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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

Codes from the Stars

Beloved Starlights and radiant Hearts,

It is with great joy that I am finally writing to all of you. Time has flown by, the energies have increased tremendously and will continue to do so. 2022 is showing us, at times comfortable and sometimes in not so comfortable ways, how to stretch into higher octaves of consciousness and love, perfectly assisted through the many influxes coming from the sun and mostly from beyond the sun.

We are being asked to enhance the glow of our inner sun: our Heart Stargate.Our crystal clear ‘spring’ of infinite, most neutral divine ‘love to Self’ and the entire universe.

Let's remember the big picture: our sacred journey is unfolding the way it is, for choices we have made between death and birth and during the many lifetimes before, on earth and other places. Thus we are coming back to find treasures we have hidden for us to find again and continue some specific projects that are so dear to our soul in the calibration of these times.

This Hearticle is presenting it self a little bit different as I am recounting my very personal recent journey to Egypt. Some of you may have read this on FB or IG, working online was not possible until now to create this Hearticle.

I am giving my inner space priority over anything else. I am deep in the remembering and gathering of all existences that are flowing into this current time.

The masters of light and the advanced beings hold in their fields many frequencies and information, that are not directly visible, nevertheless very present, as we can notice the depth of wisdom and mysteries that reside outside of time, embedded within them.

In our own evolution we receive these codes, keys and sacred knowledge, when the right times comes, then they reveal themselves to each one of us. As by spiritual law, these inner seeds are patiently waiting to emerge once we reach an overall maturity to safely hold these forces that come with it.

By stabilizing our emotions and choice of vibrations we allow to flow through us, we are becoming a more permanent conscious holder of such frequencies.

We are doing the steps of ‘pre~ascended’ masters and are eventually ascending to the state of embodying and becoming the ascended master that we are and always have been.

An incredible true Story

May this recount be an inspiration and also acknowledgment for your own path and individualization of your unique journey to awakening. I am only sharing ‘the surface’ of my experiences, so much has been revealed and sealed into my consciousness to sacred to share.

A little bit over two months ago, on March 20. 2022 precisely on Spring Equinox my little sister and I entered the great pyramid of Giza, all alone.

My life took a profound turn when ‘Egypt’ called me to a surprise Starlight Journey on my own:

“Odile I have the great pyramid of Giza just for you alone in the evening of spring equinox March 20.2022.”

I was almost unable to take in what I just had heard. Like a lightning bolt it electrified my entire being, and it’s thunder rattled my entire world.

I could hear these words echoing in my head over and over again: The great pyramid of Giza all to myself on spring equinox???

Who I am (my essence/soul) to receive this?

If only I could fully remember…

I went into shock.

I had canceled to the disappointment of so many 3 entire booked Starlight Journeys to ancient Egypt, over the last two years, because of the worldly situation. I knew that I had to be there on March 22.2022 and yet my entire being could not say yes to lead a group.

What I had not come to understand is that this was the time for me to go by myself.

This invitation has propelled me into a much deeper search to even more so understand who I am as a soul.

Then such a grandiose gift from the universe is only presented to match who you are.

So who could I possibly be?

And how come I have such little recollection of it?

Who is this consciousness that inhabits this body temple of mine, this ‘me’?

Who is this person I spend all day and night with?

To make my not remembering even worse, the very, very, few people (only 4) I shared about my upcoming most sacred soul journey were not surprised at all and to the contrary found it kind of absolutely normal, if such a thing would present to someone, then of corse me.

Left with that burning question the outside world has become a little less important. Deeply shaken with the question of who that being is inhabiting this body temple of mine, I boarded a plane.

The only person in the world I offered to join, is my beloved sister. We have been sisters many many times and we work hand in hand from the same place of purity and love for the planet and all.

It is with her that we entered that magnificent pyramid know as the great Pyramid of Cheops one hour before sunset on Spring Equinox 2022.

We had walked and visited the Giza plateau the day before that was buzzing with so many people, and now we stood in the open and empty plateau taking a ‘Group Photo’, (thinking of 2019 when we took a group photo of our Starlight journey group before entering that same pyramid for private time).

“Today it is only us and the street dogs barking and howling in the chilly wind.

Our time to enter had come.”


On the climb up we stopped for a very short hello and visit in the queens chamber by hunching through the inconveniently low height tunnel. I told my sister that we could come back here afterwards and she just replied: there will be no time. And she knew what I did not know, that we would stay the entire time in the Kings Chamber.

We continued climbing up through the great hallway leading to this so unique place in much anticipation.

A familiar yet so unique feeling washed over me as we finally ‘arrived’.

The guard switched off the light and left us alone.

We both toned. My sisters singing was out of this world. Her voice filled the kings chamber and entire cosmos.

I settled into the sarcophagus feeling more soft as the most comfortable bed ~ time ceased to exist.

A deep focus overcame my being, an absolutely non ~ personal state with so much love and dedication for humanity. There was not one though or moment that had to do with ‘me’.

I traveled far, and did leave time and space a few times.

I am so grateful as my amazing ‘little’ sister was fully aware of my leaving and continued to hold and anchor the space alone.

Everything became gold and it was pouring out into the entire world from each side, corner top and bottom of the pyramid. There were grand beings present, dimensions shifted, we had left time ~ impossible to say and to sacred to recount ~ until suddenly the guard came and said we had 5 minutes to exit!


Hunched over we ran down the the last part of the steep ramp and finally walked out thought the exit tunnel. Coming closer to the entrance I started seeing the lights above Cairo, and upon stepping onto the fresh evening air I noticed that a gentle rain was washing over this large city.

There had been no rain in the forecast.

We never thought, prayed or asked for it.

Yet I knew if we did our work it would start to rain.

Our driver looked at us with eyes filled of gratitude and love and I was quite moved when he said “thank you for such beautiful work”.

We felt how special his statement was. He has seen many groups enter this place, and he has seen many groups come out of it. All he said that ‘tonight was very rare”.

Feeling the sincerity in his words was adding to the beauty of the gentle falling rain and the overall state we were in.

We were mostly quiet on the short drive home. Everyone in the mini van was somehow transcended, even the guy who works for the place of antiquity who makes sure our paperwork was in place to enter this iconic temple, from our personal helper to the pyramid guard that to my surprise came back to town with us, had been transported to an other place.

We both wondered afterwards who this pyramid guard really was, he was so very different, kind of non human in soft and beautiful energy, and he left our bus into the gentle rain into the hustle and muzzle of Giza.

My sister and I were still deeply dwelling in the portal of timeless space and other dimensions and realities.

I could not wait to just go back where I just had been. Knowing that the pyramid will be completely empty in two hours I hopped into bed said goodnight to my beloved sister and off I went…

In the morning as we awoke to sounds of horses and camels passing by our ‘home’, I knew that I had been gone further than space yet again.I knew that I had gone back to that same place.

I do know when I sleep and I have an awareness of space when I sleep. But this was not sleep. My dear sister even in nighttime commented that I had left again and was gone major parts of the night, just as I did as we were in the kings chamber, and she to continued to hold space and do the work.


Being back home in Mount Shasta is pretty surreal. Upon my last return we had a whole group of amazing Starlight to connect, exchange and talk to.

This time I can share part of the journey with my sister, yet the majority is experienced as galaxies within my heart space.

So much expansion, as I am spanning the timelessness through the short window of physical embodiment, by traveling outside of time and space to profoundly affect time and space here on earth.

Feeling infinitely grateful.

Thank You for all that you do beloved Starlights.

No matter how little you may think of your self or your work, know that it is quite the contrary! You are amazing. It is impossible otherwise for you to read these lines. We are of the same tribe and we all do our part. We are Pillars of light and truth in a time of great changes. We are the gardeners and cultivators of Light.

Keep shining then your light is being seen from far beyond the earth. Our earthly experience can feel lonely and hard at times. Connect with nature, animals and the cosmos as they are always seeing the truth that is in you and reflecting it back to you, offering us a place of harmony and love.

You are LOVE and so very LOVED and this is what matters most.

In deep Deep gratitude and love to the great beings who conduct these times and You,



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