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  Sacred Starlight Journey

to Ancient Egypt

October 2021 exact date will be announced soon


with Odile Dell'Aquila

Please contact us so we save your name to be notified first as soon as all the details have arrived.

Dear Heart,  Beloved Emanating Starlight,
Important Update: due to all this fast occurring shift on the planet, early Bird has been extended until end of May. Please know that WE ARE GOING TO EGYPT. If for some reason things change then we will postpone the trip into Spring 2021. However my whole being is saying yes, that this journey is happening.
It is with so much joy and celebration that I am writing these lines. I can’t wait to be there with all of you who are receiving the message to join us on this extraordinary experience outside time and space.
I have been waiting to return to Egypt from the day our Starlight Journey ended last October 2019, as I left Cairo crying. I know that by writing these lines we are one more time closer
      to live such a powerful, quantum leaping experience that will change you forever.
                    Then it is impossible to visit such places and remain the same.

Actually, I have been wanting to ‘go back to Egypt’ since I was a little girl. When I was about 10 years old I bought myself a poster of Tutankhamen and he became the doorkeeper of my childhood room. Only during my recent visit in the land of the pharaohs I started to realize that choosing such a powerful guardian is not exactly every little girls choice. I finally returned 'home to Egypt' to receive and experience deep remembering, transformations, activations and downloads that continue to unfold.
All of us drawn to participate in this 2020 Egypt Journey have lived and played an important role, back when ancient Egypt was thriving.
Time has come to return and remember.
To fully embody our most awakened self.

There are many ways to visit such incredible pyramids, temples and places that profoundly shape the evolution of human consciousness. This is for sure not the ordinary tour to ancient Egypt. It is an unique journey that is being born through inner guidance and an immense pull that is greater than anything I could put words to it.
Miracles have their ways of working through us.
By gathering as equals and coming together with very specific Starlights in Human form (You); to remember and continue important work and projects, that can only be fulfilled as a group and in unity, literally miracles happen.

I have come to see  that coming together in divine timing with the right people at the right place(s) opens doorways larger then any single person could possibly access. When we come together which the specific tones, light emanations and vibrations of our being, we are gathering as multidimensional musicians, creating music of the spheres in the ever evolving expansion of consciousness. This is what this journey is about.

Even though, we may not remember all that we are and have been, and may have forgotten these divine appointments, fortunately our soul essence remembers  our
cosmic rendez vous we made outside time and space…
We are getting all the help needed to show up for these dates with the universe.

You will know if this sacred Starlight Journey to Egypt is for you as you will be intensely called to participate, because your entire being and heart never forgets. Many of us will  know each other from other times.
We are 'returning' to this sacred land now to remember important aspects of our self and in service for the entire planetary evolution and enormous shift in consciousness.

2020 is holding amazing opportunities of seeing and leveling up to more than we were ever able to see and be. This trip is not to be taken lightly. It is asking you to fully step up in your brightness with all your gifts you ever acquired throughout all life times and beyond.
The energies and codes held in these Pyramids, temples and places will  bring forth, awaken, heal, activate us on levels bigger than we could ever imagine.
This is a mystical journey through non linear time. It will change the way you live your life!
Our starting day is October 14th 2020. It has been  presenting during our last journey to Egypt, and it is turning out to be the perfect alignment of very nourishing energies for this upcoming sacred time.

"There is so much to explore on this beautiful planet! Let me inspire you to join us for this amazing upcoming Egypt Starlight Journey, and to bring forth your intuitive, clairvoyant and unique Starlight gifts and treasures ~ so to enrich the experience of all. We are multidimensional beings, reawakening to the greatness of the Starlight origin that we are."looking forward to being with you.
With ever so much love



SEPTEMBER 30. - OCTOBER 12. 2021

We are  staying in magnificent 5 star hotels, and 5 star Nile cruise, one of the best exclusive  Nile Cruise. Allowing our bodies to be pampered and well rested while remembering our past in the land of the pharaohs.

Our group will be limited to 15 to 20 participants, depending how the energy is feeling, the Starlight Journey will be declared full. Sign up early to reserve your spot and receive the early  bird discount. This trip did sell out last year! (B for Breakfast, L for Lunch, D for Dinner)

Day 1, Wednesday October 14. 2020:

Arrival in Cairo Egypt. Our land operator will have your flight information and you will be picked up before customs, assisted with luggage and Entry Visa then you will have a transfer to the splendid Mena House Hotel in Giza. Relax and enjoy the hotel beautiful gardens, views and amenities. We are starting our retreat Journey with an Welcome Opening Circle and dinner together.

(snack, D)

Mena house Hotel

Time between the Pyramids

Day 3, Friday October 16. 2020

We will pack our suitcases and leave to Mena House. We will visit Dashur with the Red Pyramid, Black Pyramid and the Bend Pyramid on this new moon day.
Have lunch on our way to the Cairo airport  and fly  to Luxor.  Overnight at the Sonesta St. George Hotel in Luxor overseeing the Nile river. B,L,D

Sunset on the way back from Dendara

Day 5, Sunday October 18. 2020:

Today we are taking a drive through the counrty side to visit Abydos, with it's flower of life symbols. In the afternoon we head to see the beautiful Dendara Temple home to the Hathors. They assist with the planetary ascension through love, sound and compassion. Spending the night at the Sonesta St. George Hotel in Luxor. B,L,D

Day 6, Monday October 19. 2020:

In the morning we will check out of the hotel and visit the Valley of Kings, with the tomb of Tutankhamen. We will have lunch in our wonderful Mayfair Nile cruise, the newest cruise on the Nile, settle in and enjoy a free evening. Overnight on Nile cruise. B,L,D

Edfu: Temple of Horus.

Day 2, Thursday October 15. 2020:
After breakfast with pyramid view, we tour the Giza Plateau with the three Pyramids; the Isis Temple, Queens Pyramid, Valley Temple. Then we have a Camel/horse back ride by the pyramids.
Enjoying an authentic hosted Egyptian lunch at our hosts home. Time for storytelling and  dropping deeper into the Egyptian ways of being. B,L,D

Are you ready for the Sphinx

Day 4, Saturday October 17. 2020

Karnack, Sekhmet, Luxor
In the morning we will visit the Karnack temple.  It is one of the largest temple complexes in the world. Home to  Goddess Sekhmet. If everything lines up we will have some private time in the shrine with Sekmeth. The lion headed goddess of healing power, is a very high level, multidimensional being of light. Evening visiting Luxor temple. Overnight at the Sonesta St. George Hotel in Luxor. B,L,D

Tombs in the Valley of the Kings

Day 7, Tuesday October 20. 2020:

Integration day as we will start to sail to Edfu. Time to enjoy the view, relax, journal and be with all the impressions of our journey so far. Last year we had the option for a magnificent sunrise hot air ballon ride (extra cost) over Luxor and the Nile river, before breakfast.Hopefully this will again be a extra treat for those who like to have this experience.

We will have a Starlight Circle to check in with everyone. Overnight on Nile cruise. B,L,D

Day 8, Wednesday October 21. 2020:

Our boat will stop in Edfu to visit the amazing Edfu Temple the home of Horus in the morning and the “duality”temple at Kom Ombo in the late afternoon just before sunset. Then we continue sailing to Aswan. Overnight on Nile Cruise B,L,D

Starships over Kom Ombo 2019

Day 11, Saturday October 24. 2020
Today is our last great day together. We will visit  visit Saqqara.The step Pyramid is  one of the oldest pyramids. It is an ancient Temple of  opening the portal to communication, growth and speaking one’s higher personal truths, aligned with the God Thoth the enlightened communication.

Lunch in Saqqara. Afternoon time to enjoy the amazing Mena House Hotel gardens and pool. 

In the evening we will have our 2hour Private visit in the great Pyramid's Kings chamber.

This is an unique  beyond powerful gift to be with our group alone in this initiation chamber of the great pyramid. It is beyond anything we could describe in words. It is part of our deep remembering and fully activating of our Starlight presence in physical bodies. The Great Pyramid connects to the One True Source and generates a sense of oneness with everything. Tonight we will have our farewell dinner at the Mena House Hotel.

We will bring all of this opening and transformation right into our sleep and dream time to be woven into all aspects of our self. Overnight at the Mena House Hotel. B,L,D

Forever changed.jpg

Day 9, Thursday October 22. 2020:

We will have arrived in Aswan during the nighttime, We will visit Philae Temple by boat and hopefully the tiny island where the original Philae Temple once stood. If time allows we will see the unfinished obelisk, take a felucca ride on Nile to Elephantine Island, have lunch on our Nile Boat and visit the beautiful Aswan market. Overnight on our Nile Cruise. B, L, D

Day 10, Friday October 23. 2020:
Today we are checking out of our Nile Cruise and taking an early flight back Cairo, where we once again will be in proximity of the Great Pyramid at Mena House Hotel. We will have time to be and integrate our experiences, and having dinner together. B,L,D

Entering the great Pyramid

Day 12, Sunday October 25. 2020
This is our final day. Forever filled and transformed, it is time to take our journey home. Transfer to airport for your departure. B


Optional: For those of you who are booking their flights to leave late that evening or even the next morning, I am going to the great NEW Egyptian museum, which is being built right now and if we are lucky should just open around that time. It is amazing place to connect and see some of the most powerful Status and Treasures. Another source of downloads and transmissions for sure.

This is NOT part of the Starlight Journey anymore. Once signed up  and registered you will have the option to join me and who ever else wants to go, we will split the extra cost for entrance fee and transport.



Early Bird until May 31. 2020: $4790 per person in double occupancy*

Until July 31st. 2020: $5250 per person based on double occupancy 

On and after August 1st  2020: $5500

Single Supplement add $1050.00

Pyramid View room at the Mena House in Cairo add $180 (for 2 nights)

Room for Extra day $250 per room


All lodging in 5 Star Hotels

5 Star M/S Farah Nile Cruise

Price is for double occupancy

Flight between Cairo/Luxor and Aswan/Cairo
Sightseeing tours as described in itinerary

Tours in English-language by professional Egyptologist tour guide

All site entrance fees.

2 hour private time in the Kings Chamber for our group only

1 hour private time between the paws of the Sphinx

Private time to the Shrine of Sekmeth if spirit allows

All breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Local authentic egyptian Welcome  dinner.

Ceremonies and spiritual guidance.

Fabulous Mena House Hotel near the Great Pyramids of Giza  (Nights of Oct. 14/15)
Sonesta St. George Hotel, in Luxor   (Oct. 16/17/18)

M/S Farah Nile Cruise  (Oct. 19/20/21/22)

Mena House Hotel  (Oct. 23/24)


Airfare to Egypt.
Entry visa to Egypt, which will cost approximately $25 USD per person (this may change)
Passport fees or charges (if any).
Travel Insurance. Health Insurance.
Personal expenses, such as laundry service,  drinks with meals or in rooms, telephone calls, and health club fees, etc.
Additional requests from you that are not included in the itinerary.
Gratuities: Tipping for personal items such as your housekeeper, laundry service, room services, meal gratuities, tour guides, etc.
NOTE: Beverages with meals are NOT  included. (Included only for breakfast)
Emergency evacuation.


We strongly recommend purchasing Travel Insurance (Cancellation and Medical Insurance) to protect against cancellation fees and additional travel expenses that may occur before, after or during the trip.

Be aware that many times you have to make your insurance purchase before paying the down payment of your trip.
Recommended Travel Insurance companies:   and

Is your Starlight calling you home to Egypt?

Register NOW to reserve your spot,

Group is limited to only 15-20 participants.




Step1) Please email Odile to make sure there is still room. And letting us know how you would like to pay. Your space will be confirmed reserved once your down payment is deposited.

Step 2) Register; READ carefully, print PDF below, fill out, sign and paper mail it to the provided address.

Step 3) Pay down payment by check, credit card or bank transfer.

All details, terms and conditions are in the PDF file, Please click on icon below.



Odile has intensely traveled the world from a very young age. She was drawn, first unaware of power places and their portals, to many ancient sites and nature vortexes, all the way from the swiss alps,

Ayers Rock Australia, to Patagonia, Atacama desert,

Peru,the Hawaiian island and many sacred site within the Untied States, to name a few.
In her late teens she was in the golden triangle of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar and was invited by the native Karen people for her ‘first ceremony’ which ended changing her life. In her early twenties she  received ‘energetic downloads’ by visiting her first pyramids (this lifetime) in Tikal Guatemala (1998). 
She continued to receive more energetic activation at the Mexican pyramids in Chichen Itza, Tulum, Belem(2006) as well as in Peru from Machu Pichu, to Chavin de Huantar and the sacred mountains of the Andes in 2002 and 2008. And to the ancient Egypt in 2019.
She is living in powerful vortex of Mount Shasta, California, and by visiting the alps in her home country Switzerland often. Weaving together all these extremely important places in a rich, creative multidimensional aspect.
She loves holding sacred space and ceremony in Starlight retreats for remembering more of who we are, by using her intuitive clairvoyant gifts, her many languages and her worldwide traveling and visiting sacred sites experiences.


Odile assists on multidimensional levels in the awakening of consciousness and in service for the occurring shift. She offers intuitive and channeled guidance, healing, clarity and support in a very loving and compassionate way, facilitating empowerment and embodiment of your highest potential and mastery of self, harmonizing divine alignment with source energy and your Essence purpose.
Being in her presence enhances, opens and frees up your life-stream.

"There is so much to explore on this beautiful planet! Let me inspire you to join us for this amazing upcoming Egypt Starlight Journey, and to bring forth your intuitive, clairvoyant and unique Starlight gifts and treasures ~ so to enrich the experience of all. We are multidimensional beings, reawakening to the greatness of the Starlight origin that we are." Odile


“I had an amazing experience unlike anything before. I think I can say it was life changing. I enjoyed every part of it especially meeting you and the others.I have noticed a change in myself and also a change in how others interact with me. It was Enlightening, Empowering, Encouraging, Reality Expanding, Third eye opening, Inclusive, Supportive and Loving.” M.O. Unites States

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you and how the retreat affected me. Each person was truly amazing and kind hearted. I was so close to having canceled the trip due to life things going on. Something deep inside pushed me to go and I am so grateful that I did, and did not allow all the ‘noise’ to take over. Since the retreat, I noticed things coming to me easier. Calmness has enveloped me.Odile you are truly an amazing human being and I feel very blessed to know you and to have been part of the retreat.”  J.W. Bay Area

“Odile’s Star~Light~Essence Retreat was captivating, personalized and souls nourishing. The meditations she offered feel truly like a wash in heavenly downpour. The accompanying beauty of Mount Shasta, added to the depth and the spirituality of the retreat with her. Odile accesses, sees and teaches from a very deep level of understanding and alchemy. I highly recommend her work and pure hearted acumen.” S.F. Los Angeles

"Odile is a Master of the Heart"

 D. B., Canada


For more information or questions click here or email you will get an answer within 48 hours. If you do not hear back from me contact me again as I may not have received it!

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