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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

Embodying Creator Consciousness

Beloved Starlight and radiant Heart,

Our entire earth consciousness has taken an enormous leap. Since the powerful ‘solar eclipse solstice portal’ we are not in the same place any longer. So much has changed and we are being divinely guided on this  journey that we agreed upon aeons of years ago. We are being blasted with cosmic rays of information from the deepest part of the galaxy in support of our awakening.

It is part of a brilliant plan where everything is collapsing as we know it, which is not build in truth,  so ultimately everyone is being ‘forced’ to make their own decisions over following gurus, teachers, gods, and parents, the news or the masses. These side effects are to the dislike of many, yet this  dissolution is here to bring forth our magnificent creator~self.

Have discernment my dearest beings of the living light, as there are many in disguise or playing on both sides creating havoc and confusion.  Not everything that shines, or produces some powerful, what you may call ‘miracles,’ has the best integrity or intention in mind. Not every being is able nor willing to be honoring to all life, and this is fine. It is not good or bad, just be aware and really look deep into the core of everything.

Activating your DNA

This lifetime we have agreed to be here as activators and bringers of change. Our DNA are changing fast, the more light we hold the faster the filaments of light are creating the new stands of DNA, firing up  codes and information to bring us all the remembrance and original capacity and beyond. We are made of for this shift, which has such great importance that it goes way out into other universes and galaxies.

If interested you can get the Living in the Light call from Sunday April 19. 2020 where we cleared and reactivated our DNA to our original imprints. All you need is YOU. You are the activator (with your will and intention) of this inner shift within you.

Choose your vibration and frequency wisely and stay with it. Everything is a choice. For example  Yo-Yo Ma the famous cello player, he has dedicated his focus and life to a certain vibration of how he is playing his cello. He has chosen to practice, days and hours, an entire  lifetime. Yes his capacities and gifts (that are accumulated build up choices he made in previous lifetimes and forms of existence) have helped him. At this point he can choose with whom to create and play.

We are much the same, the hours we decide to ‘practice in silence’ our true music, over having just a good busy time, may go unseen at first. Yet once you start holding a certain vibration, beings (incarnated and not) are going to invite you to create with them. You will/are then standing out in the way you play your song, just as Yo-Yo Ma does on his cello, because of your continuous choices.

It is then when our true strength and capacity comes to play of how much we can aid to shift the consciousness and course of where we are going as a spices and earth evolution. It is surfing the wave with intention, capacity and focus over being tossed around in the waves, which still can be fun, but pretty much ends there. Yes there will always be those who see  and embody things very differently and this is fine, as we are a free will planet, one can choose what to embody. So no need to try ‘to heal’ others or trying to ‘bend them’ into your field, or to board your boat. Choice at this point is a little tricky as we have been so misguided and manipulated. Yet in the very core of our cells the original imprint (vibratory information) is still here for us to tap into and expand it. Many have already done this, and are masters in guiding us while they are taking their next step.

To assist and create in these times where we take a leap into the unknown to create what is beyond we can even imagine.

And even though the road has been rocky at times this year, I am being called to offer two different retreats:

Galactic Mount Shasta Retreat August 17~22. 2020

A six day Initiatic Starlight Journey and Sacred work. This is for the advanced soul, with certainty to lead and create. It is for us to come together as awakening leaders and activate, initiate, create as a group, ushering in, what we will be guided to do so as incarnated Starlights in bodies.

Space is limited to 11 participants. Retreat contribution $1111 You know if this is for you as you will be intensely pulled to participate. For more details, reservation and registration  email as it is still not posted on my website.

Awakening to your Creator Consciousness Within Sept. 18~20. 2020

This is Retreat is focused on deep healing, nourishing, transcending your limitations and stepping into your certainty and purpose. To fully be the magnificent  way shower, guide and healing assistant for yourself and others.  Some of you may have a spiritual healing practice, yet would like to deepen your knowledge about crystals, crystal grids, cosmic and galactic information and influence and so much more. This is a continuation of the Celebrate your Starlight Retreat that was held in spring many times. It starts on Friday evening 6pm with a circle and fire ceremony on private land, and will end Sunday at 4pm. Retreat contribution $488, limited space.

For reservation please email as it is not published on my website yet.

Solar Eclipse and Solstice Influxes

(Repost from my Instagram and FB)

You may have as a Star seed, light worker and awakening soul most likely been presented consciously with a higher frequency soul group and work, that is being integrated into your everyday life. Leaping into a higher frequency timeline that is/ will be assisting and holding you in a more whole, supportive and complimentary way on your personal ascension journey.

Over this last week and days huge influxes of waves from the depths of the cosmos have been rattling up our old imprints and negative karmic patterns and repetitions to be cleared from our cellular structure and holographic fields once and for all. Cords, implants, programs energetic attachment may have come to your awareness, as you may have been wanting to reconnect with friends, partners and people from the past in order to clear something that is outgrown to your bring now.

Trying to cling on to dismantling energy patterns is eventually going to fail. Be courageous dear hearts and go with the flow of what you higher levels are presenting. Much has been shown to us these last days and weeks. It is your choice and willingness to align with these divine codes. Don’t give up if what you know in your heart to be true has not met your path yet.

Be the example lead with Love and Authenticity

So much is bubbling up to the surface. Very much as a river gets brown and murky after a heavy rain runoff, and much gets washed out that is no longer needed, the cosmic waves have brought up all these debris and particles that are bringing distortion to the original light and essence of our true Starlight. Expect big changes in your life, as you are anchoring into that new timeline that has presented to you. Know that not everyone close to you will be able to take that leap (...right now but eventually yes). Honor their choice and stay in the purity and vibration of your new frequency and space you are able to hold. Lead by example and authenticity. Leave the door open, as a Olympic team does, to those who sincerely do their work and choose to join your team, as much as you are walking through new doors and being welcomed and celebrated by new teams that are working on a higher level and helping you expand your consciousness. All is divinely orchestrated.

Know that these waves will always only bring up as much as we willingly can handle in accordance by our higher self. That does not mean your brain is capable to understand what is going on. Be loving, patient and explain from the space of your heart to the cells in your brain that all is well and that you are aligning to new updates of your cosmic galactic nature through your magnificence if your heart Stargate. Allow the power of the brain to follow.

May you have the courage to really step it up, and transcend patterns that you have repeated for so long. Making room for this new that is presenting is a lottery win guaranteed: the universe is awaiting to bestow upon you so much love and magic by trusting that leaving this old ground into the yet unknown, is creating your new world. Ask for help. Find those who have practiced choosing spirit over matter, meditation, working with frequencies, and are knowledgeable in their fields, that you have resonate with. No-one is asked to do this alone. We are so many incarnated humans, and once you start meeting and coming together with your STARseed friends, it will create magic and catapult each other into All That We Are through the mutual love, respect and honoring we have for each other. Nourish your soul, body and essence.

Bless you for being here on earth in these times.

Celebrate, Enjoy and Trust the cosmically orchestrated  openings of your life and the entire cosmos. Always SHINE your divine magnificent STAR Light no matter what is presenting. Keep a very large perspective, stay ever so neutral and Be fully HUMAN. Know that you are not alone we are in this together.

With ever so much love and gratitude Odile


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