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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

The Portal

Beloved Starlight and radiant heart,

It feels so long since I wrote last, and in many ways it truly is, with everything evolving so fast these days.

Time has been flying by, and I have spend some deep nourishing and delightful times once again with my dear friends, the masters of light (ascended masters) in the heart of the Grand Tetons.

I have chosen to integrate lots of what I have received in my’ me time’, and will share when time is right. Before I knew it, the last month of the year is ramping up fast serving us with a powerful solar eclipse at 12 degrees Sagittarius on December 3rd. Look at all these number 3s presenting!

This solar eclipse is a big one and will happen late Friday night here in Mount Shasta, California. The body sensations have been bringing me back to memories of the full solar eclipse we had in 2012. Look how much have we grown since then.

This time a brand new portal is presenting, and stepping through it we will never be the same.

Living (in) the Shift

Over the last few decades, we have been supported in most powerful and unprecedented ways, by many invisible beings, and masters of light (ascended master) in a window of time that is especially potent for these quantum leaps in consciousness and mentioned by so many;

From Rodolf Steiner at the beginning of the last century talking about an important window of time where we have the possibility through free will to ascend into higher planes of consciousness, a possibility that will not present for a very long time thereafter ~ to so many indigenous prophecies, including the Mayen Calendar by coming to its hight on 21. Dec. 2012, or end ~ indeed an era of time as we knew it came to an end leaving an ‘unmarked’ and completely open territory ‘to a NEW’ we are about to create.

We have been repeatedly shown and informed that who ever choose to incarnate at this present time is here for some big work.

Some of it may include continuing and finishing threads that date back to ancient Egypt and Atlantis, or/and finally creating and bring to bloom a pending project in consciousness that we were unable to bring to fruition before due to lower vibrations.

Lots of very powerful souls have come to help, pave and open the pathways followed by more and more amazing children still coming in, starting their earthly journey with completely new energies and ways to see, think, resolve and create solutions to many of our so called ‘problems’ we could not even dream of.

It is indeed to be expected, when such big shifts are underway, after millennia’s of domination by darker forces, that everything may seem to be chaotic for a while , as the light stabilizes in our every ways of living and will rein once again.

Part of our mastery is to really read underlying energies, meaning: the truth, over shiny ‘appearances’, promises and sale pitches.

The other part is to hold and live that truth, unwaveringly from the very core of our being.

The Power is in us

We are the architects and to manifesters of our lives. We are the healers of our mind, body and spirit. Or in other words:

You hold all the power of your creations, health and wellbeing in all levels of your consciousness.

You create your own reality, and you help shape the reality of this world and others.

Having the ability to hold this power, and stepping into it/living it are two different things.

Some days may require more discipline and focus than others.

Do not worry or be hard on yourself, because THIS IS what we came to remember of how to bring forth and embody these divine states from our higher self into form.

Awareness grows in layers. Sometimes it is a quantum leap, other times we seem to stagnate.

What may be looked at as stagnation is divine in itself, then it builds up in momentum, which is ultimately power, to break through some 'things' were we have build up 'dams and moraines' around it, by repeating the same ‘trend’ and action over lifetimes. Which could have been; ‘thinking that you are not good enough’ or ‘not having the courage to speak up’, or ‘overrunning others by taking more than you give’.

These hills in consciousness, these ‘debris’, so to speak is, what we were not capable of seeing consciously.

When huge influxes of lightwaves are flooding our blue planet we get opportunities to move these old moraines and hills out of our soul journey. Which is happening now.

Solar Eclipse

This solar eclipse on December 3rd 2021 is so divinely designed to setting us free from old grooves that held us in place, for lifetimes. Giving us a powerful gateway and portal to jump into our new becoming, as we enter into a brand new energy, creating a reality that has never been here before.

To me it feels that sacred codes held from Altantis and Ancient Egypt are now being released by the keepers of that knowledge, to those that are ready.

Not only that, it is occurring as a totality for a brief moment of 1 min and 54 sec over floating ice bergs of the Wedell Sea and exclusive to Antartica.

Antartica is far more than frozen ice, holding enormous consciousness for the planet and it does not surprise me that it is receiving such an tremendous activation at this pivotal time. Eclipses are amplifiers, and a clear call to the sun. It happens outside of our current timelines and brings forth opportunities for new in such a highten, quantum way.

We are shifting to a higher dimension of compassion, love, purity and truth to hold these vibrations. Having access or being exposed to such frequencies before being grounded and aware enough, could have been very disorienting, and create many imbalances not only to our bodies but also to our psyche.

It is easy to get comfortable with what we have, and many of us have been a little too comfortable until life started to shake us all awake. Over the last nine years (2012) we have had many undeniable shakes so to finally willingly open up to these absolutely incredible portals and not miss out on these possibilities, that will not present again for a very, very long time.

What you choose to do with these new opportunities is up to you, and has much to do of how you hold your overall consciousness. You may want to check following in preparation of the eclipse:

How are all the layers of your being are doing?

How clear is your energy field?

Is it pristine as a mountain spring? If not what do you need to do to be a clear conduit of your own ‘starlight’?

This is where I refer in the first part of this hearticle:

You hold all the power of your creations, health and wellbeing in all levels of your consciousness. Yes there are portals and stargates presenting, they always have. And yes we want to dance and grow with them. We are multidimensional beings, and in order to be in harmony with these gates and portals we first need that harmony within. The intervals have increased, and so has your awareness.

Are you feeling ready for the New?

You will feel that even thou the new is unknown, a trust and comfortability emanating from within yourself that you know how to navigate the yet unknown of infinite potential. A knowingness that you are guided and supported beyond measures.

If insecurities present, go back to the steps listed above, checking on all your layers of you being, clearing and filling your field with your own divine starlight etc. Tuning inward is the recipe to receive all the answers you ever dreamed of knowing.

Working with the beloved Masters of Light

There are legions and legions of light beings, ascended masters, galactic, cosmic and angelic presences that are here 24/7 to support us through these times. They are so excited to see what is happening and at our side always.

Through a clean diet, and pure thoughts, true words, and aligned actions,through meditation and some good exercise in fresh air we become more of a clear station to receive their heighten messages, guidance and wisdom.

It is up to you to have the discipline and choosing within the outer chaos to attune to that brilliant, loving nourishing light and love which is always available. Asking your visible and invisible friends for help is strength not w weakness.

We are all becoming more sensitive. If you were already sensitive, you will begin to notice things even more.

And the ones that were ‘rock solid’ may finally say “wow I see now what you have been trying to say”.

Always stay true to your heart. Only let those close to your most inner circle that are holding and seeing you for what you are; in honoring, mutual love.

Nourish your physical body temple more than usual.

Our cells are alive, and they listen. They also listen to your thoughts and feelings.

Be in gratitude for the little things that end up being the big things, as waking up in the morning, to smile, feeling your heart.

Be happy in your own company, over making ‘feeling good’ dependable on others or outside circumstances.

Share your gifts.

Cultivate healthy thoughts.

Be in nature.

Give yourself time to integrate these leaps you have taken.

If the waves become intense take yourself outside and be with a tree, sit on the earth, or watching the birds and bees. Love yourself, and be ever so gentle with yourself, we are doing an amazing job, Starlights.

Have a wonderful eclipse, and immensely enjoy the creating of new, even if that may be this time unknown. Thank you for you service, courage and love and for being on earth.

With ever so much love



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