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 Spiritual Retreat

Medicine Lake ~ in the light

September   14/15   2019

Mount Shasta, CA

Embodying your Star-Light-Essence and

Becoming aware of your Extraordinary Gifts

and Beingness that You Are.

This special retreat is limited to 10 participants.

$222 per person (6 participants or less $244 per person)

with Odile Dell'Aquila

Dear Heart,  Beloved Emanating Starlight,

In the mists of all these fast moving new energetic arrangement happening I am so grateful to receive guidance to host another two day Shasta ~ Magic Sacred Medicine Lake Retreat, with camping.

Since lions gate on 8.8 everything has been moving and synchronizing itself ever so fast.
The energies and situations of people visiting the higher altitude here on the mountain have presented a lot of chaos, unclean ceremonies, not in the highest intention, mixed at times with heavy drug abuse.

I am feeling that this years trip to the far away ‘back country’ of this Shasta Vortex: Medicine lake has more significance to it then ever.

This is an invitation for 10 specific Starlights; that are feeling deeply called to participate, bringing forth and holding your unique inner light codes and clean intentions (even if unconsciously) in proper alignment with the Starlight Essence that you are, to re~balance, align, assist in these important shifts.

Bringing in very clean momentum as a group. The assistance for this shift is in the foreground not our amazingness and abilities, if that makes sense.

We will tune in and work with the planetary consciousness and structures, such as the crystalline grids and doorways, deeply listening and tuning into how our individual specific vibration is coming to aid in this process. For some of you this may more happen by just presenting in the physical, for others the exchange and influx of information of this gathering will be also noticeable through your different levels of awareness at hand.

Present will be the  group consciousness of my amazing crystal singing bowls family, and Arkansas crystals. You are welcome to bring crystals and singing bowls.

This is  a special mission, where we work as  a group, yet inviting and allowing  celebration of our earthly journey, and friendship, through laughter, inner work, good food and spiritual team work, to add a lightness and sparklyness to it. Then all of this can only be created by bringing our gifts into divine action, showing up in the physical and becoming One expression, while taking oneself not to serious.

This is a fully drug free and alcohol free event, so that we are embodied as clean and purely as we can. We are being asked to  be fully aware on every level of our expanding abilities and  sensitivities, and learning how to use them and grow with them. Lots is going to change and become more intense in the world. Holding the calmness and clarity in the storm is key.
A three day preparation with clean meals and in prayer/meditation, healthy emotional states,  before this special gathering is optional yet very recommended as it will greatly enhance your abilities of how much information you can take in more consciously.

Space is limited to 10 participants only.
Retreat Contribution*: $222 (for 6 participant or less $244)

September 14. and 15. 2019

meeting in Mount Shasta California

Saturday: Driving out to medicine lake. Stopping at specific very sacred places for ceremony, 

earth ~ star constellation  work. Visiting sacred spring. Lunch.
Late afternoon, setting up camp at medicine lake.
Evening Ceremony, at the lake shore and fire in preparation for our night travels.

Night Time: we are at higher elevation, it is getting very cold at night.

Star and Moon gazing, optional  sleeping under the stars.

Sunday: Breakfast, socializing.

Morning dream sharing circle.
Packing up and visiting more of these special places.
Closing circle by 3pm so it gives you time to travel home.

Important Note: you have to bring your OWN camping gear and all meals and snacks. Camping fee is not included. We will split campgrounds and set up one main kitchen. More on this once the group establishes.

Medicine lake is more than one hour away from Mount Shasta. There is NO lodging other than camping.

If you feel that you know someone who would deeply resonate with this work, please share.

With ever so much love

*please note: Retreat Contribution payment reserves your spot. Please be aware that there are no refunds if you are unable to come, what so ever. Signing up will set a lot in motion. Be prepared that things may come up to try to distract you or bring you of course.


“Odile’s Star~Light~Essence Retreat was captivating, personalized and souls nourishing. The meditations she offered feel truly like a wash in heavenly downpour. The accompanying beauty of Mount Shasta, added to the depth and the spirituality of the retreat with her. Odile accesses, sees and teaches from a very deep level of understanding and alchemy. I highly recommend her work and pure hearted acumen.” S.F. Los Angeles

“I had an amazing experience unlike anything before. I think I can say it was life changing. I enjoyed every part of it especially meeting you and the others.I have noticed a change in myself and also a change in how others interact with me. It was Enlightening, Empowering, Encouraging, Reality Expanding, Third eye opening, Inclusive, Supportive and Loving.” M.O. Unites States

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you and how the retreat affected me. Each person was truly amazing and kind hearted. I was so close to having canceled the trip due to life things going on. Something deep inside pushed me to go and I am so grateful that I did, and did not allow all the ‘noise’ to take over. Since the retreat, I noticed things coming to me easier. Calmness has enveloped me.Odile you are truly an amazing human being and I feel very blessed to know you and to have been part of the retreat.”  J.W. Bay Area

"Odile is truly gifted with deep connections that are all encompassing and other worldly/dimensional. Her meditations and sessions are so encouraging, loving, gentle, and pure. Starting with my first session with Odile, to her teleconferences, and her Star Light Essence Retreat, my friends have commented on a peaceful calm confident shift that they have sensed in me. 


Odile’s Star Light Essence Retreat was a truly incredible experience. Odile lead meditations inside and out in nature that were truly magical and soul connecting. It was wonderful to meet and connect with woman on the retreat that share both different and similar beliefs.

The overall experience gave me life clarity and opened my heart chakra to a degree that I have never experienced in this lifetime. During the retreat, I felt as if a waterfall of pure love was powerfully pouring over and through me. The feeling was so overwhelming and filled with such joy. Upon returning home from the retreat, I felt as if my whole life had been lovingly transformed. My own neighborhood appeared more beautiful to me than ever before as if I was wearing rose colored glasses - giving me a new lens and appreciation for my life and everything around me. My life has been more aligned with notable synchronistic happenings and coincidences occurring regularly since the retreat and working with Odile."

L. Bay Area

“Odile’s energy is the sweetest I have experienced.  She brings about the purest essence so that you feel her guided meditations like the softest and safest cocoon around you, for all to grow and bloom.”Christine from Corsica

Lovingly Guided

Odile  assists on multidimensional levels in the awakening of consciousness and in service for the occurring shift. She offers intuitive and channeled guidance, healing, clarity and support in a very loving and compassionate way, facilitating empowerment and embodiment of your highest potential and mastery of self, harmonizing divine alignment with source energy and your Essence purpose.

She has a deep love for life, music, art and singing crystal bowls. You can experience her offerings and gifts through private sessions, retreats, teleseminars, starlight encoded channeled messages and channeled paintings ~ and so much more in the works.
Being in her presence enhances, opens and frees up your life-stream.



The retreat fee does NOT INCLUDE; meals, lodging and  travel. Please READ Terms and Conditions before purchasing. There are no refunds due to the high energy this retreat moves.

As soon as you decide to join, things will start to shift and move on different levels in your life.

Important Note: Price is $222 (and $7 PayPal fee) for 7-10 participants. If we are 6 or less participants Retreat fee will be $244 (plus $7 PayPal fee)

September 14 &15 2019

Medicine Lake ~ in the Light Retreat

Terms and conditions: Due to all the energy this retreat moves there are NO REFUNDS.

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All Retreats are held under special use permit with Shasta-Trinity Forest and operate on an all-inclusive basis.

(Permit in process with forest service)