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Beloved Starlight and most radiant Heart

A  most heartfelt welcome.
Know that it is not a coincidence that you have been guided to this place. The web is an enormous platform with millions of exploring possibilities, and you found this 'star within a galaxy'.
As we are awakening and remembering all of the glorious multidimensional beings of light that we are, so many new doors are effortlessly opening. Each single one of us is whole and complete, in our truest Essence as a Starlight.
You have many Gifts to share with the world. Many of us, through the process of incarnating into density (taking a physical form), did forget from what magnificent light and love we actually come from.
I am here as an ‘awakening Starlight in process’, finding a way through all that is presenting  just as you do. I am sharing the love and beauty I feel inside, and the immense gratitude of being incarnated on earth as well as the infinite amounts of creativity and gifts pouring through me; to bring forth the best we have in us, and to create a new world, grounded and based in truth.

We are all here as equals.

We are light meeting light, and how could one be more than the other?

We could also say we are Love meeting Love.
And most of all I am here because I can’t help it but share, just as a beautiful mountain spring spills over with crystal clear water, I am sharing my flowing Starlight, and

I am looking forward to meet yours in the river of all life.

with ever so much love


Offering spiritual Starlight Retreats, Sacred Sites Pilgrimages,  Classes, Teleseminars, Private Channeling/Healing Sessions, over the phone and in person in Mount Shasta California, Singing crystal bowls Sessions, and so much more.
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Healing and Remembering

Healing is what I refer to as coming back to the whole and complete multidimensional consciousness that we already are. Our Star Light Essence is a pure facet from source energy. We are light emanating in Love and  Light. Light is light and can not be broken or be less than Light. Read more...

Embodying your Starlight

As you are 'healing', becoming aware of your limiting believe systems and 'wounds, the gunk that has been smeared on you over lifetimes, you are beginning to rise your frequency. Read more...

Sharing your Gifts and Light with the entire World

True teachings emerges in the moment. When you have a certain mastery, you do not need notes, or repetition, a title or something to proof or remember. True teachings are emerging from the depth of your being. Read more...

Sacred Starlight Journeys & Retreats

Visiting Sacred places, and vortexes around the World. Spiritual Retreats through the Stargate of your own heart.

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