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This is promised to be an exceptional experience: Sacred Starlight Journey to Egypt. Giza Pyramids, Private time in Kings Chamber and the Sphinx, Temples on the Nile and so much more. Limited space! Sign up for newsletter to be notified when registering opens or check in again.

Switzerland Events: November 10. 2019:
Sternenlicht Seminar

Du bist herzlich eingeladen am diesjährigen Sternenlicht Seminar in Koppigen teilzunehmen. Odile bring diesmal nicht nur die Energien des Mount Shasta in die Schweiz, sondern wird direkt aus Ägypten kommen und viele neue Schwingungen, aktivierungen für diese neue Zeit in der wir Leben mitteilen.

 Intuitive, Channeled,Healing Starlight Sessions
in Person Mount Shasta or
Phone/Skype Private Sessions
Singing Crystal Bowl, and Crystal Healing Session

Enhances your awakening, expansion in consciousness, ascension; brings froth deep healing, integrating, harmonizing, and alignment with your Starlight Essence and Source Energy. Activates your DNA and your divine blueprint, and so much more.

Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreat 2020

Celebration of your true Star~light.Enhancing the blossoming of your earthly journey by bringing forth your unique gifts and shining your light. In the vortex of Mount Shasta, receiving, healing, activating your DNA...

Starlight Journey: Sunday September 1.2019
Mount Shasta California
Join us for a special Starlight Essence Journey by visiting one of your most sacred places, that may be inside Mount Shasta or far away. Assisted by singing Crystal Bowls, Crystal Grids, the whales and your personal galactic light team. Receiving activations, guidance, healing, messages and so much more.
Past Events to Download :
Teleseminar: Eclipse Season July 2018
3 Live Calls ~ one for each Eclipse

This recording is Timeless: Strengthening your connection with Essence, to receive clarity and guidance, especially in times that we (our brain) doesn't seem to know. Combining our energy as emerging awakening Starlight Essences, by using our light, love and wisdom to move through what ever is presenting for you right now.

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