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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

Cosmic Celebrations December 2020

Cosmic Celebrations December 2020

Beloved Starlight and radiant Heart,

December is here, our last month of a year that had us grow so much. I am sure that by now your awareness of life and your ways to relate to ‘All There Is’ has quantum leaped. You may not recognize any longer, the person, standing at the beginning of that journey on January 1st 2020 bearing your own name…

Who knew that your bags were divinely packed, and you were ready to go? To undertake such an expansion in your own consciousness, by staying pretty much ~ at home.

It was indeed a master course, perfectly tailored to your own being and ordered by nobody else than your higher self. The gifts of this year are jewels seldom found.

Some of you may argue that they have not presented or been found in the most easy gentle ways. Yet nevertheless, where ever you find yourself now, just for a minute, look at the glitters of a basket packed with gems, which is eons away from where you were at the beginning of this year.

Do you notice the richness and new depth being present in you? A grander perception and understanding of how all things are intertwined and correlated together? How emanating one vibrational field attracts more of that kind of vibration? For example living in fear will bring so much more stress, worry and anxiety and more fearful situations. On the other hand trying to hold on to a fake ‘all is well syndrome’ will not bring you further as well.

2020 has been a deep clean from the inside out, helping us to step into a new found balance of our most authentic true self.

For some it was indeed a wonderful year. Enjoying being able to rest more, having more time to be. Fewer, yet hopefully much deeper one on one connections and a new sense of 'Being with Self'. For others it may have been a big year of a long awaited remodeling. Bringing to surface so much that has been waiting to be transcended for so long. Then all that we found in our treasure hunts willingly or unwillingly, has been waiting for our arrival and action for a long time.

Maybe you have realized that things you thought you truly loved, presented suddenly as shackles. Your job, relationship, attachment of a title, a company or ways of thinking may suddenly seem like a high security prison. These realities are being shaken loose with the new frequencies you are allowing to run through your being and body temple. You have been put on notice: Your higher self is stepping in! Allowing you to truly move into a new freedom that could only come to be by expanding your consciousness and gazing upon new horizons. Fully trusting in the rising of a new dawn yet to be lived! EARTH EXPANSIONS

Meanwhile in the timelines that affect the consciousness of the earth herself (and all the beings, from formless and in from) many, many shifts have occurred.

Thanks to all the light workers, that is YOU, that have stepped into divine action in bringing forth your unique remembrance and gifts the best that you can.

Allowing You to be You. Holding your true vibration, your own song and unique STARlight emanation so beautifully. It has opened many new doors (in person and over technology) with resonating souls for deeper connections, activations, alignments, and loving interactions of the heart.

We humans are holding a very important special place in this multiverse. We do have the ability to feel. F E E L I N G is a most powerful tool and doorway to other dimensions. By far do not all creation have the ability to feel.

We are very unique in that, and thus attract such an enormous interest from all sorts of beings from multiple dimensions. You may be reading this, and remembering the important role you have as a carrier of light. You came here to assist in this shift in consciousness. You are part of the team. We are many and more awakening to join us.

There is much interest of forces who are still holding on to control stop and derail such an evolution.


By awakening you start to see more on either 'side'. Lets keep uttermost divine neutrality, as we are talking about polarity, for example in form of light and darkness, good or bad.

Light shares information where dark is holding the information back. You can also look at it as if light is reflecting all the light back at us, whereas dark (black) is holding all the light (information) without reflecting it back. Either one is made of the same: LIGHT. By adding plus and minus together, or ying and yang we come to unity. In unity consciousness there is no such polarization, there is no day and night.

Yet it is such a gift to experience day and night! Without labeling one good or bad. Thus realizing, as we are born into a polarized world, that we do not need, take or be owned, by one or the other side, is transcending limitations and ascending (= arriving) as the starlight beingness that you are in the Stargate of you own heart.

Looking at it this way, the forces, so to speak that are withholding information are in great interest to create turmoil within you, which in turn will create low vibrating emotions of fear, angst, confusion, not feeling worthy etc. that to them is like pastries and ice-cream. Each time someone is diving into desperateness and dwelling in these lower frequencies, they are gifting these beings delicious food. This is why they are quite clever and eager to keep you and the world masses at large on a rollercoaster, producing these 'dessert buffets of negative emotion' for them.

The good news are that we have a choice of how we are responding to situations that bring up strong emotions. Being centered in the core of all that we are, we can choose which feelings we want to allow to run through our system. We are becoming masters of all our abilities and gifts.


For those of us who have been stepping more and more into our intuitiveness, trusting the messages that we are receiving in various ways and acting upon this inner guidance, life is becoming quite amazing. That does not mean easy all the time. Yet trust becomes a companion that is not leaving our side anymore. It is becoming the inner GPS guiding us to the right places, people and circumstances at the right time. These ‘coincidences’ becomes normal. It is the natural flow of things.


I was initially really sad that we had to cancel and postpone our ancient Egypt Starlight Journey to 2021. Yet it suddenly gave me the opportunity to do a road trip as international travel did just not look attractive to me.

I spend a whole week in solitude and deep proximity with the majestic and magical place known as the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. Home to the masters of light. It took me 6 days before of I was being granted access on the inner planes. Six days in nature, away from people and technology, mostly in silence. Hiking in higher altitude and the core of these granite peaks I was little by little offered clarity, new knowledge, and remembering. I was asked to bring home to my own heart, all the love experienced this life time but for some reason unable to live. Loving the unloved Love, from childhood to now. What a remarkable important step. So many of us were not seen as children for who we are. We were holding them, the grownups. (you can watch a few short videos I uploaded on my very shy youtube channel).

One of the most refreshing things of being in the Grand Tetons was the absence of the New Age slime as I like to call it. The layers of projections and ideas of how things 'are' supposed to be in the spiritual world. And the amount of ceremonies and rituals that can be seen as pollution sometimes.

These mountains are emanating such a purity, it is for us to align to that purity, to be infused by it and receive. There is nothing to be done there then showing up, BEING, listening and receiving.


Early morning Monday night November 30. 2020 (1:42am PST time) we have a lunar eclipse in Gemini. It affect will be felt a few days before and after. Eclipses are great miracle workers on assisting us to move what needs to be moved. Trust that this Lunar Eclipse will aid you to be exactly wherever is best for you right now. Helping you to embrace your potential and fully live up to your dreams.

This eclipse is held by two of the four Royal Stars in the sky. The royal stars are four fixed stars, and one of the brightest to see in the sky. They form an enormous cross. Each one is related to an archangel.

The moon in Gemini is conjoining the fixed royal star Aldebaran that is also linked with archangel Michael. And across, as the sun is illuminating the Moon, by conjoining Antares in Sagittarius with the energies of archangel Uriel.**

**astrology info on the four royal stars inspired by Christopher Witecky

The Antares and Aldebaran are major Stargates holding multiple planes of consciousness. They have been called the guardians for our earth and cosmos for the way they hold our field. May you connect and tune in to the gifts these royal stargates have to offer you in this Gemini Lunar Eclipse.


I am very excited about these upcoming offerings. We had an exceptional powerful remote Egypt retreat on Zoom that was by invitation only, off those who had attended a Egypt Journey. These upcoming events are now open to all. You will know if it is for you.

The twelve Holy Nights Transmission and sacred Divination Of the christed golden living Light, Ending 2020 and entering 2021

5 Live Online Events Dec 24. 2020 to Jan 6. 2021

by Teleseminar, phone (maybe ZOOM depends on groupsize)

This is a very high level frequency gathering and set by the purity and willingness of your own being. The energies of this event are held similar to the ancient mysteries schools, or a place where the templar united, or the essenes or the 12 disciples gathered. Touching the deep underlying currents and truths that are the core glue of the universe.

This is also a preparation for our next Galactic Portal work as a group setting over Zoom in 2021.

One of the most IMPORTANT session in this series is: Clearing emotional residue from the great Floods and Beyond THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TEAM WORK!

For thousands of years we have collectively carried the residue of the shock that the great flood has embedded into our physicality and psychic. Whether you experienced this event on the planet, survived it with a few or died, or if you are taking it in as a collective imprint where masses upon masses died, does not matter so much. The fact is, it is a enormeous PTSD that still runs through all. From millions of animals, trees and plants, people and entire villages that died and disappeared, to rivers and mountains that forever changed, and thus left their guardian spirits of that particular river or waterfall, cave or mountain home and job less. Earth was forever changed in a blink of an eye. It was most likely not the first time. Cycles tend to repeat. Now is the time to heal such a deep, old and powerful imprint, in full awareness of who we are, and to open up gates for the work in 2021 on a personal and collective level....

Working with Galactic Portals on Earth

Starting January 16. 2021, for 5 weeks

LIVE 5 meetings on ZOOM, 90min each

Everything is consciousness. Everything is love or light and sound if you will. And so are Portals and so are You. Portals and Stargates are places where very high frequency waves can travel in and out. They do connect one physical location to another location in other places, dimension and even galaxies. What is coming through these places is unique to each of them. They morph, open and close. Some of them have been manipulated with big times, other may have become dormant on purpose or by neglect.

We will work with 5 specific portals that have come to my awareness (otherwise I would not be able to offer and hold these events) and are asking for our participation in a completely neutral powerful ways.You know about portals because YOU ARE ONE! You are a multidimensional being that has manifested a physical body on earth, and through the gateway of your heart you travel, further than you consciously know most of the time.

This work can only be truly done once we clear ourselves from the impact the great flood had on us and earth. (Highly recommended to do that work on your own or to take that 12 Holy nights course). The way I was asked by the masters in the Grand Tetons to gather all the love experienced and not lived in my life, as a stepping stone to the next level of embodiment. It is also a continuation of the work as we have started it in the most powerful remote Egypt retreat this October. You will know if this is for you as you will feel the pull to participate. These portals are so strong I can’t hardly wait to start!


Thank you for being here, for your support and for sharing this work. Then without you I would most likely not be able to create all of this.I am immensely grateful for YOU! Thank you for sharing this with those that you feel would greatly benefit from any of all these offerings. Maybe this very Hearticle may help someone more than you think... as a little 'hello' in a difficult moment.

So much love to all of you and deep gratitude for each and everyone, for so beautifully holding that light. Stars love other Stars, so keep shining your lights dear hearts so we sparkle on earth as the most beautiful Galaxy!

Infinite blessings of love from this incredible place called Mount Shasta ~

and from my heart to yours.

With ever so much love



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