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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

Cosmic Rebirth March 2020

Beloved Starlight and radiant Heart,

We are indeed living in extraordinary times, experiencing this galactic reset (for more see January Hearticle, on website) and cosmic rebirth from our front row seats.

We are crossing such a significant threshold as entire humanity as we are entering this new way of being, accessing higher frequencies and embodying more of the christed and crystalline states of consciousness. We all knew and have been told that this time will eventually arrive and living it as an incarnated being is exhilarating.

The amount of newness we are presented with, after decades of immense density, is absolutely incredible. It is buzzing like a full blooming tree with bees. Do you see and feel how much your heart and entire being,  your head center (pituitary) and crown, even the transpersonal chakras (8th and above) are opening, humming and shimmering in this new golden light?

Throughout January and the first half of February this may have led you to experience a sense of standing still for a while, being in slow motion, or judging yourself as unproductive over the past few weeks. Meanwhile more of you was, and still is quite busy within your multidimensional self expanding into these bandwidth and layers of crystalline frequencies available!

A beautiful dissolution of  ancient debris, density and old patterns and distortions has taken place. That may have surfaced in dreams or fatigue or physical symptoms. At the same time you may have felt tremendously inspired and creative, as we are now living and embodying these new connections to higher realms.


No matter where your current abilities are right now, you have been assisting in this tremendous shift by anchoring, opening and helping these new templates, codes and grid systems to enter and  stabilize.

What is changing is so vast and immense; and so are you. What is changing outside is also changing inside. Take notice of where you live, then it is not a coincidence. You may find gateways, vortexes and ley lines  right beneath your feet. Look at the way you are holding space on your altars, your house, garden, apartment, office, your city or town, the mountains and rivers around you, and most of all your personal field.

So much gratitude for all of us who are holding and nurturing these sacred vortexes,  gateways and clearing up distortions with the purity of the heart.

Let's not underestimate our power.

Especially the ones of you that are  not aware yet of the tremendous forces lying within you, and the work you are doing more unconsciously at the moment. Thank you for who you are. A river does not need to be called a river, for it to be one! Let your light shine and flow through you.

It may be time to open up to your  divine unique Starlight and allow these new frequencies and codes to bring back remembrance of the true You, so that you to are becoming a conscious creator in this shift.


Experiencing a fearless life, enjoying transformation into unknown ~ is such an important aspect. As your inner/outer world  is being shaken by these incredible high frequency waves of pure divine inflowing  light, rearranging your life, ask yourself:

Am I feeling safe?  What does feeling safe mean to me?

Many  interpret 'feeling safe' as having lots of money, which don’t get me wrong is a wonderful thing to have and can help a lot, yet it is not what is making you feel safe. Or even promise you to enjoy life. Your believe system may tell you that. But we have way to many rich people in the world that are absolutely miserable. Yet, have you ever met a person who may have way less then you and is more grounded, content in her/his presence?

Fully knowing that ‘THIS WHICH ALWAYS IS’ ~ the Omnipresence of the Universe, is absolutely supporting us at all times, opening the  door to a infinite richness of the heart.

No matter of how much you have in earthly stuff, the living experience of being connected and supported by source is what is opening doors for you. A very rich, or healthy person can feel safe as much as a very poor or sick person can, and on the contrary a very rich or healthy person can feel in absolute terror and fear all the time as well as a very poor or sick person could, because the richness lies with in.

This is the richness I am talking about, our magnificent Starlight. We all have it. And this richness you can take with you always. It even accumulates over lifetimes!

You are a divine vessel that is build to be a conduit for this very light of yours.

Are you an open conduit to let these starlight codes flow through you? What would happen if you allow the rivers of life to be filled of your own light? Which abundance would start to flow into your experience because your rivers are full and true to you?

You may wonder how to do this? It is very simple; Focus on your divine light. Keep your energy field clean. (Watch your thoughts, and be aware of the programs you are running).  Ask for guidance from that place. Then follow up  with the  guidance received. Even if it is a tiny bit per day, it will gain momentum and change your life.


You are invited to join us as we are creating sacred spaces, by working with ley lines, grid systems, bringing forth new crystalline codes and templates, activating stargates and clearing time line of distortions is part of every single starlight retreat. This is what we are doing (consciously or not) when we gather as equals in our Starlight Retreats from Mount  Shasta, to Switzerland and all the way to Egypt.

Each single one of us is being activated, receiving codes and remembering who we are in return. It is always such an honor to have you join us as we create living Star~Constellation on earth, when we gather as  living Starbeings in human bodies. And yes it makes a difference when we do the work as a group.

Me too I have been slower then usual to create my website and open up the retreats for early bird registration And here it is! Looking forward to having you join us. All Retreat & Events click here.

Starlight Journey to Ancient Egypt    Oct. 14-25. 2020

So excited to be saying that YES we are returning to ancient Egypt in October 2020. We already have a very nice group as we have had a bunch of sign ups from those who were on the VIP list! Come and join us for a journey outside time and space, receiving the sacred temple codes and vibrations and walking about the miracles within yourself. Note: this is a highly transforming, activating journey! Early bird until April 15th. This retreat sold out last year. Reserve your space early. Limited to 15-20 people.

Embodying your Starlight Mount Shasta      May 29-31. 2020

One of my very favorite retreats as we are gathering for the 5th time. This years focus is on healing, nourishing, expanding and receiving 'all that you are' retreat. Embodying your Starlight and using your intuition and clairvoyant abilities. Singing Crystal Bowls, Crystal Grids, visiting vortexes and  Starlight initiation Ceremony. Early Bird until March 15th. Open to everyone.

Initiatic Starlight Journey, Mount Shasta     August 17-22. 2020

Sharing the  transmission and updates received in Egypt 2019. This 6 day Initiatic Starlight Journey is promised to be one of a kind, where we will dwell within many dimensions and  portals in sacred ceremony  This is for the advanced soul (you know who you are) called to be in divine service, with pure intention and focus. It is a week of high vibration, in cosmic service to you and the all. This is not a vacation! Only 11 spaces, will be 13 total. Need to be able to walk/hike. Details soon.

Living in Your Light  ~  a once a month gathering    March to April 2020


Sundays:  March 22  -  April 19  -  May 17  2020

Showing up for yourself. Guided Starlight Meditations and exercises with tools for  working with your multidimensional aspect of self, your light bodies, for self healing, awareness, and to keep your field clean and in high frequencies to manifest your dreams. 11am PT, for 1hour 15min each, with mp3 recording. Over the phone, live or you can listen to the reply. All levels welcome.

Spring Equinox Starlight Journey

March 19  2020,  7pm Mount Shasta

March 20  2020,  7pm Mount Shasta

Holding a sacred Starlight Journey Ceremony for Equinox on Thursday March 19th and a Starlight Celebration on Friday March 20.  Singing Crystal Bowls, Crystal Grids and a Starlight Journey guided meditation. 7pm at the Mount Shasta Yoga Center.

Bless you for being on earth. Celebrate, Enjoy and Trust the cosmically orchestrated  openings of your life and the entire cosmos. Always SHINE your divine magnificent STAR Light no matter what is presenting. Keep a very large perspective, stay ever so neutral.  Be fully HUMAN.

Have a Blessed most transformative month fellow earth travelers. May you feel the tremendous support and love  the universe has for you to thrive and live a life with a heart filled and radiating with this divine love and light.

With ever so much love


Join us for a sacred Starlight Retreat or Event:   ALL EVENTS: click here.

PRIVATE SESSIONS: Booking One on One,  Intuitive  clairvoyant,  healing sessions

for March and April now.


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