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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

Your Journey from the Stars to Earth

Your sacred journey from the Stars to Earth

Beloved Starlight and radiant Heart,

Beloved One, it is with deep respect to your courage and earthly journey that I am sending out this Hearticle. Infused with cosmic healing energies and Star Light waves as divine blessings and support to your journey.

What an amazing time of cosmic and earthly unfoldments we are currently experiencing. I am sure each single one of you can feel the changes and movements into a more expansive, yet unknown to the brain, place our beings are moving and transforming into. Of course we see that reflected as turmoil and imbalances in the world in general, and it is ever so important that we align with the most inner truth of our beings.

Yet truth is a pathless journey, and there is not one thing that will fit all, as we are in different phases in our personal evolutionary path. One thing we do have all in common is that we are here on planet earth together.

Despite the fact that  we are infinite multidimensional beings and come from the stars, much energy and focus is often placed on off planet beings, star gates, aliens, figuring out  our origin instead of truly embodying the gift of being here on this planet. Let us all bring our awareness for a moment to the Essence, the light, our infinite self, to that part in our self which was so divinely attracted and eager to come to earth.

The Essence that manifested Your journey here on earth is You.

It is a privilege to be here. Imagine looking at a map of the stars and galaxies, from a point outside time and space before you where incarnated, and seeing a little dot called Earth among millions and trillions of other stars:

Now tune in to your infinite self, your source/god presence, starlight essence ~  however you call it, that which had the intense desire to manifest a body and a journey here on earth. By saying hello to that infinite purity of you, you are truly remembering, even if unconsciously your true attraction and pull to manifest a physicality. To find parents and a birth canal to come into density.

No matter how your life is playing out at this moment, many are being side tracked and getting lost of why they even manifested a body to begin with.

Some keep having the strong desire to go back where they came from, putting so much attention to the 'out side of earth space' that being here becomes somewhat lost and irrelevant, even though this is what we divinely chose!

Yet others are being completely blinded and put under a deep state of narcosis by circumstances of to much comfort or poverty, fame or fears, business and an enormous attachment to security and controlling outcomes in so many forms.

Remember your true reason for embarking on that journey. You created this. And it WILL take care of you, if you allow it. Regardless of what is presenting and what you choose to do and to experience this life time, align with this calling that brought you here.

By aligning with the calling that brought you here, you are awakening this immense love and gratitude to be exactly where you are in your life's journey and especially on planet earth. It  will unlock your hidden seeds and gifts you brought with you in this desire to be on earth. Allowing them to sprout and grow. Because, in order for them to sprout you need to be fully here. You are the rich earth of your own garden of Eden.

How do we remember? How to find that calling that so deeply moved us to be here on earth? Listen to your heart. And have the courage to follow it. Take baby steps at the time, you will surprised how fast everything is falling into place. Gather with those who's heart are open. Travel, see the mountains, forest and beaches of your neighborhoods and the world.

Following the Heart

Part of my hearts whispering is to show people how beautiful and miraculous the world is. Those of you who know of my offerings and Hearticles, (also published on my website) know how little I like to promote and advertise that which I am creating. I am trusting that those of you, who's hearts are open and opening are getting the call to participate as equals, without the need of heavy marketing and selling or pushing. This would be missing the point, because this is not about quantity, this is about truth and how deep each one is able and willing to go.

Starlight sacred Journey to Ancient Egypt

We are having a very special Starlight Journey to Ancient Egypt this October 18-29th. It is about remembering your past ~ and thus transforming your future. The grandfather of Mohammed,( Mohammed is our organizer  in Egypt) was the one who was asked by the Egyptian government if the 3rd Pyramid in the Giza plateau was ready to be opened. He meditated and got a yes. Then they asked him: 'Can you tell us where the entrance is?' He again went into a 6 hour deep meditation, and out of 3 million blocks he told them exactly which one the entrance block is. His grandson is holding this wisdom and lineage, and it is no coincidence that he organizes this journey of a lifetime. Our trip is half full. Early bird ends on Monday April 15th. we still have a few open spots. Listen with all your heart if this unique journey is for you... On October 20iest our group will have a private 2 hour time in the kings chamber of the great pyramid.

Celebrate your Starlight in Mount Shasta

A little closer to home we are gathering for the 4th time as equals Starlights in sacred Mount Shasta vortex in California on June 7-9 2019, for our Celebrate your Starlight spiritual Retreat. It feels that this may be the last one held this way, as the Egypt journey may forever transform our lifes! We love to have you participate and join the already wonderful group that signed up for it!

Thank you for sharing this message with those that will benefit from it.

Bless you for being here on earth. Celebrate, Enjoy and Trust the cosmically orchestrated  openings of your life and the entire cosmos. Always SHINE your divine magnificent STAR Light no matter what is presenting. Keep a very large perspective, stay ever so neutral and Be fully HUMAN. Have a Blessed most transformative time fellow earth travelers.

With ever so much love and gratitude Odile


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