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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

Manifesting Newness

Beloved Starlights and radiant Hearts,

What a celebration of energies!

It is quite impossible not to be witnessing and feeling these currents of golden living, a most nourishing light flooding our consciousness and planet. Everyone and everything is being touched and transformed.

It is truly potent gift from the center of source consciousness, the ascended masters and beings of light.

Assisting us in the acceleration and awakening, for all willing, to embody a more stable higher vibration of Love, Light and Truth within ourselves.

Earth has been held for millennials in a dark low vibrating place, by beings, that some may call quite powerful, yet working with control, dominance and greed to harvest the energy fields humanity created in these lower vibrations of fear, confusion and desperateness.


We are finally entering a time where the LIGHT is able to move in more freely again.

That does not mean that overnight or on a date that appears to be powerful, all beings ‘enlighten to a state of mastery’. Or that by some appearance of some aliens we all will have a new life.

More LIGHT is enabling us all to see more clearly what was in the shadows before, and therefore make new empowered choices.

The power of that shift is within YOU.

The power to ascend is within YOU.

The power to remember everything (the whole universe) is within YOU.

YES, We are being helped.

YES, We are being loved and supported beyond measure.


We have free will.


How? By combining the purity of our hearts and our thoughts we create our reality.

Only YOU can choose which thoughts to let ‘run’ through your mind.

As more Light is moving in so will the shadows get darker. that's all nothing to be concerned or afraid.

Being more so aware of taking any information from the outside (which includes the news and conspiracy theories) and accepting them as truth, no matter where they come from.

Let truth and information arise from with in. Truth will always feel uplifting and empowering.

Becoming more aware to only saying what you think ~ being true to your thoughts.

Doing what you say ~ being true to your words, will add power to your manifesting your desires.


Most of us have gone to hell and back if we look at all the times (other lifetimes) we came to plant seedlings of the light here on earth.

We have been burned at the sticks, blamed to be witches, or buried alive. It is understandable that this repetition of being shut down when bringing forth truth and light has us be in a spiritual PTSD.

Now it is time to let that go.

You are the ONLY one who can do this for You.

You don’t have to do it alone, you can get help, yet deciding to doing it can only YOU.

At some point in your growth there will come a desire to free yourself from these old luggage.Then to receive accurate information from within, you will have the urge to deeply detox from imbalances, so that you don’t continue making choices out of lower vibration and fear.

If old fears and wounds come to surface, it is with courage, inner unwavering strength and so much self love that you can transcend these old ‘treasures’.

A way to transcend them is to become aware of them. That does not mean relive it in details, just becoming aware that they are here, and deciding that You, and your magnificent heart this time around are choosing differently:

Today I am choosing love and compassion,

mutual honoring and respect with my self.

This old hurt/ wound/old believe/pattern is no longer serving me.

Thank you for all that it has thought me.

I am letting it go, and so it is.

That’s it. Embracing it in complete neutrality. It is that simple.

Once you let it truly go you will know because you will forget it. It won't have presence in your daily whereabouts anymore or trigger a response..


As you grow and expand, people will come and go.

Some you will see friends and close ones hugging and clinging on to their past wounds like little teddy bears, others will choose to team up with the workers of the dark and even others will choose realities that are far from what you would like to experience.

It is all alright.

Let them choose their own reality, and You live yours.

We did the same. Just because some of us are talking quantum leaps in our ascension and awakening journey at this time, does not mean others before us have not had the same experience with us.

Ascended master Saint Germaine (amongst many) had multiple incarnations, of which some of us where around, and we could have chosen to take steps but we did not back then.

Did they judge us? No.

Did they halt or slow down their awakening? No.

Did they continue to support and love us? Yes infinitely and they still do.

Slowing down or halting your personal journey in the disguise to ‘help others’ is really only working against yourself.

Open your heart, shine your beautiful Light and you will see that those doing just the same will find you and you will find them.

Never forget to have an infinitely compassionate and loving support to self, as things are literally thawing out of thousands and thousands of year old cycles.

In frozen states molecules vibrate slower, so this metaphor literary works really well for all that which is occurring.

Those of you who have been doing a lot of self healing, self forgiveness and self remembering work this life time, be even in more compassion if suddenly the tusk of a mammoth are starting to peak out of a melting iceberg of the past.

These melting will soon give room to new fields and pastures, views and flowers filing our very new earth and hearts!

Feeding the rivers with fresh water as we are learning to feel our emotions and live from the heart.

Busyness may give away to quiet moments with self.

Inner listening may open up new doorways to realms unknown and too sacred to share.

Peace of living in love and deep fulfillment by aligning to our own hearts vibration.

Many friends my give room to a few deep soul relationships.


On Wednesday March 2nd we are having a new moon at 12 degrees pisces, which is the fifth new moon since November that is happening at 12 degrees. 12 is also a number 3 which represents the holy trinity and the threefold flame.

This deep watery uttermost intuitive new moon will be followed with the 3.3. energies (March 3.) the next day. It is also holds the fertile manifesting ground to seed our wishes and desires for what we are to create in the world, and it will come to fruition on the full moon lunar eclipse on May 16. 2022.

As each one of us is planting these new seeds, Spring Equinox, where day and night are the same length is adding it balance to the mix.

May your dreams arise from the purity of your heart.

May your month be fruitful in your deepest soul awakening.

May you feel ever so much love, happiness and support today and always.

With ever so much gratitude and love of being here on earth with all of you,



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