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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

From the Stars we come and to the Stars we will return

Beloved Starlight and radiant Heart,

It is almost impossible to find words to send out to each one of you after a most incredible Starlight Journey to the pyramids and mysteries we just returned from.

This time in ancient Egypt has been so profound, so life changing that I am unable to put  words to the depth, impact and imprints these sacred sites have.

One thing is certain: it changes you forever.

We have traveled through numerous of the most sacred temples, sites and pyramids. Receiving  encodements and transmissions, from such sacred places, of which during a life time only a priest, priestess or pharaoh would be allowed to enter. They most likely frequented only one temple during that lifetime. And if they visited another it was with plenty of time in between. Through this  Starlight journey we visited multiple temples and pyramids in less than two weeks.

They are now vibrating in each one of us on levels impossible to comprehend by the brain, yet forever emanating through our connectedness in human consciousness.

The Temples and Pyramids inside you

Creation and consciousness  is so fascinating. We all hold temples and pyramids inside us. Wherever you go and are, you  always emanate the ‘pyramids and temples’ within you. By this I refer to  all that you have ever have been and experienced over the course of your existence, planetary and not.

You do hold a very specific field that is unique to you, and only You.

As you go about your daily life you emanate constantly all of YOU into these places and spaces you visit: into all other realms and existences simultaneously. Which also counts  for what you are doing during night time, in all of your multidimensional and galactic essence. All of this happens consciously or unconsciously.

There is however a big difference of becoming conscious of this emanation, YOUR truest self. By becoming more aware of these keys, which are also your true gifts,  that only you are holding in this specific way, you are able to activate, unlock and create the NEW.

Taking your role as Conscious Creator

Realizing your keys, light codes, gifts, or whatever you call them, without ego, will bring benefits to you and the ALL, in ways unmeasured.

As you are becoming aware of the extraordinary powers that lie within you, choosing to embody and use them, in the purity of your truest being and the benefit of all, you are becoming a conscious creator.

This will inevitably bring forth following important question:

What would I like to create?

In a palette of possibilities where more than everything could be created, what is it that I choose to choose?

Then choosing you must. Otherwise someone will choose for you. If you are asked to go out for dinner, and are being offered to choose what kind of food you would like to eat, and your answer is;   ‘Oh I don’t know, I don’t care.’   ~  Well then you may have to eat something you don’t enjoy. And what if this same meal is being presented to you every day?  Day after day? At some point you will have had enough, and one day CHOOSE something that truly resonates with you. This counts for every choice in your life. Most of us are living our life as outcome of the lack of choice and our repeatedly egoistic or/and unconscious choices.


Stepping into our remembering and our power occurs in increments. Many of us have achieved a higher state of consciousness in previous lifetimes / existences.  Yet for some choices, lets say that were made out of not resonating to the purest core of our essence, you could say ego,  we convoluted and decreased our clarity and awareness in our embodied BE-ing. Some of these choices affect us today as well as at birth, of how much  we will remember or not remember.

In any case you are able, in the journey of your life, to make quantum jumps within your consciousness.

This remembering and jumping to greater levels of awareness you have had before will often occur immediately,  through impulses and activations of various kinds. A radical awakening at times.

Yet in the course of Initiations you can not skip some of the awakenings steps. This means we will not quantum jump ahead of our self by skipping important material along the path of embodying more of the All ~ Knowing.

So for those of us, who experienced moments of fast, instantaneous and  rapid growth and remembering, it is to bring us back to the levels we already had achieved, yet forgotten or fallen out of it. This is why it goes fast and easy. We had done the work and gotten out of alignment with it.

The moments everything in our life seems to slow down or feeling as we are going nowhere for extended periods of time are often the entering of new territory in our sacred awakening process, places we have never entered before.

We are surpassing what we remember. Growing and expanding our consciousness into what is yet unknown to us.

These  moments  we may feel more tired or even having flu like symptoms, for no apparent reason.

Giving the physical Temple time to adjust and time to be while we are in these initiatic cycles, is so important and honoring.

We are taking these Initiations, the same way that did those before us; Jesus, Buddha, Saint Germain, Serapis Bey to name a few, only  in a different space and time. Everything has evolved and changed. The very fabric of creation is richer through every single awakening, and this way every initiation is a little bit different adding to the All Knowing.

Your Cosmic Music

There are many ways to travel and visit places. Just as there are many talented musicians all over the world, that could get together and create sound which is vibration and music.

The outcome of whom you choose to bring and be together to play a certain music is unique to every singe combination.

We are all musicians in our galactic multidimensional vibration.

The very core intentions of our being is felt everywhere. There might be very bright, gifted, known people, that their inner key is slightly off; maybe tuned towards personal enrichment or fame or materialistic accumulations. Or in other circumstances that key may be slightly off believing that they are not good enough, not deserving nor lovable, and unable to see how unique and important they are to the development of this amazing creation.

Either way, being truly in resonance is key to using your keys!

The world needs you as there is no One like you.

Whether we live far or close by each other, whether we know each other in person or not, thank you for adding all of your exquisite tones, gifts and keys into the symphony of life.

Celebrate, Enjoy and Trust the cosmically orchestrated  openings of your life and the entire cosmos. Always SHINE your divine magnificent STAR Light no matter what is presenting. Keep a very large perspective, stay ever so neutral and Be fully HUMAN.

With ever so much love and gratitude Odile

2020 Preview

I truly enjoy bringing extraordinary Starlights together, that are in joyous, harmonious, resonance for Starlight journeys and retreats. The magic happens through all of us, as we are playing this cosmic orchestra with our specific sounds. Thank you for being here. I am grateful for each one of you.

Exact dates will come out soon (End of November/beginning of December) as I am receiving final guidance. If you feel highly called to participate in one or more of these Retreats you can contact Odile directly to reserve them and to be notified ahead of the group for VIP sign up possibilities.

3 Day Mount Shasta Celebrate your Starlight Spring Retreat 2020 This will be our 5th Starlight Retreat, one of the big favorite of my life

7 Day Initiatic Starlight Mount Shasta Summer Retreat 2020

Starlight Journey to ancient Egypt October 2020 (Limited to 15-20 people only)


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