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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

Opening into a brand new Year: Energies of 2018

Welcome to this brand new Year Beloved Starlight and beautiful Heart,

Reading these words means you made it all the way, here into 2018 with your physical body, and I am so very glad you did. I have been wanting to write and send out these lines for a while. Yet the first few weeks of this particular January have been so slow in emerging, that it just did not feel timely to share and connect, until now.

How are you? Have you been feeling really tired? The need to take a long nap? Maybe dizzy or nauseated?  Or did you get the 'spiritual' flu, so that you are slowing down and able to upgrade your system? Have events, people, places from the past surfaced in your dreams? Going to bed early and awakening tired in the morning?

Yes a lot of us have. It is so easy to be thinking; 'oh something must be wrong with me', whereas when we check in with each other we start to see how similar our experiences are. I have been in a continuous cloud,  barely waking up form what is happening during sleep state.                

Nap times have been added to my schedule! Even though it may not be easy to accept oneself  to be so slow or tired, it is  a wonderful way to  letting the universe lead the way while taking a brake and a step back from our so busy driven active life, while these wonderful cellular clearings and  deep upleveling of our entire being,are taken place,  that  on some degrees only happen during these naps and sleeptime, when our brains are out of the way.

What an experience these last few weeks have been, witnessing some of my very dearest friends; humans and animals go through severe accidents, which have been showing me how absolutely precious our really magical  life  journeys are, and how fast, in a blink of an eye, they can be over.

Our human experience is an absolutely amazing gift.

A gift that most only realize when it is being put in context of actually loosing it. How easily do we take each other for granted?

That may be your loved ones, friends and family or your boss or teacher, an amazing chef in a restaurant you like to eat, maybe the cashier with this so sweet energy, the receptionist at your favorite SPA, name it there are so many we just take for granted, including our own existence.

I am inviting you to partake in a year to:

Truly Be Human.

To truly be human, in a deep authentic, transparent, loving, high vibrational way, is really what we are here for. Sharing your love and unique Starlight origin with the world is enriching you and others beyond anything you could ever imagine. Yes it takes the courage to show up and  to come forth. Especially in areas of your life where we feel inadequate, unprepared or not good enough. To authentically come forth, means being strong by being vulnerable. Remember nobody can better Be You than You. This is why you are here to embody this unique vibration, that is  you. Not in a egoistic way, yet  from your essence, your truth. Shine the way that Venus, Sirius or the sun does.

Isn't it a blessing each time you come across a truly emanating, loving radiating human being? One that is not holding back any of her or his light?

We are entering  a year filled  with miracles, surprises and opportunities. Open your heart and truly honor yourself. Receive. Make choices that are in alignment with the highest vibration of what you truly are.  We are being asked to show up. To gather. To come together as equals in support, expasion and awakening of each single one of us and as service for humanity.

I am so grateful and touched by each single one of you that I have had the honor to meet and be together throughout this last year. You are so amazing, beautiful and truly inspire me to bring forth the best in me. The love and brilliance, compassion and friendships, I see and feel from you, is showing me how we truly are transforming the experience of how we treat each other and how we live on this earth together.

It is because of YOU; that  I am having the motivation, energy, love, courage and inspiration to create another amazing Starlight Retreat.

Join us for a in person Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreat June 1-3. 2018;

Celebrating Your Star Light Essence

'To Be Human. Embodying your Star-Light-Essence and Becoming aware of your Extraordinary Gifts and Beingness that You Are.'   Early Bird $355 until Feb. 28th 2018For more info use link:

By choosing to attend a retreat like this you are giving yourself and others the opportunity to  experience real human divine connection, deep love  and taking literally taking a leap in the higher vibrational outcomes and unfoldments of your life.

Last years retreat was so amazing, you can read what people say in the link above.

A little bit of Numerology and Astrology for 2018

Astrology and numerology are ways to deepen our understanding of what is occurring. They are by no means determining what is going to happen, that would be giving your power away, yet they are  a map so to speak to show you if a mountain range or a river, desert or ocean is laying before you.

Super Blood Full Moon Eclipse

January 31st. 2018 we will have a Super Blood Full Moon Eclipse in Leo.

Right now is a powerful time to get clear on your purity of intentions, and have some quiet one on one time with your higher self, angelic, ascended and galactic guides. Cleaning and clearing out physical clutter and especially left over emotional debris no matter how little and old they are, will be very beneficial. Welcome change into your life, as this will bring you beyond the limitations that you have lived by so far. By embracing 'the willingness to change' we open our hearts and minds to new possibilities and gifts  that have been waiting to be handed to us.

Holding a Sacred Fire Ceremony

A powerful tool to shift and move energy  and to touch the invisible waves streaming though us, is through sacred fire ceremonies. I used to hold them monthly at my house for years when I was living in Los Angeles. I will post a Hearticle (Article from the Heart)  for those who would like to get help, clarity, ideas  and inspirations of how to hold and create such a fire ceremony by yourself or gathering among friends, check website close to full moon and it should be up by then.

Numbers and their vibration 2018 is a master number 11 and also a universal 2 year. (2+0+1+8= 11,  1+1 =2). The year 2009 was a 11/2 year and 2000 was  a 2 year. We live in cycles of 9. Meaning that we go through universal 1 through 9 years. Besides that we all have our personal year, of which I am not going to go into you can look that up for yourself if you are interested, the year we are in as an entire planet hold a certain vibration.Without going into what a number 11/2 year means I would like to bring your attention to your own life:

You can get a hint by scanning the year  2009 and 2000, and see what kind of broader themes you were moving through back then? Look at all work and lessons you have integrated over the last 9 respectively 18 years. Do you see how much you have grown? How many areas of your life you have expanded? Your awareness, your consciousness?  Your approach to this year cycle is going to be so different. Because you are starting at a very different stand point, and much higher vibration, and the entire universe has moved to a completely new era.

The only reason I am bringing it up here is to bring awareness to underlying unconscious streams running though your live and locking you into repetitive outcomes. By looking back at the themes of these last universal 2 year experiences, energetically speaking you can become aware of where you really want to shift your perceptions on core ideas and ways of how you live your life.

I hope this is giving you some inspiration of how to dive into Truly Being Human this entire year. Use your tools, or ask for assistance, reach out, make a sacred fire and enjoy this ever so magnificent life.

Thank you for being here. Know that ALL is well and to never give up.

With ever so much love and gratitude Odile


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