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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

Divinely Aligned

Beloved Starlight and radiant Heart,

Welcome to September.

Do you see how much you have grown, transformed, changed, expanded, since the beginning of this year?

At moments when many may have thought that more expansion is nearly impossible, we are being reminded that we signed up to the ‘lifelong self mastery program’ of putting us in a spiritually deeply aligned shape by the one and only cosmic trainer who won’t ever give up on us: the universe!

It is with so much love that this comic consciousness is helping us expand in so many ways…and:

Yes, it is quite something to experience these powerful energetic impulses crashing onto the shores of our own being while incarnated.

Just as surfers seek out beaches where big waves are more frequent and steady than at other beaches in the world, this is true to be said with vortexes and power places. We can look at them as favorable beaches for these powerful impulses (waves) of new frequencies to arrive in an accumulated from, and yet know that we are in a high surf phase for years to come, including this entire world.

We can feel the stirring and up leveling to these heighten frequencies everywhere, and if you happen to live in such a place where your waves could feature you on the surfers magazine front page, be ready to feel them more than others. And don’t forget to have fun, even for the waves you miss or get tossed over by.

When people train for an expedition to Antarctica or into the Himalayas for example, they look at their weakest points and strengthen them over time to be in a more overall equal, balanced solid state to perform the task at hand.

We are being, and have been for years, and lifetimes, trained. We chose an amazing trainer, one who holds our entire consciousness; the universe.

It is both an honor to have such an amazing help as much as pretty clear that we have our work cut out. There is no escape, into denial, dreamland, sticking our heads in the sand or eating cupcakes.


The waves; these accelerated particles entering our field of consciousness from the divine design of cosmic consciousness itself, come in intervals, so that we can integrate and rest in-between.

We may have gone through many golden ages as human species here on earth. The many impressive intricate megalithic stone work throughout the world, that is getting more and more defined and advanced as we go back in time, tells us of a link in time we have long forgotten.

Yet stones hold consciousness and they remember. And so do we.


We are all perfectly equipped and prepared for this lifetime. Even though that I personally sometimes joke and wonder why I choose to incarnate right now, while experiencing so much smoke from wildfires, drought and extreme heat, I know that it is all divinely aligned.

So many carrier of light are walking this earth at this very moment, and so many more carrier of light assisting from the invisible world.

Our divine work has little to do by fame, name or popularity; as some of the brightest incarnated 'Lights' are assisting in the toughest fields, in places where turmoil and war are raging, their work hidden from any recognition or social media 'habla'.

May those of us being able to read such an Heartache in the quiet peaceful surroundings of our own home, feel and see of how much support we receive to do our work, to shine, to be and love.

Allow the love emanating from simple beauty; as seeing a rainbow, sunset, or a blooming tree, a baby deer or fragrant rose, be a support and reminder to stay in these high vibrations when we see, look and are confronted with things that do not look fair, beautiful and honoring and make no more sense in our way of being.

We are being reminded that being in service for the whole in uttermost divine neutrality, not to take anything personally and to make sure that us who serve, serve us first, in order to help others.

We are bringing back harmony and justice into fields that have long be dominated by lower vibrations.

We always have a choice of how to hold our energetic field ~ always, and this choice has powerful effects either way we choose.


We are doing an amazing job, my beloved Starlights and earth dwellers.

Stay true to your heart. Let only those close to your most inner circle that are holding and seeing you for what you are; in honoring, respectful, mutual love.

Nourish your physical body temple more than usual.

As her/him what do you need my love?

More rest?

Good, clean meals?

Healthy thoughts?

A nice walk in clean air?

Give yourself time to integrate these leaps we have taken. Then it is not how much we do that determines our lived reality, more so how well we integrate and embody each influx of information, this love and light in cosmic waves.

If the waves become intense take yourself outside and be with a tree, sit on the earth, or watching the birds and bees.


I have found that in these times of great changes, and intense inpouring waves of energies, being in nature, in my case tending to my garden, is so crucial to my well being.

There is nothing as Mother Earth. Watching her grow, leaf by leaf, being a part of ‘her garden’ gives me and my physical body so much joy, groundedness and wellbeing. It makes me feel calm, rested and peaceful.

We are multidimensional beings and often analyze our well being of how we feel in a body here on earth.

We are from all dimensions. The changes at hand, from the depth of the universe: is us changing in all our dimensionality.

Be ever so patient with self.

Be ever so kind with self.

Be ever so loving with self.

We are establishing a new awareness of our multidimensional being ness in our daily awakened state, giving us the ability to navigate through these coming times. Forces that have been in control and are loosing the grip will become more intense as they are trying to hold on. That is normal.

We are knowing and seeing the truth of what truly is more and more from within ourself.

You are the opening and the golden key to the entire being of the universe.

Thank you for being part of this greater field.

Thank you for participating with the purity of your heart.

Thank you for your willingness to cohabit this earth lovingly and respectfully together.

May your month be truly Blessed.

With ever so much love and gratitude, for your presence here on Earth and everywhere.



Being with the Masters of Light Grand Tetons, October 13-15. 2021

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Starlight Journey to Ancient Egypt March 14-26. 2022

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