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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

Initiations and Portals throughout our Rivers of Life

Beloved Starlight and radiant Heart,

May these beautiful cosmic energies rushing in for lions gate 8.8.2019 and beyond hold you with ever so much majestic, powerful, loving presence in these warm hearted lion/ess embraces the month of August offers.

This is my birth month. As a Leo myself I have always loved the 8/8 energies especially for the number 8,  yet it is also said to be the day, we as earth consciousness are aligning with the energies of Sirius, and this year a beautiful alignment of Venus and Jupiter adding to the flow of it all.

We will be talking about energies and influxes for the rest of our life's. Everyone is growing, accelerating and ever expanding. In the future there will be many more distinct words and deeper understanding of these vast fields of infinite consciousness that are flooding us from the depth of creation, that we call energy or stars at this time. Just look at the beings what we call ‘plants”, which have many botanical names, for those who have a larger knowledge of the plant kingdom. In that way we are growing a much larger awareness of we call ‘energies’.

For many of us, it is already very comfortable to navigate in the unseen, especially for those that allow sensitivity and awareness to guide them, in realms where words have not matched up to our experiences, yet.

To Embody all There Is

May you take this beautiful month to fully bring forth the most possible radiant embodied state of that essence that you truly are.

How to bring all your infinite star sparkles into this tiny physical body?

By continuously choosing to align your divine will with the pure intention of source. By making, embodying all there is, your greatest focus.

Living in the undivided unwavering Heart Temple will provide the solid core of clarity, compassion, understanding and action when life presents less calm waters.

This month brings us a lot of possibilities to tap into our truest soul essence, our deepest, calm, loving core of our being. Staying centered in the middle of our hearts allows us to fully enjoy white water rapids and faster flows of our river of life.

Then rivers, as souls, love to be oxygenated, it is what keeps them healthy and promotes expansions and many life forms.

How can we navigate safely through periods where everything is moving so fast, one may ask? Through courage of having truly accessed and rooted yourself in that deep quiet unwavering presence within. Facing your own fears and wounds, and holding space for your own growth and oxygenation becomes vital.

Besides that, you are stepping into service and doing the entire collective an enormous gift.

YOU are the only ONE that can do this for you. Yes there is lots of help and assistance, to support you in choices that enhance your awakening.

The Gift of Initiations

Initiation(s) present when all of your physical, emotional, spiritual levels have integrated a certain amount of wisdom, experiences, knowledge and multidimensional maturing, and you have arrived at a certain state of consciousness. You are being given a greater task, a broader vision and higher frequencies to hold in your physical embodiment as well as in your multidimensional self.

Initiations may present in specific places in the awake time, or in dream time, the sorts of dreams that you know are more real than what we are experiencing here right now.

Once we reach a certain levels of growth (evolution) Initiations present, always. They may be called forth and enhanced by us having the intense pull to visit a sacred site or vortex, or to participate in a certain retreat. Our more aware higher self and our cosmic and galactic friends are having more to do with these cosmic appointments than many realize.

Now having an initiation is just as waking up in the morning: It is opening the door to a brand new day, a brand new way for you to create, experience and be.

It is not an arrival or final destination. It is the beginning of a new journey...

What are you going to do with all of this? How are you letting this flow of energy come through you? What would you like to create as a conduit of the universe?

As more and more doors are being opened for us, through these initiations, by stepping up our vibrations, so does the responsibility we are holding of;

divine will, divine thought and divine action,

bringing us more frequently to portals of all sorts.

Portals and more

Portals are alignments that bring us to new places/realms, where the flow of energies easily goes both ways, from the 3dimensional world into multidimensionality. Even though some portals are more powerful then others, supported by ley lines, crystalline grids or/and mountains, streams, caves or lakes, they can literally be and present anywhere; like in your living rooms.

Cosmic, galactic and intergalactic portals have a very important role, support and influence in our evolutionary becoming.

Your physical presence often is the key for some of them to open and flow, as you are holding a very special and unique vibration within your personal Starlight encodement, and within your DNA. We had a most profound experience last year as a group in a Starlight Event held in Zürich, Switzerland, when we accessed and open such a large portal that had been shut down inside the alps, that has to do with an important alignment to the sun, pleiades, orion and cygnus.

Pay close attention to your inner guidance, see how specific places, people in distinct timing present, to consciously or not, assist with these portals.

As your senses become heightened you may be called to visit certain locations, and maybe even remember a ceremony (or song) you have never practiced this life time. Visions, circumstances and divine encounters are being enhanced once you reach a certain level of higher frequency. Always trust your inner knowing, you know so much more than you ever could imagine.

Then if we are created from the stars, how can we not hold all there is inside us?

Egypt and its importance in the World

Going to Egypt has everything to do with Initiations and Portals, and our commitments set in motion long before this lifetime.

In this particular case, I am bringing the alps, Mount Shasta and so much more, with the presence of amazing Starlights (people) participating with their unique vibration, DNA encodement, mission and work of service into a physical gathering and focus, by spending time together in a place outside time: ancient Egypt.

I am in awe and beyond grateful for how everything has presented and unfolded so far for this amazing journey. Our Starlight journey trip to Ancient Egypt is full. For those of you who have been undecided of weather or not to join, know that there will be another special retreat in 2020. At this point you can add your name to the waiting list, by mentioning Egypt, to be notified ahead of others of the exact dates for the next 2020 Egypt Retreat, once I receive guidance of when that will be.

Crystal Singing Bowls

If you happen to be in Mount Shasta and would like to experience the cosmic melodies of some wonderful Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, I am opening up some One on One session for the month of September. Their effect on our being goes much farther then notes. And it is with much love that I have acquired some beautiful new amazing crystalline consciousnesses joining my team...

Mount Shasta Medicine Lake  September Retreat

After a most beautiful journey to Medicine lake last year, I am offering another 2 day Retreat with camping this September 14/15 in most magical Mount Shasta. We will visit amazing places and be in crystal bowl gazing and much more. Limited to 10 participants. Details coming soon, or email to reserve your space.

Thank you for being here on earth.

Celebrate, Enjoy and Trust the cosmically orchestrated  openings of your life and the entire cosmos. Always SHINE your divine magnificent STAR Light no matter what is presenting. Keep a very large perspective, stay ever so neutral and Be fully HUMAN. Have a Blessed most transformative month fellow earth travelers.

With ever so much love and gratitude Odile


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