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STARTING DECEMBER 24. 2020 to JANUARY 6th 2021

 TELESEMINAR (Group Call)or maybe ZOOM depending on the group size

5 meetings

Intuitively, lovingly channeled and guided by Odile Dell'Aquila


"Odile you have such an extraordinary gift. Beyond words. I listened to the Teleseminar  twice yesterday and once today. I get something new each time. You are so powerful. So much gratitude." T.M.

Photo by Odile Dell'Aquila

12 Holy Nights.jpg

The 12 Holy Nights Transmission and sacred Divination

of the Christed Golden Living Light

Ending 2020 and entering 2021

Beloved Starlight and Radiant Heart,

You are invited to choose to  consciously participate in this most holy  time of the year.A time of  Initiation and  deepening your clarity and communication with our most high frequency god~self and galactic friends that travel far to offer us support in this sacred window. It is truly a most mystical time. This is also a preparation for our next Galactic Portal work as a group setting over Zoom in 2021.


This is a very high level frequency gathering and set by the purity and willingness of your own being. The energies of this event are held similar to  the ancient mysteries schools, a place where the templar united, or the essenes or the 12 disciples gathered. Touching the deep underlying currents and truths that are the core glue of the universe.

Is is not to be grasped by the brain.This is for a deep remembering.

You will know if this is for you, as you will feel a pull and knowingness to participate.

It will be those of us who have worked together in this way many times before, in the ancient times, ways of initiation, carrying the divine sacred flame(s) of knowledge though all ages, and gathering again to create, hold and lead from the heart.

We will meet 5 times during this most sacred important cycle of the twelve holy nights.
Starting on the 24th of December and end on the day of the Three Kings, January 6th.
We will also put special attention to our dream time, thus closing the gap between 'the big nights of our different existences in form' (lifetimes). Becoming more aware of all that we are, and the messages we receive, as we oscillate between learning and sharing our knowledge in may ways and forms.



THURSDAY DECEMBER 24. 2020 11am PST 30min to 45min
Silent transmission of your Starlight Family
with Odile and the Starbeings

This is a silent  high vibrational transmission. We will set a sacred neutral space, then I will guide your focus to your different energy centers while we are receiving a SILENT transmission from your own Starlight Family, as deep alignment, remembering, prepering and embodying all that we are more so within our physical temple.

Plan free time to integrate after wards.



SUNDAY DECEMBER 27. 2020 11am PST 90min
Clearing emotional residue from the great Floods and Beyond

For thousands of years we have collectively carried the residue of the shock that the great flood has embedded into our physicality and psychic.
Whether you experienced this event on the planet, survived it with a few or died, or if you are taking it in as a collective imprint where masses upon masses died, does not matter so much. The fact is, it is a enormeous PTSD that still runs through all.
From millions of animals,  trees and plants, people and entire villages that died and disappeared, to rivers and mountains that forever changed, and thus left their guardian spirits of that particular river or waterfall, cave or mountain home and job less.
Earth was forever changed in a blink of an eye. It was most likely not the first time.

Cycles tend to repeat.
Now is the time to heal such a deep, old and powerful imprint, in full awareness of who we are, and to open up gates for the work in 2021 on a personal and collective level.
By heal I refer to bring to awareness and come to terms with it, instead of being taken by surprise, overwhelm and coping.
The ‘residue’ emanating as a holographic imprint in your cells or light body differs from person to person. Some of you may be entirely free of it, and if you can manifest and de~materialize your body at will, you most likely have outgrown effects from the outside have on you. Yet for others it may be a percent or many. It does not run in our conscious self, and may be accepted by our psyche as a ’normal state’ since it has overlaid the earth plane for so long.

Everything happens is divine order. Thus we will be and look at all of it with ever so much neutrality.

This is an invitation to those who feel the importance and have the courage to clear, realign these timelines within you, so to help forge a new passage of consciousness for others to follow. Doing it together in a group with those who are willing, healthy and have the strength to look at this in complete neutrality will emanate a new vibrational field around the earth (you could say a new timeline of possibilities).






WEDNESDAY DECEMBER  30. 2020 11am PST 90min
Dreaming your New Year into Being

We may have to finish up some of the enormous leap and shift of the work we did Sunday to fully setting and anchoring in these clear, new, unwavering possibilities. That depends on the group that decides to participate and how everything unfolds.
Then we will wrap up your personal year, any loose ends and bringing in the gifts that were presented consciously or not. At last we will be setting the vibration for the New Year you would like to create.

Creating a personal map from the guidance of the high frequency team of your own Starlight beings during these most sacred holy nights.
We will do that with uttermost neutrality. This is not to create, for example money because you are in fear of not having enough money. This is to create from the abundance of all that you are and in neutrality guided by your high level guides.
And of course will you be taken care of in many ways, beyond what you even can imagine!






Saturday January 2nd 2021 60-90min
Celebrating, being and residing in the field of ALL consciousness

by holding your unwavering  Light

We are still in the midst of the 12 holy nights. A time the veil is thinner to higher consciousness and the support of these very divine being are focused more so on earth than the rest of the year.

It is an important headquarters meeting where all involved show up.

As we are just at the beginning of a marker that millions of people call a new year. We will weave through creation as a team, each one of us holding that vibration as best as we can in our little place on earth, fully aware that we are connected and supported with these vibrations throughout space and time. 

Without changing nor manipulating all that we are, we are holding space as a group, reborn, refilled and realigned in many brand new ways, with the group that felt called to work together.

By fully  being without doing, yet fully present and in divine action.
 We will assist, the way the spirit or consciousness of Mount Shasta is always Mount Shasta, unwaveringly, steadily ~ this way we will step forth even more conscious as the being that we are and holding it at the highest level possible during this gathering.

We will also see/recognize  every single one holding that space.  By being ALL that we are, and bringing that into the body, we change and affect the whole earth and cosmos, without ‘doing’ anything. Just as Buddha, the Christ and many ascended beings did. As we are being thought and helped by these very beings during our nightly travels we are now assisting each other to bring more of that frequency into our bodies and into the world.




Wednesday January 6th 2021 11am PST 30min to 45min
Silent transmission of your Starlight Family

We will be closing this circle and ending with another transmission from your own high level and high frequency Starlight Family.



Contribution: $333 ~ $444*

Please note if you are paying from an account outside the US please add $22 to your chosen amount. Thank You.

*Special Note: Thank you for your contribution and support. We are all in this together. Much more than giving a fixed price that will only work for some of you, I trust your knowingness of how much you can contribute. Know that the only one you ‘cut corners with’, longterm is: yourself.

Are you able to value something when the decision is coming directly from you?
Be honest to yourself of what you would like to receive for work done, and what is available to you. The seeds we sow we eventually reap. Know that I will always help you participate. If you are having a hard financial time please contact me and we will find a solution tailored for you.
If you would like to sponsor someone please let me know.




Yes I am participating:

The 12 Holy Nights Transmission & sacred Divination of the Christed Golden Living Light

Ending 2020 and entering 2021

To pay : Choose the amount by changing the 'Donation per Item' to the amount you would like to contribute.

You will receive your dial in information to the email you are using to pay with.

IMPORTANT READ BEFORE PAYING: Due to all the energy this course moves there are

NO REFUNDS after purchase.

Be prepared that these sessions will move a lot of energy on multidimensional levels. Once you set your intention to participate and sign up the energies will start moving in various ways. Expect Magic. Our Being~ness is way greater than what our mind and body represents.

Upon registering you will receive an email confirmation email within 24hours. Please contact if you do not receive confirmation.

We will meet over the phone or ZOOM (depending on group size)  5 times:

December  24, 27, 30. 2020 11am PST

January 2nd and 6th 2021 11am PST

In case that you can not attend live, know time in spirit is not linear, and that you will be listening to the recording at the perfect timing for you. In spirit you will be active on the call and present in the recording.  There will be a mp3 recording after each call, or ZOOM.

As always, listen to your own guidance. You will know if this is for you.

I am looking forward seeing and being with You

with ever so much love

Odile & the Starbeings


Starlight Sessions.jpg

Odile is a conduit and guide, in service for the shift in consciousness and birthing of the new earth.

She assists on multidimensional levels in the awakening of consciousness. She offers intuitive guidance, healing, clarity and support in a very loving and compassionate way, facilitating empowerment and embodiment of your highest potential and mastery of self, harmonizing divine alignment with source energy and your StarLight Essence journey.

She channels high vibrational light-encoded Star-Light messages, meditations and information for groups and for each single one of you. Being in her presence enhances, opens, frees up your life-stream.


Photo by Odile Dell'Aquila

For more information questions click here or email you will get an answer within 48 hours. If you do not hear back from me contact me again as I may not have received it!

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