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Photo Odile Dell'Aquila

Shining Your Light and bringing forth Your divine Gifts

Odile Dell'Aquila

You can Purchase the mp3 Recording of it.

As we are timeless beings the effects of listening to the recording are the same as being live on the call.


"Odile you have such an extraordinary gift. Beyond words. I listened to the Teleseminar  twice yesterday and once today. I get something new each time. You are so powerful. So much gratitude." T.M.

Photo by Odile Dell'Aquila

Join our heart based awakening community for a powerful transformative Teleseminar

'Shining Your Light and bringing forth Your divine Gifts'.

We will be  strengthening our connection with our Essence, so to receive clarity and guidance, especially in times that we (our brain) doesn't seem to know. And also combine our energy as emerging awakening Starlight Essences, using our light, love and wisdom to help everyone in the group feel supported and seen, and to move through what ever is presenting for you especially.

How to rise through obstacles, clear your subtle bodies and physical bodies of emotional patterns, trauma, fear and what is holding you back, so that you can fully be the Starlight Essence that you are and bring forth your unique gifts to this world.

Together we support each other, individually and globally, to bring forth the most powerful, perfect multidimensional divine source presence, that You are, in action.

Listen to your guidance. You will know if this is for you. There is no prerequisite, as we are not dealing with 'degrees and titles' yet with your purity of your own heart and emanation of Your divine Starlight Essence, and willingness to step forth into Your Truth. You are more powerful than you may give yourself credit for.

Sunday March 18. 2018  - 11am PT

We will be looking at the energies presenting throughout the year so far. We will bring all of You to the Present moment. So that  you can flow and thrive into the fullest expression of your true self.

Sharing tools and clearing, aligning, healing and integrating old dreams, hopes, unpleasant experiences, fear, work, old relationships, illness, thought templates, living places, old life times and so much more.

Allowing you to receive and fully be in the NOW moment, through  these highly supportive  energies, that yes are intense. We will use the New Moon energies for a new cycle to seed new possibilities, and setting your intentions for what you want to bring into your life, and equinox just being two days away will support us with the energy of balance.

Sunday April 1. 2018  - 11am PT

Using the foundation, balance and seeds planted on March 18th. we will fine tune and smooth out what has been offered to us as insights, either during our day awake time or what has been presented during our dream time. And just as Homeopathy bring absolute amazing alignment and healing to your body through subtle frequencies that are given in a certain interval, we are adding such a rythm into our consciousness to accelerate our awakening, alignment and individual starlight emanation.

Being fully present in the unknown, and willing to be of service while letting the universe support and guide us is a brand new way.

Lovingly Guided

Odile is a conduit and guide, in service for the shift in consciousness and birthing of the new earth.

She assists on multidimensional levels in the awakening of consciousness. She offers intuitive guidance, healing, clarity and support in a very loving and compassionate way, facilitating empowerment and embodiment of your highest potential and mastery of self, harmonizing divine alignment with source energy and your StarLight Essence journey.

She channels high vibrational light-encoded Star-Light messages, meditations and information for groups and for each single one of you. Being in her presence enhances, opens, frees up your life-stream.

Register Here

Upon registering you will receive an email within 24hours with information of how to access the live call.

We will meet over the phone on Sunday March 18th 2018 and Sunday April 1st 2018 at 11am PT, 90min each time, will include about 15 min Q&A, or you can send in your question ahead of time.

In case that you can not attend live, know time in spirit is not linear, and that you will be listening to the recording at the perfect timing for you. In spirit you will be active on the call and present in the recording. You will be able to send in your questions ahead of time.

There will be a mp3 recording after each call.

This event is by sliding scale contribution. Trust and honor Your guidance. Feel what is right for you as exchange of this Star~Light Presentation. You will receive two 90min mp3 recordings from our latest really powerful Teleseminar in the March and April 2018

To pay : Choose the amount by changing the 'Donation per Item' to the amount you would like to contribute.

Thank you for being patient to receive your recording within 24 hours.

Due to all the energy this course moves there are NO REFUNDS after purchase.

Photo by Odile Dell'Aquila

to Register click Here

Read before Purchasing

Be prepared that these sessions will move a lot of energy on multidimensional levels. Once you set your intention to participate and sign up the energies will start moving in various ways. Expect Magic. Our Being~ness is way greater than what our mind and body represents.

Contact and Questions

For more information questions click here or email you will get an answer within 48 hours. If you do not hear back from me contact me again as I may not have received it!

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