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Being with the Masters of Light



Photo by Odile Dell'Aquila

October 13~15. 2021

with Odile Dell'Aquila

Photo by Odile Dell'Aquila

Beloved Starlight and dear Hearts,

I am extremely touched to have received the inner 'Yes' to be hosting and sharing sacred time again in the very heart of the Grand Tetons Wyoming, and more so because it will include some of you.

After having one of my deepest and most  moving experiences of my life last year, being in the presence of these masters of light and their uttermost sacred inner earthly mountain retreat,  it is truly and honor to have been 'invited back again'.


This retreat is for a few participants that are called to come and be immersed in complete resonance of what the Grand Tetons hold. Not by what you may have read or been told, but by what your inner guidance tells you. This is a more personal deepening of your own work with the Masters of Light.

The Grand Tetons are a mountain range in Wyoming, home to grizzly bears, buffalos, wolves, elks, moose and so much more.

They are mountain peaks holding a force, vibration and purity that I have only experienced in the swiss alps before.

To be granted access to its inner multidimensional planes requires a lot of inner stillness, purity and willingness to listen to the most subtle nuances of our soul. Most of it is slowing down our hectic busy life and tuning into what we really are in our truest essence, on a very wide bandwidth.

By being in their presence all day, and night, miracles occur on our inner planes. Sometimes, this however takes its own time, as we shed the layers and  pollution of noise, hurrying and general over stimulation.


This retreat is at the very end of the park season before closure! It is only for strong experienced outdoor people, that are comfortable and capable in any weather, as it could snow, rain, be stormy and anything in between. Yet hopefully daytime hiking will be as enjoyable and sunny as last year, with glorious fall colors shining brightly.

We will, if granted, do two long, steep hikes (weather permitting), to very powerful vortexes, high altitude mountain lakes, and waterfalls.

Visit rock guardians and meditate in accordance with the masters of light on the way. This is an all day activity each day. 10am ish to until end of the day. You have to bring your own snack and water.

On the rest day we will have a more leisure walk, hopefully ceremony at the shore of Jackson lake, enjoy the scenery, and be in communion with Self and the assistance of the masters of light.


Fee: $555*

Requires 3 people minimum.

Lodging/camping/ travel and meals are on you.

If there are severe snowstorms we may have last minute cancellations, or unable to walk certain trails, visit other areas in the park.



Lodging inside the Park:

Camping or RV:

I personally will be camping at Signal Mountain, so to stay in the energy of the Grand Tetons. Reservation mandatory. Reservations can be made here online, if available.

If booked out, Gros Ventre is another campground option.

Temperatures last year in late September 2020)were  10-14 F (-10 Celsius!)  at night. We will see what we have this year.

Not recommended if not a very experienced outdoor person. There are hot showers, at extra cost.

Only one car per campsite and 2 tents max.

Reservations can be made online, if available.



There may be availability at the Signal Mountain Lodge, otherwise all other lodging is outside the park in the town of Jackson.

Physical condition:

 You need to be in good physical condition for this journey. You will be hiking for 3 days, one quite steep hike,  and the better the physical condition you are in, the more you will enjoy the trip. From my experience, most people in good shape can participate in this journey. There is plenty of time to start an exercise routine.


As this is not the 'average retreat'  and if you feel that this may be for you, please contact Odile  ( so we can have a chat

to make sure that we are a right fit. Most importantly it is your inner knowing that will let you know to come or not. If you feel strongly to participate but are afraid the hikes are too strong, there is a chance to participate if you are 'outdoorsy enough' that you can stay back on your own, this would include being ok of having a grizzly bear encounter on your own, abilities to be able to stay on trails and not get lost.

Also important to know that this is a drug and plant medicine free retreat. We are working with the magick and powers that we hold and consciously can embody.

Important Payment Details:

Please note that because of the nature of this retreat, the uncertainty of the weather and the extremely small group, your payment which is also your reservation,

is non-refundable and nor transferable. Therefore you may want to have a "cancel for any reason insurance." Thank you for understanding.

Looking forward to being with You.

With ever so much love and in anticipation of this sacred pilgrimage,

Odile & the masters of Light

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