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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

2020 ~ Offering a brand new way of Being

Beloved Starlight and radiant Heart,

Welcome to the new opportunities, in depth clarity  and expansions this brand new year of 2020 is presenting to all of us, beautiful Starlight Beings.

Thank you for choosing Earth as your main dwelling place. Let yourself leap into a new height of incredible fulfilling loving experiences and new way of living.

This is a big year of earth remodeling, from the collective, to the earth magnetics, gridlines and meridians. Restoring balance and bringing forth new levels of multidimensional templates/ openings  for the christed consciousness.

If you feel that you have not fully arrived into this new year as of yet, know that all is well. Our boats are being rocked in a good way, to make sure everyone is alert and awake. We have been nothing short of actions as we are in the midst of a culmination of energies, amplifying since solstice, over the HOLY~ days and the solar eclipse (that occurred on December 25/26. 2019 in Capricorn), peaking on this lunar eclipse in cancer on January 10. and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction on January 11/12.

Setting the tone to deeply reconsider how we invest our power, actions and intentions. Letting us gain deeper clarity and understanding. What may be perceived as stormy weather, is a necessary adjustment for letting go  "the dead branches" as they can not hold up to these intensities. It is divine help to make sure we are grounded and strong, healthy and balanced. Thus, however you experience this birthing into 2020, know that you are held with so much love, support and care. You are being shown which areas need more attention and adjustments.

You are needed in all your power and capacity to play an awakened role here on this planet earth, right now.


This new years night I had a very powerful experience in dream time, a dream that is not a dream, or how I call it;  that is more real then daily  life. I was shown how we are going through a Galactic Reset as a whole planetary consciousness. It is a Reset in support of this growing unity consciousness, the arising of divine love, a gift  by our galactic friends. Something so new  and exciting is presenting that all the tools and ways of being are, in some ways, of little help.

2020 is bringing us a lot of new potential and opportunities, a widening of horizons.

It is up to each one of us to choose how we are going to use this. Just because there is a big potential does not mean we will live up to it.

Those of us who decide to tap into the art of fully trusting that newness, which presents as unknown, (otherwise it would not be New) ~ will be rewarded in ways we have not experienced before.

Let your inner TRUST be  the clarity,  that guides  you step by step, to emerge into larger horizons, dimensions  and new ways of thinking, perceiving and being you ever had.


The Newness presenting, requires us to let go all that we know, and to navigate on inner guidance,  trust and ability to connect with our Starlight source energy. It is what many of us have been preparing for.

However it is of little importance of ’how long you have been on your path or not'.

What really matters  is  the level of vibration you embody, your willingness to align and collaborate with source energy, and the purity of your heart and actions you allow to flow through you.

It is an accumulation of all that you have done, and at times undone in previous life times.

There will be many new awakenings and realizations over the coming year, for all of us. Seeing things for what they truly are; the light, the dark and the distortions. Taking responsibility of where we have miss managed our power and creativity, and reshaping our life.


Who's  most inner voice are you daily listening to and letting yourself being guided by? Not that one answer is better than the other, it will just give you clarity. There is no way of ‘cheating’ this answer. That is called denial to your truest self.

Asking yourself following questions, may aid you to see where you are  in your souls evolution. It may give you new clarity of how to create and what to shift or look at.

Of course we are always led by source energy. The universe has our back no matter what.

Yet our free will lets us choose, to a certain extend for a certain time, what we want to be, do, express and experience. So right at this moment you may ask your self:

Who’s most inner voice I am listening to, and letting myself being guided by? Which voice is truly leading my life? If I listen very carefully to this guidance;

Is it coming from source energy, higher self, god?

Is it coming from a deep fear of surviving, existing and being accepted?

Is it coming form a very deep lack of feeling loved?

Is it coming from anything that wants to proof to the world that I am something?

This sacred awakening process that eventually leads us to consciously be ‘god consciousness’ or ‘unity consciousness’ and be free from any earthly fears and entanglements, it is what makes us come and be here on earth again and again.

It is a love process, to source energy, to our self, to the earth.

Letting your self be guided  by that infinite, strongest current that exists :

DIVINE LOVE in WHAT ever form it appears, will free you forever.

UNITING:  January 11th & 21th

I would like to share this information my dear friend Teri Eaton received from her guidance. She is a high level being and amazing Starlight in a body, who also came with us to Egypt, and shared the following with me:

Teri: "We are being asked by earth to help her rise her vibration, her harmonics. Your beliefs are limiting what you see. The earth want to be seen and acknowledged as a living being. She asks us to unite in purpose with this in mind, most specifically  on January 11th and 21st. Please heed her call."

For those of you going deeper into this the specific locations are:

Teri: "The first shift will occur at Uluru, Australia on January 11th (USA) January 12th in Australia. The second shift will be in Antarctica on January 21st (USA) January 22nd in Antarctica."

Listen to your inner guidance. We are such powerful essences. Thank you for tuning in and partaking with your ways and abilities.

Bringing forth all that love and brilliance that you are!

I am wishing you a most amazing year ever. May these new openings be opportunities of expanding your experiences beyond the current horizons, into spaces yet unknown to you. May you feel the tremendous support and love  the universe has for you to thrive and live a life with a heart filled and radiating with this divine love and light.

I love you and I am ever so grateful for having you be part of this amazing journey Odile

2020 Starlight Retreats:

3 Day Mount Shasta, Embody your Starlight Starlight Spring Retreat. May 29~31 2020

This will be our 5th Starlight Retreat, one of the big favorite of my life


7 Day Initiatic Starlight Mount Shasta Summer Retreat  August 17~22 2020

Limited spaces


Starlight Journey to ancient Egypt October 14~25  2020

Limited to 15-20 people only, can't wait to go back!


Offering One on One Sessions in person and over the phone, skype  or what app


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