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Intuitive and Clairvoyant




Energy tools to navigate these times

Intuitively, lovingly held and guided by Odile Dell'Aquila


"Odile you have such an extraordinary gift. Beyond words. I listened to the Teleseminar  twice yesterday and once today. I get something new each time. You are so powerful. So much gratitude." T.M.

Photo by Odile Dell'Aquila

Beloved Starlight and radiant heart,


We just finished a 6 week class. There will be other classes where you can remember, learn and expand your amazing abilities that we all have. If interested please email me so to be notified first when a new class starts.

I am very excited to finally share what has been close and dear to my heart; the clairvoyant abilities and energy tools to navigate my life, and especially these times.

It is, what allows me to stay in my center, to grow and expand myself, to walk as a lightworker and to create the work and what I call my intuitive readings.

At any given time, we have all that we are within us. Always. Our multidimensional being is the bridge and carrier of many vast energy fields.

We have every navigation tool needed within us, of how to be and create from this place of energy, and to remember everything and create anew. In general we are being taught many things of how to navigate this material world yet little is being shown to us of how to use our psychic and healing abilities; Which in truth is what we really are: beings of light, energy in flow and love.

You may have been able to learn a new language by just observing another language, or how to play the instrument by observation only.
Yet many of us learn faster, like the ability to be reading these lines, because someone assisted and thought us the meaning and sound of each letter, and we learned how to speak, pronounce words, read and write. Now what you are creating with this ability to write for example, it is up to you. You could become the new ‘RUMI’ poet, in your own ways, or just use it on a average level. How far we exercise our gifts and talents is in our own hands. Most people are rather lazy, don't want to stand out from the so called 'normal', and they won't ever tap into their real potential.


This course is for those who would like to tap into these untouched potential(s), and expand your own capacities to ALL THAT YOU ARE.

Which includes your intuitive and clairvoyant abilities, your feeling abilities, and to use them all together with ease and grace, just the way we breath or walk; effortless and in balance.


For you to fully step into you. It is the first of a three level course, that ultimately will teach you how to read energy in neutrality and accurately.

In this course I will share tools that I have been taught, shown and have come to me by my spirit guides over the past 20+ years, of how to navigate, create, listen and read the language of energy. How to be aware and hold your own field in purity, complete neutrality and in the absence of any programing. Getting closer to understanding the amazing being that you are who calls her/him~self HUman. The power that resides in that, is enormous within the whole existence of the universe.

I am here as a friend, guide and inspiration to hold space, and show you that you as well do hold all these amazing layers of intuition and clairvoyance. So many gifts are waiting to be rediscovered and revealed.

This live seminar is for everyone, and it is created in my love for you and the world.

It is reserved for an intimate group only, so that we know each others name, have time to listen and share our own experiences and grow into a Starlight Family, that is gathering once a week.

Would You like to ...?

Remember how to see, read, navigate and create energetically?

Bring forth your intuitive and clairvoyant (clairaudient, sentient etc) capacities?

Expand your consciousness?

Transcend and dissolve old fears, blockages and programs?

Clear and heal your ancestral lineage?


Activate your DNA?

Communicate two ways with your spirit guides?

Receive your own answers?

Knowing that you do have a divine purpose with your presence here on earth ?

To remember where who you are and where you come from?

Feeling peaceful and in greater joy?

Expand your consciousness?


...and so much more!


You are a healer and would like to deepen your intuitive gifts and knowledge?

To be more clear, of how to assist and help your clients on a deeper energetic level and broader picture?

Learn how to read someones energy in neutrality?


Stepping more into your wayshower, lightworker, teacher and healer abilities?


Five week of a 90min + weekly Zoom classes, personalized to your vibration, and the group.

Plus sixth bonus class if we are 10 or more, and also because we usually do not want to stop.

Loving support and guidance in an intimate soul family group setting.

You will be energetically, individually held in my most sacred medicine stone circle, here in Mount Shasta,by the beings of light, to be assisted in the acceleration of remembering, to strengthen your vibrations, and for your personal healing.

You will have personal email support for questions and energy shifts during the whole course.

Dates and Course outlines:

11am PT on Saturday March 13, 20, 27. 2021 and April 10, 17, 24. 2021

90min up to 2hours. On Zoom with mp3 recordings if you miss the class.

The schedule below is more of a visual delight of the journey we will be taking together. Everything will be adapted to the capacities presenting in the group. So that each of you receives what your soul is yearning for. Remember it is only a remembering! We will leave no one behind, each one will do their work at the capacities they are at. Emphasis is on learning how to read the language of energy by holding your space in neutrality while engaging within the various infinite fields presenting.



Today we are welcoming your own divine Starlight, own energy vibration. Making room for YOUR own light and purity. We will look at your heart center, what I also call your Heart~Stargate, your divine spring & flame. You will clear and activate your seven energy centers, chakras. Grounding within the presence of mother earth. And so much more...



Deepening your residing in your own Star~light. Removal and dissolving of old limiting belief structures, programs mass consciousness. Making room for your intuition and creativity. Journey to the sun. Self healing. Adding more tools ...



Setting up your inner space. Deepening your awareness to read energy. Your first reading...Staying in your space verses jumping into someones space. Very deep grounding of your multidimensional presence. Journey to mother earth. Guidance from mother earth. And so much more...



Navigating the vast energy fields that are presenting with these new openings. Your own guides and Starbeings. Working and deepening the tools learned so that they become clear and effortless.

Bringing more of your presence into You. More personalized tools, your energy reading language expands.



Our journey continues, adding layers to our 'seeing' and reading of 'what is' in divine neutrality. Deepening our trust and confidence as we are talking to our spirit guides and starbeings, bringing them to assist us in our tasks. Exercises and more tools divinely adjusted to the group. And as always so much more...


BONUS WEEK 6: April 24

We will continue our journey into using our new skills according to the level and evolution of this group. It is promised to be fun, rich, bring your consciousness into a new expanded state and allow more of your own light and love to be present.


Register &Pay

Course fee is $444 per person

Note: For those having a financial hardship I would like to offer following: sign up with a friend and pay $369 each. Or maybe you find some one who pays $444 and 'sponsors' you so you can join for $294. This way my helping involves a two way stream by you helping as well. If you would like this option please contact Odile to see if you qualify.

IMPORTANT READ BEFORE PAYING: Due to all the energy this course moves there are  NO REFUNDS after purchase.




Odile is a conduit and guide, in service for the shift in consciousness and birthing of the new earth.

She assists on multidimensional levels in the awakening of consciousness. She offers intuitive guidance, healing, clarity and support in a very loving and compassionate way, facilitating empowerment and embodiment of your highest potential and mastery of self, harmonizing divine alignment with source energy and your StarLight Essence journey.

She channels high vibrational light-encoded Star-Light messages, meditations and information for groups and for each single one of you. Being in her presence enhances, opens, frees up your life-stream.


For more information questions click here or email you will get an answer within 48 hours. If you do not hear back from me contact me again as I may not have received it!

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