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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

Celebrate your Starlight

Beloved Starlight and radiant Heart,

March is already here! Bringing us closer to the equilibrium of day and night, the spring equinox. Balancing our inner and outer expressions of self. Much has moved and is continuing  to move within our beings, as we are adjusting to these continuous accelerated pulses of the universe, preparing us for rather bigger changes, so far presenting themselves as important astrological alignments of 2020.

Imagine that we decide to climb Mount Everest next year. Each one of us would start to prepare and train, so that by the time we are setting foot on our epic journey we are as ready as we possibly can. 2019 is that year of preparation. Month by month we are bringing adjustments to where it is needed. Are you feeling the stirring in the very depth of your own soul? Are you noticing, a new questioning and viewing of the world, rising into your awareness?

A way to Enlightenment

Have you had intense dreams lately? Bringing up forgotten things of  your life to the shores of your awareness? These pulsing waves are bringing forth intensity, felt in certain aspects of our life experiences.

We can look at ‘intensity’ as a divine master sent to lighten up ‘density’ in our bodies, emotions and thought forms.

We are noticing it entering places where we are ready, consciously or not, to shake up our ingrained patterns, ideas and repetitive cycles.

Enlightenment is bringing our Star~Light consciously back to the places within us, where we have not been present; places  we have shut down, stopped shining our light, or made our self smaller.

Regardless of what others say, you can decide to embody all that you are. Shine your light even in the presence and circumstances of those who may not get you their approval, or see our brightest light and gifts.

Shining your Light

Look up into the night sky into infinity, into these brilliant lights: This is us. We are part of something so magnificent ~ how could we ever be random? When millions of stars shine together, and millions of crystalline snowflakes reflect their beauty ~ you are asked to SHINE your Light, and be part of that cosmic symphony. Our night skies are so magnificent because these Stars are shining. Let nothing in your life dim your StarLight not even for one second. What would our evening sky look like, if these starry friends would be wavering their unique eminence? SHINE because from an other place in the universe you are looked at as one of these stars!!! And you make a difference.

This  light, this truth is present at all times. It does not need anything in life to be ‘better or different’ for you to access it. You don’t need anything from the outside. No class, no degree, no anything. Only your willingness and openness to go deeper.

Which means you could be poor or rich, healthy or ill, and just the way you are right now and have the same availability to access and be this truth at all time.

Isn't that amazing? Non of these outer circumstances are defying our ‘spiritual advancement’. They are merely here as gift from the universe to bring us home into our hearts,  through certain experiences, which are different for everyone. It could be that someone in spite of a grave illness is finding the brightest light, peace and love within or that a very famous person is being pushed to look deeper to who they really are by the isolation and loneliness fame is bringing.

Do not be tricked how these steps to enlightenment present. They can be disguised in many ways. When you are becoming free to embrace every circumstance in neutrality, the judgment of needing to be someone or become something falls away by the inner experience of love and truth that is unwaveringly present. How many times have you had an unpleasant experience, which revealed itself later as an enormous gift?

The universe is loving you

As we are becoming more en-Light-ened, allowing the loving waves of the universe to flow through you, so many new doors start opening. Maybe you suddenly would like to meet new people? Or expand your knowledge? Learn a new language or healing modality? Play an instrument? Or may be you are called to travel to a far away land? Or hike to a waterfall near by?

Land, mountains, lakes and sacred places are holding ancient codes and specific vibrations for us to receive and some to unlock and activate, when we are ready. We all do it. It is  the way we are made. Some of us just do it more consciously. Meaning we are aware to some degree what is happening.

One of my very favorite things this lifetime is to hold sacred space for us to gather and come together as equals, each one with her or his unique gifts and expressions.

Not because we need anything from the outside, yet just because it is so fulfilling, heart opening, life changing and nourishing to our being beyond what words could say.

Remember you are all there is. It is beautifully said in this quote from the Ashtavakra Gita 15.11

Let the waves of the universe rise and fall as the will. You have nothing to gain or lose. You are the ocean.

Mount Shasta Celebrate your Starlight Retreat

I am very excited as we are holding our 4th,  Celebrate your Starlight Retreat in the powerful energy of Mount Shasta this June 7-9 2019. It is promised to be amazing. We are having Ha-Ru-Ko blue Starchild serenade us with her gifted Native American flute playing, adding to the healing melodies of the crystal singing bowls in our sound healings.

Safe your space and Sign up now Early Bird ends March 15th 2019 Read more click here.

A sacred Starlight Journey through ancient Egypt And for those that always wanted to make a journey to the land of the pyramids and pharaohs, I still can’t believe it, we are going to Egypt! Join us for a pilgrimage of a life time: A sacred Starlight Journey through ancient Egypt October 18-29 2019. See the giza plateau and sphinx, Saqqara, the Nile temples,  sphinx and a 2 hour private visit in the kings chamber in the great pyramid for our group only! Space is limited to 15-20 participants. We already have sign ups so:

Reserve your place now. Early Bird sale ends April 15th 2019

Thank you for being here. Celebrate, Enjoy and Trust the cosmically orchestrated  openings of your life and the entire cosmos. Always SHINE your divine magnificent STAR Light no matter what is presenting. Keep a very large perspective, stay ever so neutral and Be fully HUMAN. Have a Blessed most transformative month fellow earth travelers.

With ever so much love and gratitude Odile


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