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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

2019 Entering Waves of Love celebrating octaves of consciousness

2019 Entering Waves of Love

Celebrating Octaves of Consciousness

Beloved Starlight and radiant Heart,

Wishing you a most fulfilling new year that is promised to bring forth some good surfing as we are entering the Waves of Love 2019 holds for us. The good news is, these waves are crashing on the shores of our own hearts. Bringing us to new places we have not been before. Have you ever noticed that the most unique and beautiful shells are found the day after a big swell or storm?

Powerful Lunar Eclipse January 20. & 21. 2019

Yes, these Waves are rolling in, are you feeling it? What a great way to start the year so we can create from a deeper place of wholeness. Supported by a potent  blood moon eclipse on January 20. and 21. 2019 in Leo. For those of you who were present or read the Hearticle: The multidimensional Presence of Mountains (Available on Website in Hearticles) this eclipse will enhance the flow of energies and communication through this specific gate that was reopened with a group of people in Zürich in October 2019.

If you like, connect with the swiss Alps, all the way to the Sun, Pleiades, Orion all the way to Sirius. Be present, be a conduit and see what you get.

For those of you reading these lines before the blood moon eclipse; what a blessing to be with these powerful energies consciously. Allow it to open your heart of courage, access and transform old woulds and family habits to bring forth that what you always have been.


Depending on your 'make of personality' this life time, you may only want to surf little waves, that feel safe, and you know you will not fall of your board ~ or you like to jump in and trying to see how big of a wave you can catch, unafraid to fall of the surfboard and be tossed around by the waves. There is no right or wrong, as long as you are facing the waves and staying  present. It is for sure not a time to hide or  ignore the ocean of depth presenting.

As we are sailing or surfing these entering Waves of Love, there is no place for outdated patterns, people and situations anymore. You either choose to flow with change willingly or change will do it for you.

It is up to us, to choose if we are aligning our self to live and follow a higher calling, thus taking a leap into the unknown, leaving behind these patterns that we have been repeating, clinging on so precisely, for a new landscape and experience. We can  choose to hold our self back out of fear, trying to hide, or being indecisive, and then learn the hard way when these cycles just become unbearable to handle anymore. Lets stay in complete loving neutrality for each and everyone going through these changes, in their own ways. Can you stay present when someone else is undergoing, pain or suffering or any changes? Or do you need to be in control, and have them do what you would? Do you leave, unable to hold space and being present? What ever you answer, shows you, where you are able to meet yourself in pain, suffering and change.

Lets stay humble and grounded and be infinitely real

Talking about realness I would like to share a glimpse into my life the last few months which has been slightly different: I am more grateful than ever for the exuberant health I had over these 44 years of my journey. I had never noticed my ‘addiction’ to being healthy and feeling well. Until a  recent sort of lung infection got my attention.

I am humbled by experiencing, and still am, very low amounts of physical strength.

Situations like this are one of the best medicine to let go of control and allow the light to penetrate into parts of our life where it has been shut away.

See nothing ever comes our ways without a deeper meaning, and with the loving embrace from the universe to show us more about our truest self and authenticity. To bring us closer to our self. I would be pretending to say I am loving it, yet I am seeing the attachment, the power either side, health and non health, had over me.

We are all so very unique and different. Do you see how many things have a hold in your own life? To such a degree that you may not even know it? That could be your good looks, or bank accounts, or self worth through work and social status…

If something falls away for a while or completely, it is never a punishment, more so an act of love, because it is time for you to be closer to you!

Lots of the attachments we have (also the ones we can't or don’t want to see) are most of the time what we stuff in between the gap of our personality and the essence of our truest self.

Speaking your Truth

This 'not feeling well' journey has been allowing me to speak my truth more then ever, dive so much deeper into the human life experience, and embody my self more, skip any un-realness, no matter how spiritual advanced it may present (and there is a lot of it!) and to share more of who I am, as an evolving human being, just as every body else.

As we are aligning our self to the truth of who we are, we already know deep inside our hearts of hearts what is good for us and what is not. Sometimes we may get hit in the face with something we don’t want to hear or face, and later see that is was the greatest blessing ever. Again it is our choice to become victims or to take charge of what life really wants us to experience. All I can say for sure is no matter what appears to happen, the universe is supporting and loving you. If you feel called to support my journey with prayers or donations, I lovingly open up for support.

Mount Shasta Celebrate your Starlight Retreat

I am so excited for this years Sacred Mount Shasta Celebrate your Starlight Retreat called Waves of Love. Mount Shasta, June 7-9 2019. As always it is promised to be a deeply loving, supporting, transforming, rejuvenating and high vibrational experience. Singing Bowl Immersion, Sacred Initiation Ceremony.

Registration for early bird is now open. To read more and sign up now to reserve your spot click here.

Teleseminar Healing your inner divine Masculine

by bringing forth your divine feminine

This is a most important topic that I would like to offer as a two part Teleseminar/Workshop.

Sunday February 10th and February 24th. 2019, click here for more. I am addressing what the high vibration of LOVE really is: the glue of our entire tapestry we call universe and life. This odes not exclude intimate relationships, more so it includes everything. Regardless of gender and sexual orientation, we all have masculine and feminine energies within us. It is almost safe to say that almost nobody in the entire world has experienced being continuously held in the awakened loving presence of the divine masculine. And most likely ALL of us have experienced the wounded divine masculine in some shape or from: you may have been bullied, stepped on to, controlled or dominated, sexually abused or objectified, inappropriately touched or talked to. Every baby born in this world is born into a world where there is war and suffering. Remember we are not separate from one another. We still have differences in salary for the same job done by men and women.

One thing that very human being has, is the power over our own energies. The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. Each single person CAN change the world by fully healing the divine masculine within. Yes, imagine if we all do this, it will change the world! What we change inside will come forth on the outside. And what you have on the inside nobody can take away from you. It becomes a new way of living. Little would a new roof (metaphor for the divine feminine) be of any use if we do not have a solid structure (as a house, metaphor for the divine masculine) that holds up that new roof. One does not exist without the other.

Egypt Giza Pyramid, the Sphinx and the

Nile Temples

This is promised to be an exquisite Starlight Sacred Sites Pilgrimage to one of the worlds most amazing places. Dates are October 17-28. 2019 Place is limited to 15-20 people. With private for our group time in the great Pyramid! If you are interested you can email Odile to be notified directly when all details are put together, or check back on website.

Gratefulness for You

I am so grateful for each single one of you. For the beauty and diversity you are bringing to this planet, and my life. So that we can share these moments of creation together, and expand into something greater one person alone could not be, nor hold. For those of you that I have the privilege to know in person or by phone over the years, thank you for enriching my life with your encounter, and beautiful presence beyond of what you imagine. Thank you for your trust, generosity, support and kindness. For inspiring me to see how bountiful and absolutely stunning this earth co-living can be with Starlights as bright as all of you. And for giving me the insight and knowing that we are all heading into a great new creation of awakening Star Light beings. I am truly looking forward to meeting those of you that I haven’t met yet, and revisiting with the ones I know.

With ever so much love and gratitude Odile


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