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Photo Odile Dell'Aquila

 Teleseminar and Workshop
Embodying Wholeness
Healing the inner Divine Masculine
by bringing forth your divine feminine
2 Live Calls
Sunday Feb. 10.  & Feb. 24. 2019
11am PT
90min and mp3 recording

with Odile Dell'Aquila

Testimonial about Odile's Teleseminars:

"Odile you have such an extraordinary gift. Beyond words. I listened to the Teleseminar  twice yesterday and once today. I get something new each time. You are so powerful. So much gratitude." T.M.

Photo by Odile Dell'Aquila

Healing your inner Divine Masculine by bringing forth your divine feminine

This is a most important topic that I would like to offer as  a two part Teleseminar/Workshop for the approaching Valentines Day in February where everybody talks about ‘love’. 

This is about what  the high vibration of LOVE really is:

Love never hurts.

It is the glue of our entire tapestry we call universe and life.

Love includes everything.

Love never hurts..jpg

So much is transpiring in the world. By now many have heard of the #metoo movement, the sexually taking advantage  in the name of 'healing' and spirituality like the recent uncover of John of God in Brazil. 

Regardless of gender and sexual orientation, we all have masculine and feminine energies within us.

It is probably safe  to  say that almost nobody in the entire world has experienced being continuously held in the awakened loving presence of the divine masculine.

Most likely ALL of us have experienced the wounded divine masculine in some shape or from:

by being bullied, stepped on to, controlled or dominated, sexually abused or objectified, inappropriately touched or talked to. Or the complete absence of a safe awakened divine masculine love and embrace.

Every baby born in this world is born into a world where there is war and suffering. Remember, in the energetic aspects we  are not separate from one another.

We still have differences in salary for the same job done by men and women.

There has been a focus of bringing forth the energies of the divine feminine*, hoping that the divine masculine automatically would come forth, step up and just heal itself, popping up like mushrooms after a good rain, whole and complete. *(Some have been confused by using seduction, female sexyness and the goddess movement by getting what they want, which is just another form of control and manipulation.)


How can we expect for the divine masculine to arise if it is not whole inside us in the first place?

One thing that very human being has, is the power over our own energies, and thus to fully embrace the divine Masculine and divine Feminine energies within.


Each single person  CAN  change the world by fully healing their divine masculine within.
Yes, imagine if we all do this, it will change the world! 

What we change inside will come forth on the outside.

And what you have on the inside nobody can take away from you.


It becomes a new way of living.
Little would a new roof (metaphor for the divine feminine) be of any use if we do not have a solid structure (as a house, metaphor for the divine masculine) that holds up that new roof. One does not exist without the other.
We will do that by bringing forth the caring, nurturing, non judgmental, compassionate divine feminine within. Creating a safe place to be held for wounds to be seen and healed and tears to be shed.
What is the divine masculine with in us? You can be female, you can be male, lesbian or gay or anything else, it does not matter as we all have these energies within us. You can be in 40 years of marriage, a long term relation ship, single or undecided, it is guaranteed that these inner forces are leading your way of how you live your live, weather you are aware of it or not.
Lets really go inside, and become aware where our own divine masculine is not  in its own full potential and harmonics.

By updating that part within us,  each single human will have a fully functioning divine masculine within:
That is here for you.
That shows up for you.
That supports you.
That protects you.
That is able hold you with all his gifts of strength and sensibility.
That fully sees you.

This will change something in the way wars and money is handled, in the way politics are done, is by truly healing the divine masculine within.
There is nothing to be judged. Being male nor female. There is NO judgment if you are a male this life time, this is just something the collective has been doing for a long time. You can be a women and having a out of alignment masculine within.


Sunday February 10. 2019, 11 am PT 


Sunday February 24. 2019,  11 am PT

These Teleseminars are live. They are in the moment intuitive channelings and guidance that will be precisely tailored to the Ones participating. There will be sharing of how to use energetic 'tools' and methods to truly live in your heart and your own light. There will be Q&A for each call as well. And to share your experiences, insights and wisdom as we are gathering as equals, from StarLight to StarLight.

Coming together gives us the opportunity to be together in loving support and creating such a ripple effect in your personal live as well as on a global scale.

Listen to your guidance. You will know if this is for you. There is no prerequisite, as we are not dealing with 'degrees and titles' yet with your purity of your own heart and emanation of Your divine Starlight Essence, and willingness to step forth into Your Truth. You are more powerful than you may give yourself credit for.

Lovingly Guided

Odile is a conduit and guide, in service for the shift in consciousness and birthing of the new earth.

She assists on multidimensional levels in the awakening of consciousness. She offers intuitive guidance, healing, clarity and support in a very loving and compassionate way, facilitating empowerment and embodiment of your highest potential and mastery of self, harmonizing divine alignment with source energy and your StarLight Essence journey.

She channels high vibrational light-encoded Star-Light messages, meditations and information for groups and for each single one of you. Being in her presence enhances, opens, frees up your life-stream.

Register Here

Upon registering you will receive an email within 24hours with information of how to access the live call.

We will meet over the phone on Sunday February 10. and 24. 2019 11am PT, 90min each time & mp3 recording.

will include  Q&A time, you can also send in your question ahead of time as sometimes the background noise if unmuted will not let us have a quiet conversation.

In case that you can not attend live, know time in spirit is not linear, and that you will be listening to the recording at the perfect timing for you. In spirit you will be active on the call and present in the recording. You will be able to send in your questions ahead of time.

There will be a mp3 recording after each call.

This event is by sliding scale contribution. Trust and honor Your guidance. Feel what is right for you as exchange of this Star~Light Presentation. Those who have more give for those who have less. There will be mp3 recordings of each of the three 90minute call sent to you.

To pay : Choose any amount between $55-155 or more by changing the 'Donation per Item' to the amount you would like to contribute.

You will get a confirmation and dial in instructions within 24hours of your payment.


Due to all the energy this course moves there are NO REFUNDS after purchase.

Read before Purchasing

Be prepared that these sessions will move a lot of energy on multidimensional levels. Once you set your intention to participate and sign up the energies will start moving in various ways. Expect Magic. Our Being~ness is way greater than what our mind and body represents.

Contact and Questions

For more information questions click here or email you will get an answer within 48 hours. If you do not hear back from me contact me again as I may not have received it!

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