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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

Cosmic Rebirth

Beloved Starlight and radiant Heart,

No matter where you are on your river of life, I am sure you are feeling these in pouring waves, currents as we have not experienced before. They seem to come from everywhere, and they are pulsing from the depth of the cosmos. There is intensity, pushing for new insights, in unknown ways. We are asked to unlock these codes, that are presenting in non linear directions. Since most of us have been trained to ‘linear’ events, these incoming streams of high vibrations, of multiple directions may feel disorienting at first.

The only locksmith to your personal door is: YOU.

2020 was a year when we were, besides being put on notice, highly suggested to look at certain things in our life, to finally make necessary adjustments, align our course in direction or change it completely.

For many that was being confronted with surfacing feelings of what to do with one self when you can’t just ‘run a way’ and be busy at work. It gave the whole world, by staying home the great eye opener to see if the environment of your residing, your home and family is actually up to date with the vibrations of your soul and hearts desires. For those who had done such work and looked at a lot of it for years at hand, 2020 was actually a beautiful refreshing year. It felt as a reward and celebration of the work achieved.

Now 2021 brings on a very different tone for everyone: the time to look at and contemplate our upcoming rapids in our own journeys has expired. There is just so long one can ‘eddy out’ from the currents and avoid our next move. The water levels (in pouring cosmic waves) are surging and you are being pushed down these narrows ready or not, willingly or not.

Than means each one of us is facing what we did not want to deal with.

It is time to bring to surface our unconscious psyche, this enormous iceberg running our lives from the scenes experienced and accumulated life times ago.

That for sure can be very terrifying, especially if we have avoided looking certain things in the eye, and/or quite fun and exciting, that is if you have done laps on such rapids and have embodied a certain level of inner stability and certainty when everything goes in every direction on the outside.

We are looking at our own timeline warps, distortions, bringing forth karmic debris from as old as Lemuria and certainly Atlantis to be healed and integrated.

The time is NOW

Divine appointments by the universe are bringing beautiful encounter and situations with souls that are very close to our own original life path to bring up such deep hidden memories, as a loving help to finally once and for all transcend them and liberate our self by letting the light into the wholeness of our multidimensional beingness.

That may be co creations in new unprecedented ways. Being seen as the light and magnificent being that you are, maybe for the very first time.

Some of us may have appointments with pain (physically or/and emotionally, mentally or in your heart) that is also coming as a friend. Pain is a most loyal friend that will stay with you until you are ready to be ‘with what is’. It is so loyal that it won’t give up, or let you down until one sits down and really looks at the underlying information that is here to present itself.

However these appointments show up, it is the universe saying “I love you so much, and I am making sure you do not forget of why you came this time around, so that you can realize the extraordinary being that you are”.

Higher Voltage

We are bringing froth much higher vibratory alignment in our relationships (from intimate relationships, friends and work to the divine and self). For those of you reading such an Hearticle, know that you are amongst the forerunners of anchoring in and stabilizing these new frequencies. There always have been forerunners through all times, and some of you may have most likely be part of holding these vibrations for a long time.

That does not mean we are perfect and have nothing to look at personally. As a teacher may lead the kids safely through their school year, he or she may as well deal with many personal things. So here we are beloved Starlights, doing a magnificent job of showing up, riding these rapids and holding space for self and others.

"If you are irritated by every rub, how will you ever be polished?"


Rapids can be so much fun, and on this note everything can be so much fun. Look at surfers that practice catching these waves, and basically waiting for big swells to come in. The universe is sending us such swells and will continue to do so in this pivotal moment in time. For those that were willing to practice, which really means showing up when things surface in your life, being present with it and doing the best we can in the given moment.

Each one of us has strength in certain areas more so than others. Some may have an easy time to keep a healthy body but may lack in communicating their most inner feelings, others may be artistic but have a hard time making money, other are unable to use their body but have great memory and so on.

What comes to us easily we have mastered before. Now is the time to catch up with the aspect of us that we have a little harder time to be in balance and bring them to forefront. That may be receiving love and help, especially for the healer and helper type of folks…yes that may be you.

Rapids are such a great metaphor of our lives journey. Each one of us has some smaller and bigger ones waiting to be passed. As the cosmic waves are and will continue to increase in intensity, you may as well become more aware and enjoying these rides that would feel as a roller coaster to most.

I for once can not express how much I enjoy being on the river with experienced guides who are willing to share their knowledge and those participants willing to learn. It is one thing to just be taken by the currents, hit rocks and be out of control and another to paddle as a team, each willing to learn, facing our own fears and limits and most of all enjoying the ride.

It is truly the teamwork, support, willingness and openness that makes all the difference. More you practice more it becomes easy, mastery and fun presents.

Floating as a passenger is one thing, trying to be in the drivers seat another. I am far from mastery on rivers. I am humbled each time, to see how fast some white water and rapid water flow can make me nervous and even loosing the capacity to think of how to command a boat or my paddle!

At this time in evolution, we are asked more than ever to take the drivers seat in our own life.

Practicing of becoming more trusting, relaxed and graceful while facing rapids, will help with being present and showing up when rapids approach in our own life. Remember to choose your people in your boat wisely. It makes all the difference.

Our 'inside hidden mechanism of avoiding us to show up' is interesting. You may have noticed that when you know that you have to face something you are dreading, millions of other random things suddenly have priority: as doing laundry, cleaning the house, going to the gym, working in the garden or checking the oil in the car. As we advance more in our awakening, these tricks become harder to see. You may want to read a spiritual article or listen to some high vibe music instead of facing something right in front of you.

Cultivating Awareness in all levels of You

What I am calling ‘running laps on rapids’ is by inviting to see what we don’t want to see. It is here regardless. It is way easier to be with it by our choice then by facing it in a tsunami wave. The intensity will continue to rise over the next years (2027) and the gap of how much we can be willingly doing it verses being flushed through by the universal waves is becoming smaller.

Our physical body temples are intuitive, all knowing beings. Bringing too much high voltage through at once can burn the circuits. Be patient and loving. Ask your body for guidance of what it need to flourish in unison with all the multidimensional aspects of you.

While we are stabilizing the next level of energy vibration we can hold, symptoms may surface along the way. Most of you are very familiar with this as we have had these 'ascension symptoms' for a very long time.

Do not be surprised if you are feeling exhausted, very tired, dizzy, feeling that the earth is moving under year feet as a gentle giant boat, high pitch tones and ringing in your ears, or if you are awakened at nigh time. No judgment here, even in the presence of pain.

A few helpful reminders:

Spend time with your ‘whole self’.


Ground and stay in your center.

Clear/complete yourself from any collective energies, or family, (can be mom, dad, sister, brothers) karmic and other dynamics.

Be in complete neutrality, compassion and fill yourself up with your own light.

Feed your brain and consciousness happy and good thoughts, this is a choice. If your brain runs around like a toddles (that happens) be compassionate and help it as you would a little kid.

Hydrate. Water holds memory. You can prepare your water with different devices that enhance its vibration.

Eat clean food and move your body. Be in nature.

Walk barefoot on earth.

And be amazed at the little things that mother earth growths: from trees, to bees, and even what you may call an unwanted herb...

We are literally flying through this experience we are calling time, entering what is yet to be created, (for what we have known we have outgrown) from the space outside of time we are already it. Many of us are visitors from future timelines holding space for all.

It is an honor and privilege to be incarnated at this time.

May your month be Blessed. With ever so much love and gratitude, for your presence here on earth and for being a starsister and starbrother.


Upcoming in person Mount Shasta Retreats ~ Reserve the dates

As for the last many months my life is much faster than what is reflected on the internet. Here are dates for some retreats that are happening. The website will eventually reflect this information. Thank you for your patience. You can always contact me at for updated details.

Encuentros de Luz ~Mount Shasta June 11,12,13 2021 This retreat is held in Spanish only! Co-creation with Mariela Alfaro. Energy exchange $711. Space is Limited. Details Listed on website.

Celebrate your Starlight in Solstice Magic

June 19. 10:30am until June 20. 3pm 2021 Energy Exchange $288 Small group only. Reserve early. A Summer Solstice mini Retreat held at the Galactic Sanctuary on 13 acres, with crystal grids, Intuitive messages, guided meditation and work with the singing crystal bowls. Sitting in the Starelder Stone circle with other Starlight participants. Afternoon Fieldwork by visiting vortexes and power places. Evening Ceremony in the medicine circle during this powerful times. Includes organic dinner on Saturday night.

Galactic Mount Shasta Retreat August 25-28 2021 Energy Exchange $777 Embodiment of your whole cosmic self and field work. After great success last year we are going for a deepening. Starts Wednesday Aug. 25 at 5pm until Saturday late evening. Crystal grids, channeled and intuitively guided meditations. Singing Crystal Bowl Immersion. Wisdom circle in the Starelder Stone circle. Ceremony in the medicine circle. Field work by visiting vortexes and power places. Space is Limited.

Starlight Journey to ancient Egypt September 30 - October 12. 2021

We are going to Egypt! If interested please email Odile as this retreat is only for very flexible Starlights that are being called to participate, in these pivotal times. Details listed on website.


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