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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

Entering the Brightest Light within

Beloved Starlight and radiant Heart,

May these lines reach your heart, just when we are about to enter the darkest, longest night of the year, to ignite your brightest light within. As we are coming towards the end of yet another year in our life's, we are not lacking at events and happenings in the world, that hopefully have brought up some questions of what we really are doing here?

By birthing a new earth consciousness, all the way into the realities of the masses and entire globe, much is, and will be changing, which may come across as bad, disturbing or unpleasant in the moment.

I don’t recall any remodeling as fun, for that matter. Besides, the day before we start, and are excited for that project. Knee deep into dust, no electricity, things not moving as planed, or costing twice as much, it is easy to loose sight of the final plans and to start complaining.

It is just what we are in as humanity at this time.

And yet, what amazing ways, for people to have opportunities to show and reawaken their true heart and unconditional love! I have met many people, the last few weeks who have lost everything in these devastating California fires. And just in the same breath I also witnessed so many truly amazing stories from friends and strangers that only have occurred because of these fires. The dominance and control on earth dates back much further than Atlantis or Lemuria, and has ended advanced civilizations a few times before now. It is one thing to become aware of these controlling forces, yet no need to dwell on their action or agenda too much.

Much more SEE and FOCUS that through all times, it is always possible to find a clear way, out of this maze, back to source. Ascended Masters, have liberated themselves from this matrix and consciously merged with their infinite deathless state of beingness.  

And this is can be true for all of us, at any time. How?

By becoming very real on every level. Living beyond the 'perfect persona syndrome'.

The door to this freedom is to become intensely human, and to be fully here. There may be a misconception that ascension is like a magic bullet train that picks you up, and just propels you to wonderland, leaving all the 'poop' behind and then the ‘work’ is done.

Bypassing earth so to speak. Bypassing feelings. Bypassing living. Bypassing enjoying good days and enjoying not so good days. Being here is such a gift, why are some so eager to leave? To get it over with? Did you just come to leave?

It is a powerful time to come home to your self more deeply. To lay down once and for all, some of our ‘perfect persona’ looks, and the well framed collection of self-judgments about ‘what we can and can not do’, for a more vibrant, sustainable authentic expression of self.  May that be at work, in our relationships, with our children, in our creations and even on social media. This also counts for the entire New Age section of behaving and living... Being way out there is not being spiritually more advanced, it could be living in yet another denial. See through the facade, facets and underlying currents of the ways many ‘spiritual leaders/teachers/gurus’ are presenting themselves or part of themselves. Of course there are exceptions, just have discernment, and you will know:

Is their main focus and need to create wealth or to be known?

To walk over you and be at the top of the ladder?

The need to be the one, special or be admired?

To be more than you?

They to are human. We are all equals, never forget that. It is wonderful that people come forth and share their gifts and inspiration. Just don't believe everything unless it resonate  true for you.

True awakening, true ascension happens in the purity of the heart alone, by being real.

It is between your highest self and source. No guide, no teacher, nor guru, no crystal, no fame or success can bring you there; only you by your openness and divine will alone.

Looking, feeling and acting ‘more spiritual’ does not make us spiritual. We may all ask our self a few questions:

What am I ready to let go of the ‘not real me’ ? How can I share and show more of the essence and realness of who I am, always? Which work, objects, rituals, status, partners, children, teachings or ‘teaching others, ’being the student’ or ‘being the guide/teacher’ etc. have I become addicted to, or do define my existence?

Then any expression that is not authentically ours, long term will not hold up.

Of course people can help, activate and inspire us tremendously. At the end you are and will have your own answers arising. Let's ask how to bring forth your truest light and brightness: What would like to be shared through me? What experiences, creations would I like to birth into this new year?

Winter Solstice a powerful time ~ A true celebration of the self.

Winter solstice is here and we are entering the days where we can more easily access and feel the brightness and glow of our brightest star within, our true self ~ like the Milky Way seen on a moonless night.

Everything right now supports us to slow down, contemplate and enter into stillness.

Merging into the limitless spaciousness and celebration of your most sacred self and the entire universe. It is one of my most cherished times a year. It melts my heart and my inner world is so beautiful as galaxies, even though my physical body has not been feeling well for weeks. I am grateful for being, and staying present with what I feel as uncomfortable. We often forget in all the holiday hustle and bustle, the true meaning and blessedness of life;

Do you see the gift of just being and breathing air? You made it to earth, and this with a body temple.

Can you feel the wind?  See the sky?  Recognize yourself to the level that you do? Looking another human being in the eye?

Live fully, in the simplicity of this amazing miracle of being alive. There will be enough time without a body.

Most of the christmas energy is looped around stress and ‘have too’s’, and many times geared to accumulate and exchange yet more stuff, while spending little thought of how much price is paid by those invisible creators, often living in poverty, far away, for our seemingly never-ending material over-stuffing. Yet no matter how much we accumulate; in wealth, self importance, or things ~ for many the void between their heart of hearts and their daily expressions is eventually creating an enormous gap that can no longer be ignored.

Most humans only truly start looking onto a deeper meaning of life when wake up calls knock on their doors, when tragedy of some sorts hits, or a loved one departs. Only then, suddenly the gap and void that has been created is being pierced through, all the way home into the heart!

The heart is a living being, it is our personal Stargate, a vortex that connects us to home. It holds everything that we are on multidimensional levels and all that we are right here. It never stops shining.

The light may be temporarily dimmed down and minuscule, yet the divine spark of creation is always here.

12 Sacred Nights ~ a personal Retreat

Staring on December 25th, for some 24th all the way through January 6th, are we entering the 12 sacred nights and 13 sacred days, also sometimes referred to as ‘the time between the years’.

In these blessed nights, time may seam to be standing still, as we are not completely done with the old nor fully in the new. It is when the veils between the physical world and the non physical worlds are the thinnest.

With short days and long evenings at hand, we have time to go inward, reflect, set intentions, plant seeds, meditate and be in prayer and gratefulness. Like trees and plants, that are taking all their outer activity, of blooming and heavy growing to their inner fuel storage, ready to be bursting out into a new bloom cycle in spring ~ are we preparing our self for the next magnificent cycle around the sun.

The power of what a soul is creating in their slow, contemplating and hibernating times is enormous. Much is being prepared when we allow our self to be. By entering this timeless period, expansion happens. With expansion there is room for fluidity and more room to be. It is a very fruitful time.

Open your heart,  listen carefully,  receive and choose wisely.

I invite you to join me to use these 12 sacred holy nights as a personal time, allowing higher frequencies and star sparkles to enter your space, and to (re)connect more deeply with the essence that you truly are. Just the way you opened your computer or phone to read this message, is it up to you to switch on your inner computer, to receive messages, downloads, ideas, visions and deep inner heart feelings that are awaiting to be poured into you life as divine gifts.

It is as simple as this: decide if this is for you.

If so, create sacred space and follow through. Make it daily as small or big as you wish. Create a vessel or ceremony of some sort, that has a start and an end. Maybe you add music, toning, essential oils, a mantra, a candle or just sitting on your favorite pillow.

Quality is much more than quantity. Above all enjoy, truly enjoy this time. Celebrate it. Make it beautiful. Make it special. Make it Yours.

Calling forth your divine team, galactic friends and beings of light to be here with you. Asking for amplification of your senses, discernment, clarity and understanding of all. So that your choices may be infused with wisdom of your higher self, and the purity of the heart. Allow high frequency energies of healing, purifying, and cleansing to lovingly support you. Allow your intentions, of what you would like to birth as new beginnings and experiences for this new year, to surface as ideas, desires and impulses. You may want to write them down in order not to forget. Receive all the gifts from your most supporting team of angels, guides and light beings, as they are patiently awaiting your greater awakening.

Topping our sacred work with a partial solar eclipse on January 5 / 6

The beginning of this brand new year and the ending of the 12 sacred nights is being graced by a partial solar eclipse on January 5 USA,  6 in Europe 2019.  Only visible from Eastern Asia, and Mariana islands, nevertheless it will affect all of us globally. Eclipses usually accelerate a process that would otherwise take much longer. They can bring up the unpredictable, and their influence last for the next 6 months.

According to : “This partial solar eclipse on Jan. 5th 2019 will be in Capricorn which can be a little serious, but a sextile to Neptune will lighten the mood, and a very close alignment to the brightest star in the heavens, the harmonious fixed star Vega - has a optimistic, generous, creative and poetic influence. … This is an ideal time to make a fresh start and to write your goal on paper.”

Can you see with how much love and guidance we are being held? So many divine alignments. Lets truly celebrate this expansion and creativity to come!

Sacred Journeys Dates for 2019

I absolutely love creating sacred journeys, sacred space, and witnessing the miracles that occur within. So much love, kindness, heart openings and healing, laughter and joy presents every time. A container where each single person is feeling seen, held, honored and mutually respected. I don’t see it as teaching, much more as sharing the wisdom and frequency that one person is holding in their truest essence. Thus it is truly a coming together as equals. And as I have said many times; a gathering of Starlights creating a new constellation. I am so looking forward to these Sacred Starlights Retreats in various parts of the world. This is to reserve your dates, check back on website as it will be updated with details very soon.

3 Day Starlight Retreat Tenerife, Spain April 5-7 2019 Retreat held in Spanish

3 Day Starlight RetreatMount Shasta, California, June 5-7 2019 Retreat held in English

10Day Starlight Retreat Egypt, Pyramid, Sphinx and the Temples on Nile October 19th 2019Retreat held in English, limited space!

Website will be updated over the holidays.

Gratefulness for You

I am so grateful for each single one of you. For the beauty and diversity you are bringing to this planet, and my life. So that we can share these moments of creation together, and expand into something greater one person alone could not be, nor hold. For those of you that I have the privilege to know in person or by phone over the years, thank you for enriching my life with your encounter, and beautiful presence beyond of what you imagine. Thank you for your trust, generosity, support and kindness. For inspiring me to see how bountiful and absolutely stunning this earth co-living can be with Starlights as bright as all of you. And for giving me the insight and knowing that we are all heading into a great new creation of awakening Star Light beings. I am truly looking forward to meeting those of you that I haven’t met yet, and revisiting with the ones I know.

Thank you for all that you are!

Wishing you a most loving holiday season and amazing celebration of this entire new year to be.

With ever so much love and gratitude Odile


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