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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

Dancing between Worlds

Beloved Starlight and radiant Heart,

Trying to find words to describe what we are going through in this grandiose metamorphosis is like trying to explain music with words. Maybe this Hearticle is bringing forth vibrations of remembrance to feel, receive and absorb the music within your soul. The passages at hand, which have been basically the entire year so far, have been so steady in strength that we entered the first eclipse season almost unnoticed and blending in, as a new normal in ‘intensity’. The lunar eclipse at 5 degrees Sagittarius on May 26th, brought forth a beautiful aid (or in some cases may have been felt as a ‘push’ ) in changing our well ingrained ways of thinking. Five degrees in step astrology represents; ’I Think’.

We are facing a radical change and expansion through the horizons of our own limiting beliefs. A braking out of the box of Self~ Identity, to realize yet a larger picture, that is playing out in the entire cosmos.

We are heavenly supported to expand our thoughts and thus create and manifest anew. Remember by reading these lines you are part of the souls, more ready and open to receive and allow information, which is also light, to stream into your consciousness.


The recent enormous solar flares, are a reflection of higher consciousness waves from deep within the universe, flowing into the portal of our sun, activating her, and then traveling to earth as solar flares. This may have been felt by many of you. I for sure have been more tired than ever. Some of us feel the waves while they are entering the sun, well before we get the solar flares here on earth. That may be your case as well and explain certain symptoms on the physical body at given times. As we are literally transforming our body temple density into a ratio of much more light than matter, you may have been feeling your nervous system being stressed as it is trying to handle these incoming fluctuations. Maybe there was a feeling of overwhelm at times or nervousness for no given reason. Take good care of yourself dear Starlights in your earthly dwellings, aka physical bodies. No one else can do this but you.

Lot’s of loving thoughts to self. Space to Be, and Hydrate, so to help your millions of dear cells to function smoothly within the electrical upgrades they are receiving to the circuit that moves etheric energy and translates it into electrical impulses within cells. We are literally becoming more embodied light than matter. The surge of inflowing electricity (Light), travels best in light, and thus heat’s up when there is more density in a circuit. Just as the wiring in a house, by overload can cause circuit burn out, through blockages (density) = will create heat = which will burn. You may have felt the ‘burning’ in your own circuity, to open gates and portals within you. Cells work with electricity, bio-resonance is a wonderful way to help our little cells to adapt to these new frequencies that are not only transforming our light bodies, yet bringing in a brand new way of Human Being into existence, as we are reactivating and recreating all the strands of DNA and beyond. A few days ago we have shifted from the ‘lunar eclipse energetic field’ into the ascending solar eclipse energies, that will be on June 10/ 11th (depending where you are) in Gemini. The deep currents of terminal changes that come with eclipses are palpable. We are bringing in the NEW. Fully knowing that the universe does the pruning of what stays and what needs to go. All is divinely shifting to create a solid unwavering base for the years to come.


Our beloved Mother Earth is a being, a consciousness herself. In my meditations the most beautiful visuals are presenting of how she has been absorbing these new frequency waves, this liquid food of consciousness into her core. As her core embodies these new vast fields, Mother Earth sends them forth and throughout her entire being, her earth surface, as glowing pillars of golden moving light into the cosmos. There are thousands and thousands of most beautiful awakening Starlights (YOU!) in every part of the world, that are willingly and lovingly opening their hearts in purity and letting this Golden Living Light flow through. It is a dance of solid pillars; Mother Earth (vortexes, mountains, lakes, trees, etc.) and the moving pillars; You.

This change is unstoppable. We, the carrier of Light and Truth are everywhere. It is such a deep touching amazing sight!!


Allowing everyone to be where they are is sweet nectar and peace for your own heart. Us, the ones who chose to walk towards embodying purity and truth, are metaphorically walking one way. At times we may have the feeling that some other dear earthly co habitats (metaphorically speaking) are walking the other direction. That may be judged on our side by their choices of 'food, actions, thoughts, vaccine' and so forth.

Do you see that we as well have been on that side of the road? Imagine this 'other side of the road' goes deeper into fear, control and giving your power away to others, is ultimately a dead-end street.

If you have loved ones going deeper into ‘darkness’, do you see how divinely they are getting closer to the turnaround point? It may be 2 more miles, or a few years or even or a few lifetimes. We have been there to!! We as well walked to the dead~end before choosing to turn around. Being in divine neutrality, compassion and understanding that we as well have been there, and in many ways we are far from being ascended, will add to our mastery of self. Knowing that force feeding does not work as much as trying to push the river. Then we as well have much to learn on so many levels.

The question I am asking is more:

Through millennia’s we had the possibility to ascend and be as the ‘Ascended Masters’, Serapis Bey, Saint Germaine, Quan Yin, to name a few, and for some reason you and I have not chosen to do so, so far. Why? This is a very good question to ponder one self. Therefore, no judgment on others where there are at! Especially when our own capacity of realizing the whole is at its birthing stages.

Keeping the focus on self is key.

Imagine we become an ascended master in this very moment, we will be more help than anything else we could do in the whole world. By truly transcending everything, a liberation arises, as the denser forces will have no more hold on you in any shape or from.


You may start noticing that by meeting people or engaging with people all there really presents, is a vast field of different vibrations and consciousness. Little by little, and for others already so much more, the ‘outer circumstances’ are becoming insignificant, vague and moving to the background and almost nonexistence. Much more do the inner vibrations, purity, spirit and radiation fill the space with its Essence alone. Meaning, if the person in front of you is small or tall, poor or with a lot of possessions, known or unseen, or maybe was a famous king in a past lifetime or a priest/priestess in a temple, has suddenly little importance.

What is presenting is what counts. How is this particular consciousness, this being, with everything it has ever been and experienced, presenting her/his field at this given moment?


Just as a 'number one' tennis player or musician is not staying at the ‘top’ forever, as much do the things we achieved in the past not mean much for the present moment. Nor will a title, money or position bring you truly somewhere. Some wonderful questions to ask oneself: What is purity?

How can I grow and enhance purity within me?

What is the vibrational field that holds purity?

One can only get purer through purity alone. Meaning in order to enhance our inner heart flame, the outer systems put in place on this earth at this moment, to do things by getting more attention, titles, control, ego etc. will not work.

Through embodying more and more purity the highest vibration of the essence known as LOVE has a place to be and reside. Love as the unifying, all encompassing all including force of harmony and divine balance.

Love will never hurt, nor can be taken away. As it is NOT defined by anything on the outside.

You will see that in the very near future true Purity and Love will lead the way. It will be the new sexy, so attractive over anything else. People’s intention will be as visible as cloth on their bodies.

The brilliance is that nor Purity nor Love can be bought, cheated or acquired by fear, insecurities, greed or control. It is truly the universe holding each one accountable for our inner most thoughts and actions, and offering everyone equally to embody the greatest gift of all: Love and Purity. Nothing on the ‘outside’, no money, objects, nor partners and titles will bring you that which you can only find by merging and unifying your own hearts treasures with self. Leaving no gap and being that Love and Purity.

As always only take what resonates. For some this may be boring, for others miles over their ability to understand and for others it presents in resonance.

May your month be truly Blessed.

With ever so much love and gratitude, for your presence here on Earth and everywhere.



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