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Sacred Fire Ceremonies

This Hearticle is to give you inspirations, insights and ideas of how to create your own fire ceremony.


Know that there is no right or wrong way to do this. Most importantly follow your guidance, use what inspires you and leave the rest.

It has much more to do with the sincerity of your being then anything else.


There are only traditions. And sometimes people use traditions as crutches, and are very judgmental and protective of believing or projecting it may only work if you do this in a certain way. This is what we call limitations. Always follow your wisdom and guidance. Yes we all have done these ceremonies most likely many times in passed life times. Now we are in 2018, update accordingly.


Fire Ceremonies are a wonderful way to access and move energy. I used to hold them for years every month, as offering to the community of  where I lived. It is a wonderful tool to bring awareness, healing (alignment within yourself) and celebration and honoring to you and the land.


My favorite place is  to hold a fire ceremony in nature.

You can have them in your back yard, or patio, inside using your fire place and if non of the above is possible, you can create a micro fire in a small metal bowl in your kitchen sink with toothpicks. Or maybe there is a park or campground in proximity where you live with pick nick or BBQ areas, which can serve as a great place in a city.


All you need is some dry wood (could be branches) and maybe a little paper and smaller wood to start the fire.

Center Yourself

Now when you are laying the foundation of your ceremony be aware of the place you are within you. Being in as much neutrality and connection to your purity of self will amplify everything.

Depending if you are stressed or in a hurry, agitated, sad, over excited ~ take a moment and deeply breathe, allowing yourself to come to your center, right into your heart and starting your preparation this way.

Creating sacred space:

By creating sacred space we are preparing the ground(s) and intentions for the ceremony/creation we are about to hold. Look at it, as when you create a art show, wedding ceremony, baby shower, graduation, birthday party, candle light dinner, etc. something that is very dear to your heart and you are about to make it special for you and everyone attending.


Depending on your evolutionary path, more awake and aware that you are, broader will be the depth and the width of how you are able to create and hold this space. This means it includes all of your wisdom and experiences from past lifetimes as well and other form of existences until now.

You may think that this is all new to you, yet as a soul there is much we suddenly remember or have resonance with or it may be so natural for us do do, because we have done it in the past.


I am inviting you to really allow all of you to take part in this, and you may find yourself surprised of the guidance and ideas that may flow through you during such a ceremony.


Even tough every thing can by held with intention alone, I still like to grid/define my space literally with rocks, pieces of wood, shells or crystals, placed on the circumference of a circle large enough to hold everybody who is attending, and giving space to move and walk around.


I may place a stone or crystal for every direction. I love sacred geometry so most likely I will use a pattern of sacred geometry as I am placing more of my space holders'.


Sometimes I may create a specific 'door way' of where we enter and leave the circle.



Burning incense or sage (be mindful if this was harvested substantially) is as well a very old tradition. You may notice that holding a fire in a city may require more smudging  due to all the people and their constant though form output and the overall distraction and busyness, verses being out in a pristine area.

To clean or prepare the space you can use a mist of  essential oils in water, bells, crystal bowls, a rattle or drum. Or by singing a 'medicine' song.


For incense, I like frankincense or myrrh, or I collect sap on trees; use a ceramic plate or abalone shell, again anything will do it that is not flammable or melting, and gently smudge your space.


Use your intention and awareness.


If you are numerous people pass the smudging tool around or smudge everyone as a blessing to start your ceremony. Use your hands or a feather, you can  clean to bottom of the  feet's and especially peoples back .



You can start your ceremony with a prayer, or by inviting all for directions: the south, west, north, east, mother earth and father sky. Add details to your preferences. That may be by calling in the angels, and ascended masters, galactic beings, or/and power animals, the stars, ancestors and beings of the land. Or maybe even a song or flute.


Light your fire and be with it. Some may chant or have drums and rattles, others may sit or stand quietly. Give the fire time to ripen and burn, to come to maturity.

This is a companionship, friendship with the fire. It is here to help you transform, let go, bring forth so much. You will know when the fire is ready for your prayers.

You may want to offer the fire dried herbs or incense.


You can bring anything to the fire what no longer serves you. Even unconscious aspects of you that are holding you back, or in a certain pattern.

The depth, purity and intention of your prayers can be simple as asking for a new pair of shoes or 'how to live in fulfillment and enlightenment'. You choose your prayer, and you shall receive.


On a piece of paper or by  blowing it into a stick , connect to what you are willing to let go, with all of it roots, time lines, its dimensionality. You may want to blow it into the wood or paper, or connect to it by holding it by your heart.


Then connect  with your intentions and prayers of what you are asking to bring forth, and also blow it into the paper, or connect to it by holding it by your heart.


When ready give your offering to the fire. Let is burn and with your hand reach towards the fire and bring in the energy  to you, by filling your heart, crown and any body part with that alchemical fire transformation of your prayers offerings. Refill yourself with the New.


Be gentle with yourself. You may see physical evidence right away as looking younger or rejuvenated, or fell as if a burden has lifted from your shoulders. You may also feel more tired or irritated, things are moving.

Drink lots of water, rest.


May these lines inspire you to bring for the most deepest truth of who you are through this human experience.


with ever so much love



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