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Odile Dell'Aquila Personal Guidance & Support for your Awakening

Odile Dell'Aquila


Mount Shasta, CA


Mount Shasta is a special place. It is mesmerizing, impressive, mystic, intense, stunning, cold and icy in winter, hot and dry during the summer and just wonderful in between ~ you name it, and you most likely will find it here.

People from all over the world are drawn to visit the slopes, valleys and surroundings of this majestic volcano.


Personal Guidance and Assistance


I am offering personal assistance and guidance to deepen and  enrich  your personal journey, while spending time in the presence of this majestic friend  called Shasta.

Whether you plan to stay a day or a week, alone or in a group, whether your intention is to go deep within, a retreat, or maybe it is just the pure calling in your heart that brings you here, or a random 'insignificant coincidence'.

Odile's assistance is available as private one-on- one, groups and sacred retreats. As well as over the phone or skype to reach you anywhere in the world.




Experience a  Personal Empowering awakening, aligning, healing and integrating Alchemy Private Session with Odile in Mount Shasta


Come and gift yourself the experience to rediscover so much more of all that you are. Odile offers deep unique intuitive guidance, clarity and support in a very loving, compassionate way, to bring understanding and harmony to any and all situations in your life.

She assiststs on multidimensional levels, to awaken you higher states of consciousness, and integrate of all that you are. To empower you to fully step into your Highest Potential and Self-Mastery.



Let yourself expand from a life that you have known to be a  certain way to a new level of awareness, consciousness  and vibrancy of existence.



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