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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

Galactically Aligned

Beloved Starlight and radiant Heart,

Welcome to June. You may be feeling that you are loosing the ground beneath your feet altogether. These masterful times of uttermost great changes are stripping us to the naked foundation of truth.

Supported by these cosmic and galactic impulses, infinitely larger then what we can grasp arriving in most divine timing. We are made of Stardust.

We are in our very Essence a Cosmic Being.

We are being Galactically Aligned. We know in the depths of our cells of this transformation and are not taken by surprise. Then every single molecule and atom resonates with the entire cosmos and consciousness of source.

May the  majestic peak of our beloved Shasta (Photo by We Own the Moment Photography) remind us of our unique glow, love and the powerful light being that we are.

We are beautiful through all changes

Sometimes it is fresh snow covering us in a cosmic glittering star blanket other times the beauty is shown when the snow melts and exposes our rocks, crevasses and dust, allowing creeks to form and entire meadows to bloom...

The energies have been strong to say the least. Blasting these new openings into our realities. 

Depending of were we are in our journey of awakening the unearthing of personal circumstances and the truth we have believed in, may shift things in more or less dramatic ways,  yet shifting it will. It will also present the ‘brand new gifts’ larger than any Christmas Day present, as those are the gifts of truth and love taking residence in our words, way of being, relationships,  actions and eminence.

No matter how things are presenting, a hundred percent trust into the Starlight that we are is now required.

Cosmic Resume

That which brought us here to earth, with no plane, no money nor passport, is stronger than anything else.

Mass awakening and acceleration of our own path and rapid expansion in consciousness is the new norm. It is our soul level capacity.

Every single choice ever made in any given moment  is adding to the greatness of You. Don’t underestimate your true power.  We are being asked to come back to what is really true, then truth will never crumble, this is what we are doing now beloved Starlights.

It’s time to remember your cosmic resume. The accumulation of actions, choices, experiences you have had through different lifetimes, dimensions and realities. They are all here within you.

Being in the center of our being, understanding how to navigate energy, being the Lightworkers and Light Warriors that we are is not a choice anymore it is the only way to flourish with clarity, peace and grace through what may appear for other as insanity. Everything is slowly crumbling, making new for the arising world based in love, understanding and compassion.

Source Self is all knowing Multidimensional and Infinite

We are being asked to give the lead to our knowingness, to Source Presence/ Higher Self/ Starlight Essence.

Enormous changes are at hand, most beloved Starlights. This is just the beginning.

We are so loved and divinely supported. We are being asked to shine. One step at the time. We are being freed of old patterns, ways of engaging, ideas to be validated and  repetitions.

Some days we may feel free and light, carried by the winds of change with vast visions and clarity  as a soaring eagle or condor.

Other days we may contract, like the universe does in its contractions and expansions. By contracting and resting we integrate, digest and bring the upgrades and transformation all the way into our cells and DNA, as  nourishment after our deep dive into the depths of the vast oceans of our Essence.

We are indeed dropping deep into our own Essence. So much is being revealed.

Allow the un~knowing to show you more about Yourself. The floodgates from the cosmos have opened over the last few weeks.

Especially enormous shifts and anchoring of these new templates and in pouring  golden diamond living light codes have occurred since Easter Sunday onwards.

Much has been restored. Many of us working and being present in sacred ceremony and hands on assistance. Lots being done at night during our sleep time.

Many new opened Stargates, the reawakening of old sacred portals, sites, stone circles, and re-calibration of the fields in pyramids are holding the new field. Take note of important in-person connections, (also through technology) with lightworkers and sacred space holders.

We are coming together to create LIVING Starlight constellations on Earth. Many high heart palpitations, cosmic connection, outpouring love. Much needed deep rest and sleep. Massive release of old structuring and patterns are going to continue, to allow these high heart expansions. Most benevolent assistance from Galactic pure level beings. I personally have been deeply connecting and receiving lots of assistance and co~creating from the little gold white ship race that is coming through Lyra from another Galaxy.

Find your own truth and root of your being. Copy pasting does not bring you far. Ask to be shown the truth. Ask and you shall receive.

You will find those that resonate deeply with you on new levels. Giving us  the courage to release others we may be outgrowing for the moment.

Enjoy and immerse yourself in this most sacred time ever. We are in the times that all different prophesies pointed to.



EGYPT October 14-25. 2020

Reflecting at all the miraculous alignments that have led to the last Starlight journey to ancient Egypt 2019, where all my guidance was pointing to be there with specific people before the Saturn Pluto conjunction in January 2020 leads me to see that admits all these uncertainties our journey to Egypt this year is perfectly aligned. This being said, it adds to a whole new level of manifesting and being able to take care of one self. It takes a whole new level of being dedicated to the work one came here to do and to hold that space by being led from the highest source light. To not give into scenarios and at the same time to read the river presenting and navigate the rapids.

Our trip would have been sold by now out for sure. This journey may become a very special treat as Egypt may be more empty than ususal, and our group smaller. Calling forth all the warriors of light that have the courage to join and continue the work that is more needed then ever. Due to all the circumstances we are still honoring early bird fee.


Living in your Light 11am PT ~ this is the third call in the series. It will be held right after the Lunar eclipse on June 5/6, leading up to summer solstice on June 20 and Solar Eclipse on June 21. These calls are held intuitively in the moment to assist, support and bring forth what is most beneficial for all. To sign up visit website under Events.

Infinite love from this incredible place called Mount Shasta and from my heart to yours.

 May you receive many Blessings from this beautiful sacred mountain to your  amazing Starlight Presence.



Due to all this enormous well needed PAUSE many of my events have been canceled. I amnot quite up to date with my website, as I have taken a much needed rest myself.

Check  all Retreat & Events  click here or please contact me at  as due to these heighten energies I have been dwelling in other dimensions than updating my website...


June 7th  11am PT, Living in Your Light  ~ Teleseminar 

Join us for our next conference call, right as we enter the Eclipse season on June 5th.

Starlight Journey to Ancient Egypt    Oct. 14-25. 2020

This is still vibrating very strongly, and the vision is we are going.Details above in this newsletter.

Initiatic Starlight Journey, Mount Shasta     August 17-22. 2020

This is a very galactic event.

Start 10am August 17th (on my Birthday) ~ until Saturday evening.

Thank you for your patience on this. As we are starting to move again, I am getting closer to publish the details. Contact me personally if interested, I already have a reservation list.

Sharing the  transmission and updates received in Egypt 2019. This 6 day Initiatic Starlight Journey is promised to be one of a kind, where we will dwell within many dimensions and  portals in sacred ceremony  This is for the advanced soul (you know who you are) called to be in divine service, with pure intention and focus. It is a week of high vibration, in cosmic service to you and the all. This is not a vacation! Only 11 spaces, will be 13 total. Need to be able to walk/hike.


I have openings for some one on one sessions. Intuitively, channeled healing and assistance.

If you are in a financial hardship please communicate that so we can find a way.


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