance with your true self at this given moment?

Even though challenging events will and are happening to us during our earthly journey, we can choose  to not linger and bathe in pain and suffering. The unpleasant event may still be here, yet we do have an option of how to relate to these events; by staying connected to our true self or how I like to call it, our Starlight Essence. And by letting go of judgment and giving room to divine neutrality. Our guides and invisible team of masters and galactic friends are always present, assisting from a much broader picture.

Sometimes we may feel that they are silent, giving us room to grow in our certainty and discernment.

Remember that all of us are refining our abilities, our mastery, as we are ascending to higher and higher levels of awakening and thus responsibility and service in this world.

The Universe got You covered

The upcoming partial solar eclipse (February 15th 2018) and the last powerful full moon lunar eclipse in leo (Jan 31st) is giving us a push so to speak, forcing us to look deeper inside our hearts and say; ‘This is what I am here for, or what I want to create, experience, be, this life time’, whether you want to look at it or not.

Trying to resist the universe, we all know how this ends, once you had just about enough struggle, ultimately at some point  you will surrender and say; ‘Alright, show me, and guide me back home to the shore of the Love and Starlight that I AM made of, while being in this temple I am calling my body.’ Once  open and willing to see the magnificence light that you are, and ready to be fulfilled by it and the joy and purpose that comes with it, your life suddenly takes a turn lead by the heart which most often makes no sense to the brain at all. You may think ‘Am I going crazy?’  Which is a good sign that you are beginning to not just follow your mind’s lead and embracing a more deeper flow of guidance by this gateway of the heart.

As you let your light flow like a river, which is bringing abundance to its shore, so will you bring joy and happiness to you and those around you, by just  being you. I am not saying it is easy. Yet I see and feel that the support and opportunities to gather and come together with others on the path is easier then ever. So many are searching for a deeper meaning, and fulfillment in life and to create something better here on earth.

Are you ready to let Your Light Shine more than ever?

Come join us and an amazing group of magnificent Starlight beings (Humans) in person for this years 3 day  Mount Shasta Retreat, June 1-3 2018:

'Celebrate your Starlight'

Whether you feel vibrant or stuck, unsure or decided, if your guidance is nudging you to join us, saying; 'Yes please do so as you are a big gift to this word!'

Then follow your guidance and come join us in person. You are making a difference by showing up in the physical form. For some you will be an inspiration by others you will be inspired to even more so create and bring forth more of your amazing YOU.

There is something absolutely wonderful and amazing brewing up for us. They (your guides, the ascended masters and galactic team) are working on many levels to bring us together and it is more important and  then ever for what we are able to create as a constellation of Starlights in these times.

If we were able to truly see and remember the origin of our beings, and all that we have done in other forms and lifetimes you would be amazed by, with whom you are gathering side by side in this retreat!

Register until February 28th. 2018 to receive the early bird saving or pay a down payment to reserve your spot.

Until next time we connect, dearest Starlight keep doing all your good work and shine ever so bright.

I am wishing you a most divine time through this solar eclipse pathway. May you be showered with NEW-ness in your life that will open doors for new relationships and friendships of the heart, inspiring creative expressions, and transcending awakening of your multidimensional self.

With ever so much love and gratitude Odile


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