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  • Odile Dell'Aquila

Divine Unfoldments

Beloved Starlight and radiant Heart,

What in incredible journey it has been for the last so many months! Incredible meaning, we are seeing more, have all had some deeper AHA moments on different levels and are beautifully accelerating in our awakening~ascension. I would like to extent a heartfelt welcome to all of you who have recently joined this community of incarnated Starlights, remembering our essence and being in divine purpose. Thank you so much for being here, your light makes such a difference.

These Hearticles come out on a irregular bases, most of the time it is every other month. They are also posted on my website, under Hearticles if you feel you have missed one.

High frequency waves  have been coming to earth sent from by the intent of the the deepest cosmos and being felt by all. As this higher consciousness is penetrating into every cell of our physical temple  and being, we may have the need to rest and sleep much more. Allow this to happen, by lovingly supporting the base, your body, it is how you are  staying on earth.


Our cells communicate through electric impulses. As our capacities are increased, our internal wiring is being adapted to have more ‘hot electricity’, consciousness flow through our nerves and synapses.

There needs to be a balance of how much light we are bringing into the body and how quickly we are able to integrate all these new frequencies. Your higher self knows exactly what the right amount is.

If you overeat you feel sick. If you bring in more current then your body can handle you will go into overwhelm to help you pause, have a breakdown or maybe even go crazy.

These prolonged resting times are gifts that are necessary for a healthy whole continuation of this incarnated  journey.

Bringing in these new frequencies, this christed living golden light and consciousness into our cells and DNA is accelerating our awakening in such a beautiful way.

It is also stirring up old timelines; memories, pains, angst and anger to be transcended and released. Things that were, at the time of occurrence to intense, horrible and unbearable to understand and digest, and have been held stagnant in our fields and cells ever since, and are being purged now. As we are holding more embodied~light, these higher vibrations, are giving us a broader view, neutrality and new capacity to look at, digest, dissolve and transcend these old stories and hooks once and for all.


Have you noticed of how much more you see, know and perceive lately?

With our increased sensibilities a thorough cleaning of our energy field is becoming inevitable. It is the blueprint to our physicality. Eating food that has gone bad or that our body is unable to digest will make us ill. Running energy, or taking on energy that is in disharmony with us will make us feel not right and ill.

Imagine to be a musician that has honed his/her ears to play or sing in perfect pitch. When someone comes along that sings or plays an instrument that is completely off tune, it is not the situation you would choose to have in your house and friendships repeatedly. Or if you would like to record a CD.

You are becoming more aware of your unique tones and frequencies, you are expanding your sensitivity of resonance and your bandwidth of perception. Sound is very powerful. Sound is the creation and beginning of everything.

By joining with those who we resonate deeply we create portals and ripple effects that go beyond this earth. When many resonating 'notes' in harmony come together we create a vortex, a portal and become superpower. Each of us are taking our abilities to a new level. Eventually we will all harmonize our thoughts and actions on this earth in one beautiful symphony.


Being able to feel is one of the greatest gifts. It is unique to us humans.   It is a highly underestimated power.

This is why there has been so much effort for keeping humanity in lower vibrations of fear and angst by the forces who like to be in power.

We are here to learn how to use our feelings for our greater good.

Realize that we do have a choice of which vibration (feeling) we are holding to a certain emotion. In ancient Egypt they trained feeling very low to very high frequencies within their bodies in a very short period of time. They would bring their physicality from tremendous fear, and paralyzed angst to love and inner peace. This training enabled them to gain freedom of their feelings over reacting to emotions.

For example if something terrible arises (wild fires, earthquakes, hurricanes) to still be able to transcend that fear and helping the body to stabilize in a higher frequency, by choice.


Imagine your task would be as a non incarnated high level being,  to help these earthlings, humans  to wake up. They are eating popcorn and watching Netflix, they forgot how to grow a plant and how to live in harmony with nature.  You may try to talk to their higher self, connect in their dream space, give them messages, over and over again yet you don’t get their attention. They continue to be invested in being busy, making more money, having more things, being concerned if the stockmarket drops and so forth.

What would be a way to get their attention? Shock. These fires we are experiencing on the west coast are a massive call to awakening.  

Depending on the level of how much your emotions have a hold on you, and the level you are being able to center yourself in the core of your being at all times, by choosing the feeling  you feel to a certain emotion (as they trained in the temples of Egypt) these ‘disasters’ will be taken and felt very differently.  

What seems to crumble is indeed crumbling to make room for the new, to grow so much more. It is time and it is exciting. Do not be afraid we are here in this together and the hearts of so many are opening so fast for loving support.

What we are doing as a collective is transforming an enormous paved parking lot that has been here for eons, into an amazingly beautiful lush green landscape that is in harmony with everything. Removing concrete is a loud, dusty job and requires momentum, will and force to break it up. Right now we are penetrating into our collective habits that have become dry and dead as concrete. That have become obsolete leaving no room for movement, growth and expansion.


Always remember that you are here by divine design. We all have been preparing lifetimes for this one. As the saying: “We are the ones we have been waiting for”, and we indeed are.

Your knowledge over all your different existences is immense. It is time to activate the filaments of light within you and to recreate all the double helix DNA, the library so to speak, and you will suddenly know, from the inside out. Know because it is you, and it is within you.

Thank you for being on Earth. You are adding  so much by holding light within you and penetrating through this concrete. Even if you don’t feel that you are adding something, you are. Holding light in a physicality, with a beating heart and gravity alone is a tremendous achievement.


Lot of what we came here to do was temporarily veiled and forgotten at entry point. We are being supported by so many beings most still invisible to the masses at the moment.

Many of us have vivid conversations and contact to our guides. And many of us are expanding that contact to a galactic level. Feeling this connection to these mighty helpers is like air to the body.

As the undoing of old realities is getting more intense, it is still up to you, and the capacities that you remember so far, to help you be in a calm and peaceful state. More that we listen and work with that inner guidance, aligning us to greater frequencies, we start to experience so many synchronicities and miracles.

Remember that You are never alone, never.


I am grateful to say that midst all these changes we were able to hold the Galactic Mount Shasta retreat a 6 day in person immersion. Just before all the fires started and the closure of the National Forest also closed access to the mountain, we experienced a such profound shift during the retreat, that was as strong as after the Egypt journey. I came to see that we are living temples. The tones, capacities, frequencies of a whole group in pure divine harmony and intend is powerful beyond measure.

Why I am sharing this?

For two reasons; One to remind everyone how capable we are. Yes there is work to be done, and yes there are fears and old stories to be transcended, yet it is only the 'concrete' being broken apart to create a living paradise. You can start growing new things even if only one square foot of this concrete is removed.

Put your attention and focus on what you would like to grow, and the roots of your new trees will take care of the rest. I encourage you to participate where you feel resonance. That could be online or in person, however it presents.

And secondly, these events only happen when people show up. Which means it is YOU who puts them in motion. The Galactic Retreat had many reasons not to be, with the worldwide circumstances. Yet from the fist time I mentioned it in the February Hearticle two people, Charity and Kevin told me they would come for sure, and they kept asking even in the moments when I was in doubt.

Because of their commitment following their guidance, this retreat and amazing experience outside of Egypt presented, and has put us all into tremendous growth and expansion. So see how powerful you are? The ripple effect is a wave that never stops continuing.

If something presents that you like support it by communicating and showing up. It is you that opens doors way larger then you could possibly imagine. It opens the doors of your heart by living and being held in a authentic community, to see and be seen.

Mars went into retrograde on September 9. until November 13. and is also helping us to take it a bit slower. Be every so gently with your self beloved earth angels. Thank you for being on Earth and adding so much with your divine presence.

With ever so much love and gratitude

Odile & the Starbeings

Upcoming Events:

Stay tuned as I am creating more courses, retreats and sacred journeys to Egypt 2021 and the stone circles of Scottland 2021.

Meanwhile Offering:

Sacred Mount Shasta Starlight Retreats

(private or small groups)

Intuitive, channeled, One on One Starlight Journeys (over the phone or in person)

Starlight Fire Ceremonies in  private 75ft diameter medicine circle.

Singing Crystal Bowl Healing Sessions

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