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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

Expanding into Your Infinite Potential

Expanding into Your Infinite Potential

Beloved Starlight and radiant Heart,

It is with much gratefulness and joy that I am sitting in my little cabin in the woods at the base of beloved Mount Shasta, in the quietness of the forest writing to all of you beautiful beings. Time has flown by, and by now many of you have noticed that you never know when the next Hearticle is reaching your inbox, pretty much as all the rest of our daily life, of which we are showered by surprise.


The expansive energies of June and the summer solstice (winter solstice for the southern hemisphere) are right in front of our doorsteps, topped by this full moon today (Monday, June 17) in Sagittarius. The constant magnificent inflow of cosmic energies have been taking us to new levels. Yes we have been expanded, consciously or not, voluntarily or not. Our consciousness is evolving so are our cells and DNA.

All of us have grown tremendously. Do you notice the new room and space that has been brought forth into your awareness?

You are able to hold more of You.

You may be noticing more peace and joy and the absence of fear or worry that was usually running your system.

In other circumstances you may be noticing some fears, or situations that are stressing you and bringing forth anxiety, more so, yet you suddenly have ‘room’ to feel them and realizing what may be off. What a gift! It is the beginning of great change, of a course in action, as you are becoming aware of these mechanism that were running your life and by having more room (time and space) you now have new freedom to choose what you would like to create.

The subtle energies of thoughts, emotions and feelings are constantly feeding our bodies and creating the world we live in. Having more freedom to choose if you would like to run a specific emotion, thought or feeling is the same as choosing feeding your body healthy meals over fast food and toxic substances. You choose and then you live the consequences of your choices.


This upcoming solstice is a great time to bring in your divine focus of what you would like to create over the next six months leading to the powerful transformational energies of 2020 within your earthly journey.

Instead of just asking for ‘more’ and giving life orders of what we think we want, which applies to wanting to be more enlightened, or ascending faster, being more spiritual, more special than other, or wanting more money, or titles, objects, beauty, family, children…ect.

Connecting with that energy that brought us here at the first place and ask it directly. Then it is of no little task to travel and come to earth and manifest a body on this planet. Lets remind our self that at this time we are unable to leave the planet, unless it is in accordance with this stream that is flowing through you. Do you see how powerful that force, who brought you here, is?

You may be surprised what answers you are getting by going directly to that steam of light energy.

For a moment close your eyes, connect with your own Essence/ god presence/ Starlight/ universe within you and ask:

Beloved Starlight Essence, Life what would you like from me?

Help me remember what brought me here with so much divine love and focus?

Show me how can I be of service?

Show me the gifts I can bring and share in this world?


Trusting the unknown is difficult for us grownups. Yet lets just go back a few years or decades ago to our toddler years, when we were living in complete trust and surrender to be taken care of.

Living from a place where we TRUST source energy, is bringing us into alignment of this new rising earth.

Being in harmony and a clear conduit for your source energy will guide you to the right place(s), people and circumstances at the right time.

A quote by Bashar that I once heard and really like about abundance is: “The ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.”

The universe has infinite ways to create magical situations and to support you. Here is a VIP invitation reminder to You:

May this upcoming crystalline solstice bring forth all the sparkles of your divine essence and trust, led by your source essence personally.

Trust can be extremely challenging when we go through a deep personal loss, physical pain or unexpected situations we have a hard time to adapt with. It is easy to blame them for our discomfort.

Each one of us has a different level of being able to stay with our unwavering Starlight presence at all times.

You can’t hold onto the shore of your river of life, at least not for long. If adapting to the new scenery your life journey is presenting to you, is  a challenge, reach out for help. There is so many ways, of taking baby steps into the directions of what we fear the most. And everyone is able to outgrow her or his limits.

Opening your heart in a safe community of Starlights that empower you to allow old patterns to come up to surface and then be transcended, opens the doors to stepping into your Infinite Crystalline Potential.


My contribution and service on this planet at the moment is to hold sacred space for empowering, healing and expanding experiences of self. I love creating beauty and magic. To see pictures go to extraordinary_awakenings on Instagram or like our Facebook Page Extraordinary Awakenings.

Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreats

We just finished our three day magical in person Celebrate your Starlight Essence Retreat here in Mount Shasta. I am still integrating all the transformations and expansions that have occurred by gathering with such bright amazing beings in the high vibrational energies of this sacred vortex.

There will be a One Day and Two Day summer Mount Shasta Starlight Journey in August and September. And a Medicine lake Delight Immersion, for small groups only. All retreats are held with permits form the forest service. If interested please reserve and I will put you on the guest list.


Our Pilgrimage of a lifetime and sacred Starlight Journey to Ancient Egypt is almost full. We have only 4 more spaces for special Starlights to join us on this exquisite and unique journey from October 18~ 29th 2019.

See if  you feel called from the depth of your being to participate, as this is  an appointment that was set in place long before this earth life. We are gathering as equals. Our group will spend two hours in the great pyramid, the  kings chamber privately and we will be on a nile cruise visiting all the temples along the way, awakening and activating all of that we are. More here.

Expanding into your Infinite Potential

Join us in town of  Mount Shasta for a special Crystalline Solstice Celebration with Haruko Blue Star Child. At the Mount  Shasta Yoga Center 7:30pm Friday June 21. 2019.

Assisted by singing crystal bowls and native American flute melodies. See details and read more on website here.

Thank you for sharing this message with those that may resonate with it.

Thank you for your courage and service of being here on earth at this time. Celebrate, Enjoy and Trust the cosmically orchestrated  openings

of your life and the entire cosmos.

Always SHINE your divine magnificent STAR Light no matter what is presenting.

Keep a very large perspective, stay ever so neutral and Be fully HUMAN.

Have a Blessed most transformative month fellow earth travelers.

With ever so much love and gratitude Odile


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