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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

Embracing Fire

Beloved Starlight and radiant Heart,

so much is moving as we are aligning our self to the incoming waves of remembrance, that are being beamed to us from the depth of consciousness itself, especially now as we are approaching the Lions Gate of August. What may appear once more as chaos and as unknown in every direction on the surface levels, is indeed a divine restructuring of beauty and harmony into form, the way a caterpillar is all liquid for some time prior of becoming a butterfly. So if you feel the unknown all around you, congratulations, you are right on track, you are no longer the caterpillar!

Even though the Aquarien age astrologically speaking will not fully be here until 300 years from now, we are at the turning point of these tides, and I am sure everyone agreeing upon this or not, is feeling these changing currents. A class X solar flare came in on July 3rd (strongest since 2017) affecting earths magnetic sphere and us, in a deep level. Many have been feeling very tired, (including me) and keep feeling tired upon awakening in the morning from long nights of a sleep that somehow is not replenishing. We are integrating what these codes of these waves have brought to us.

Here in Mount Shasta, and this whole western part of the United States an unprecedented heat wave has been layered upon us, while some other parts of the world are receiving so much rain, hail and thunderstorms. It is needless to say that we are out of balance.

And this is exactly why we choose to be here at this given moment on earth.

It is in these intense times, that many will choose to step into the Mastery of Self. It is through this inner conflicts and turmoils, when every excuse and blaming possible on the outside, won’t work any longer, that the masses finally will turn to their brightest treasure boxes, waiting in the center of their own being. Like a diamond covered in dirt, we as human collective will find once again the many shiny facets of the christed living light, as we are entering the new golden age.

No matter where you reside on earth, you are guaranteed over the next few years to be encountering situations that will shake you awake, ask you to be on board with all of your capacities.

We are realizing on a more profound level, that choosing which vibration to run through our body and nervous system at any given time, will make all the difference, over feeling like a helpless waterlogged piece of wood, being tossed in the waves. More and more are going to listen to their hearts over their brains.

We are truly stepping into embracing all the octaves and bandwidth of vibration, with love and compassion. Then what would music be if we only would play the high notes?

Ultimately everything emerges from the ‘non physical/wave form’ (vibration) into the more solid and physical/particle form and returns to its vibration existence again. Most people are captured by how to manifest more from the invisible/non particle into the more solid state. Yet as multidimensional, ever evolving beings we also de~manifest from the solidified aspect into the pure energetic, that is once we see the whole picture and the balance in everything.

We are able to transcend, dissolve and bring into harmony ‘solid’ situations, as the super psychic kids have shown, have entire object ‘disappear. We are able to change timelines, and current solidified encrusted realities into higher, more open, flowing experiences for all.


In our experience(s) in a body, especially on earth we have the gift of EMOTIONS and Feelings which is unique to human beings. It is our doorway of manifesting either way; into Form and from Form/Particle into Wave.

The magnetic field of our heart stargates, (heart center) is at least 5000 times stronger than the magnetic fields of the brain.

Do you realize what potential, those of us who are humans, are holding? Once you realize the capacity of your own heart Stargate, these feelings that we are able to produce, are as powerful as an atomic bomb, especially when purity and mastery of thought, combined with the purity of the heart are aligning.

We can become conscious masters of this feeling center, which is indeed a very powerful, unique gift and tool to have in this entire universe. By far not every being (could be what some call aliens) you encounter, no matter how smart they appear to be, have these capacities. There are many beings, some even ‘playing human’ among us, that DO NOT have these open functioning heart centers. Their thought capacities may be astounding, what we may call ‘smarter than we are’, yet they are unable to create feelings as humans do.

In ancient Egypt, we trained of how to run all the different vibrations of feelings through our body, from terror, fear into love and bliss within a split moment. It is an enormous responsibility once we realize the impact we have as we are letting (consciously or not) run different frequencies through the loudspeaker that our heartstargate is, all the time.

MANIFESTING ~ Messages of the Heart

We are manifesting all the time (knowingly or not) by the frequencies we choose to emanate through our heart. More advanced we become in our mastery, louder and more powerful our emanations and manifestations become. It is as throwing a rock into calm water, our feeling~wave emanates into a field around us. We are being read and seen by others through these fields, and we influence the collective through these same fields. We are all psychic and can read someones intentions that way. In the future this will become more and more eminent to all. Hiding/lying impossible.

We are becoming conscious doctors of energy fields. What does this mean? As we awaken and embody more and more purity of the heart, divine neutrality of all, and compassionate love, we are becoming important aspect of these energetic fields we reside in. Some of us can go as far as interconnecting with galactic energy fields. In times of alert or emergencies we can choose to keep holding these vibrations calm, centered and clear. Of course with practice and training we can become much more tranquil in certain situations. I personally will be of absolute no help in an ER room, as just seeing a little bit of blood makes me go the other way, yet with lots of patience and baby steps I was able to work at the humane society with cats, drawing blood and giving injections. We all have natural strength and more weak and underdeveloped aspects of self.

No matter where you are in the scale of transmitting certain frequencies of your heart, just becoming open to that we can actually change these vibrations by choice, and become a master of these frequencies is an amazing realization. It will make you the creator of your experiences and our new world as we align as One.


For those of us living in the northern americas, wild fires are part of the ecological balance to keep our forest healthy. They are the ‘doctors’ of the forests. A long time ago when the European settlers arrived, Mr Smokey the bear became a landmark to warn about fire danger at the entrance of every little town and park. It was created and well meant, by the limiting viewpoint, of that in Central Europe forest fires are not a common thing. Fires became suppressed, during years with lots of rain, which made our forest grow and then we entered a drought. These fires used to burn every 7-12 years naturally, as a cool, low intensity underbrush fire, meaning it did not kill the trees, it removed dead branches, opened the forest and helped seeds germinate, that only grow after having experienced a fire.

The fire spirit tried to burn so many times in very gentle ways, and Mr. Smokey the Bear said; ‘No you can’t burn’. The fire spirit did not give up, it tired again and again to come in as the helper, the doctor and balancer of the forests. Only to be put out over and over again.

What do you think happens when your body signals pain and you ignore it? Or swallow a pill? Will the cause behind the pain just go away? Or may the pain just be a sacred messenger trying to get your uttermost attention before it becomes a catastrophe?

Well, what we have created by avoiding listening to nature; ‘the call of fire’, is obvious now. It has asked us so many times to allow it to do what it does best. And we have kept saying: ‘No, stay quiet.’

Now it had enough, it literally ‘explodes’ on us in these mega fires. We created them. We were to scared to listen, live and connect with the fire spirit. We were to scared because it was an unknown. The native Americans knew how to live in balance with fire.

My question is, how are we going to embrace forest fires NOW? Especially when balance needs to be restored first? For those of you not living with fires, maybe you can see other out of balance signs that we stopped listening to. It may be water?


Being prepared is as important as listening to inner guidance. In times of emergencies the outside authorities may have not always have time to inform, update or warn us.

The morning precedenting the rain and thunderstorm that started this nourishing, cleansing natural Lava fire, my guides told me to pack and prepare. I didn’t quite do that, that day but I told a friend that I have been asked to pack. This particular fire felt very cleansing, calm and gentle in its spirit. When I say gentle, it is a fire nevertheless less, and it will combust what is in its way. Yet we have the ability to tune into the spirit of each one of these fires. The Carr fire a few years ago was angry, explosive and very aggressive for example. Learning to live with fire is also allowing to feel what that particular fire has to say, in these overgrown unbalanced forests.

I am sharing notes of my personal experience, to show that there are many experiences within the same situation possible. More so we can choose these experiences of how to connect with these fields. It was so deeply moving to see that I experienced uttermost divine calm, by having the fire less than 5miles away. The photo below showing the stars and the glowing smoke, is of a night, where dimensions merged into one, a deep calm and bliss engulfed the land, my home and such a peace extended out of my heart, if I had not friends visiting experiencing the same, I would have thought that I am crazy.

The work we are doing beloved Starlights, really shows, in moments when asked to be fully here.


Maybe one of the answers of how to create balance in the outside world is to come home to self first. HOME inside you, within your heart. Being home by connecting with this vast presence that is You. How are you feeling on the inside? Being with this palette of emotions present, what ever they are, ignoring none. No Smokey the Bear syndrome. Taking care of all of them. Tending to your home inside you, with uttermost love, respect and gratitude. Removing clutter, spreading tenderness so that being home in you is feeling safe, wherever you are at any given moment.

Then you will see that staying calm, centered, and most importantly true to your self just arises. Not only that, it will open others the door to their own home.

We are living in times we all prepared for, throughout many lifetimes. Like a surgeon staying calm during an operation, who is most likely not doing it for the first time, we have done this before.

Remember that you are constantly broadcasting vibrations through your ‘Heart Stargate Megaphone’ effecting all. Choose them wisely, for you and for all.

Know your capacities. Everyone is needed with their unique gifts and capacities. As mentioned before, I know I would be absolutely of no help in any surgery or ER room, quite the contrary. Yet with energies I am a ‘doctor’ in these fields, calm to do ‘open heart surgeries’.

Do you see how amazing, courageous we are, to choose to be here right now? To be willing to be with ‘What Is’ in so much neutrality? To support each other in purity, love and celebration along the way. Guided by trusting our reclaimed inner voices, wisdom and truth.

Thank you for being on Earth beloved Starlight. You truly make a difference. I mean this, You are amazing! Just by being here in times when everything changes. You are bringing in light, even if you stay in bed all day. Be gentle with yourself. Follow your unique path, it is brilliant. Your light, willingness, heart and love is felt way beyond this galaxy. May your month be ever so nourishing and loving. So much more is on its way…

with ever so much love,


Photo credit below: Stasta Living Photography

Last two photos Odile Dell'Aquila


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